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    Straight from the horses mouth! (At the very least) the Tele features on all the drop D material ...

    So certainly forms a part of the tone (sometimes the dominant part of the sonic palette)

    Yes, of course. The Tele is always there. But for the album the sound is thicker and he got it by doubling with a Les Paul. This came from the man himself in his Masterclass. I guess that for the people buying it he gave some unknown gems.

    In that case I really feel that Kemper is not for you. Not many people are able to feel a 3 ms latency.

    I am sure there must be a solution for you out there.

    Good luck!

    I can't help you with the Shure, but the DT 770 are not neutral. They are a bit heavy on the bass. The DT 880 are more neutral but they don't have a 80 Ohm version. I didn't like the 32 Ohm either. I would choose the 250 Ohm DT 880 from one of those.

    DT 880 are semi open and the DT 770 are closed.

    A lot of people feel that open headphones give a more natural sound. But open headphones have their cons.

    In my case I spent a lot more money and got the Sennheiser HD 600 and I am very happy.

    I also got a pair of DT 770 80 Ohm to record vocals (because they are closed and they don't leak sound to the mike like the open headphones do).

    Oh. I forgot about something.

    The reason to use the Focusrite headphones output is usually to play along some backing track coming from your interface.

    You can do that same thing using the Kemper headphones output but connecting the Focusrite out (right and left) to the auxiliary inputs of your Kemper. You then have to control the auxiliary inputs volume and you're good to go.

    Just saying...

    I have recently had an interesting experience about this. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and so often I read the same about its headphone output. And in my case, ok it's not as good as the Kemper but with the Space effect activated and a good amount of volume it works just right.

    And then... I started trying other pairs of headphones. And oh my God what a difference.

    My previous headphones are not bad at all ( Sennheiser HD 598) but they have a low impedance and a high sensitivity. That means they don't need a powerful amplifier to sound good.

    I have tried the Beyerdynamic DT 880… 770… in 32ohm, 80 ohm, 250 Ohm... Also the Sennheiser HD 600. All of them sound bad through the Focusrite.

    So, yes, maybe the Focusrite has a low powered head phones output and also the quality is not great. But using it with the correct pair of headphones or maybe (didn't try) using a headphone amplifier might do the trick.

    I’ve read the manual. Distortion Sens is global. I’m talking about an easy work around for using both guitars at the same gig. If I used Distortion Sens, I’d have to re-adjust it each time I switch guitar.

    paults suggestion is what I had assumed would be the best course. I just wanted to check and see if anyone did anything differently when using 2 different guitars each night.

    I may go with the option of cloning my entire performances for each individual guitar because then I can adjust the EQ as well.

    Or maybe come up with an EQ preset that you can use at the start of the chain that you can have in every rig on stomp A to just turn on and off depending on the guitar that you are using. And use the LOCK button to keep it on or off whenever you are using a given instrument, even if you change rigs or performances.

    Read in the manual about Clean Sens and Distortion Sens.

    My personal opinion is that I would not use it as a global (output section) in a live situation. This is intended for use with headphones. The option to make it global allows to have the Space effect for example if you connect your headphones to your Audio Interface instead of using the headphone output of the Kemper. In that case the Kemper would feed your audio interface from the Main Output probably and the only way to have Space in your headphones would be to unclick the "Headphone Only" option.

    I would use the Space effect the same way as you use a Delay or Reverb, meaning that you use to create a sound. Not to trick your ears into the feeling that you are using an amp in the room.

    One way that can be used to have Space in your in-ears but not in the main output would be to monitor yourself thru the headphones output of the Kemper and mix that with the general mix that comes from the mixing desk.

    Manual, page 179.

    This is about the Space effect.

    Space (Green)
    The Space effect is identical to the global version of Space in the Output Section. It produces the natural reflections
    of a small, neutral-sounding room. The most obvious result of these reflections is that a mono signal is converted to
    stereo; to soften the transients, a little diffusion is also applied. You can still combine the Space effect with delay or
    longer reverbs, without creating too much reverberation.
    The algorithm is designed to be the shortest possible room effect, and therefore has no deep parameters. Use the
    Intensity parameter to control the strength of the effect.

    Manual, page 78

    This is about the Space in the Output Section.

    The “Space” parameter adds a small room simulation to the master signal. This makes listening through headphones
    far more enjoyable.
    A brief explanation: whenever you listen to a sound coming from loudspeakers, you are also hearing the reflections
    from the floor, the walls and objects around you. Even when you listen to a mono signal, these additional reflections
    will still result in a stereo image once they reach your ears. There is only one common situation where no natural
    reflections happen, and that is when you listen through headphones; as your ears are, biologically speaking, not
    suited to this, it can quickly lead to listener fatigue. This effect is called “in-the-head localization”, and becomes
    particularly noticeable when you listen to a mono signal.
    By using the Space effect, you can add virtual reflections, to create a sense of room and natural space. A mono
    signal will be converted to a subtle stereo image, which should be far more pleasing to your ears. Even though this
    effect is designed for headphones, you may also find it appropriate for listening through regular speakers, or for Output Section 79
    recording. By selecting the option “Space>HeadphOnly”, you can select whether it is applied to the HEADPHONE
    output only, or to the MAIN OUTPUTS as well.
    You can also apply the Space effect to individual Rigs, rather than activating it globally in the Output Section. In this
    case, simply use the TYPE knob to select it in either the X or MOD effect.
    The Space effect is also very useful for improving the sound of in-ear monitors on stage. Unfortunately, in most
    situations, both stage-monitoring and FOH are derived from the MAIN OUTPUTS - as a result, the effect will appear
    on the main PA as well. As long as you use Space at a suitably low Intensity setting, it will not be noticeable on the
    PA sound, but will still create a reasonable effect on your in-ear monitors. Needless to say, the monitor signal must
    be supplied in stereo for Space to have the desired effect.

    I agree, I share your opinion for both points ;)

    You did not answer whats wrong in my advice.

    There is nothing wrong, but that is not the way to do a Factory Restore. It's a manual delete of your data.

    If that was the only way to do it, we might take it as correct. But there is a way to do a true FR and you have to contact support to do it.

    How do you know that there is an undocumented way?

    And what do you think whats wrong in the advice of Gianfranco?

    Because some other user recently got that info from support because was having bugs after installing a beta release. And he published here on the forum. Later a mod came and edited his post, deleting that info. I guess they don't want it to be public. That is why I told the OP to contact support.

    Sorry Sharry but this is not the way to do a complete Factory Restore. There is another way. But mods don't want it to be published in the forum.

    spangler41 you should contact support and they will tell you how to do it.