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    Not true! I have a number of sticks which just will not work in the profiler. A couple that actually lock it up (but otherwise are fine in other devices)! I have found that older smaller capacity sticks are the best bet.

    I assume they will release suitable cabinet dimensions with the kone.

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    Ok . Thanks for the clarification. Is there any chance that the official 02 multiparameter function will work as it should(affecting sound with all parameters change)?

    And....silence! They are quick enough to slap you down but pretty tight-lipped about supplying any useful detail whatsoever.

    It's probably been said earlier but it is a real pain that you can't tell which preset was originally initially associated with a current stomp/fx position e.g. 'Default' or 'Formant Blast +'. Once you select it, poof! it's name is gone. Now my memory is not good enough to remember which particular preset I selected many moons ago and it would be great to know so I could go back to where I started from when I f*ck it up.... There is plenty of room on the right side of the display for this. The original preset name should also be the default name when storing as a new preset (with perhaps 'New' at the end?).

    If you are looking for a global Freeze button, consider connecting an external momentary switch to the Remote and assign the function "Freeze" to it . It still appears as "Hold" in the menu, but it's functionally the same. That Freeze switch then does all Freezes in all effects of all Rigs.

    Thanks I will give this a go.

    Just tested. I see what you are getting at, but my point is that I need to assign freeze to the button for each effect (max of four per button?). Then it works as you describe. I don't want to have to do this. I want to assign 'reverb freeze' to a button once only. If there is a magic method I'd be glad to hear it.