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     If you don’t need the MONITOR OUTPUT on stage, you can expand the wet/dry/wet setup to a four cable wet/dry/dry/wet setup. Set the MONITOR OUTPUT to “Mod Left” and the DIRECT OUTPUT to “Mod Right”. Both MONITOR and DIRECT OUTPUT form a new stereo sum, containing everything except delay and reverb. Now you can send two stereo sums to the front mixing desk, where the delay and reverb signals are separated from the nonreverberant effects (X and MOD).

    Wet-dry-dry-wet connections

    Please take care that the cabinet for the MONITOR OUTPUT is not switched off (“Monitor Cab Off” not engaged). Also the volumes for MONITOR and DIRECT OUTPUT should be the same.
    If you want to control the volume of this setup, then link all participating volumes to the MASTER VOLUME knob by the link buttons described above (“Output Volume Link”).
     You can also setup an individually controllable stereo output separately from the MAIN OUTPUT: set Monitor Output source to “Master Left” and Direct Output source to “Master Right”. Link both volumes of DIRECT and MONITOR OUTPUT to the MASTER VOLUME knob, and unlink Main Volume. Now you have a stereo monitor signal, 8)

    Thanks Man, I wish you could hear what these players songs sound like in stereo.
    I use the stereo widener a lot.
    Let me send you some speakers, ear buds or headphones. Stereo from Mono just kills it.
    These Kemper effects are vista wide. :thumbup:

     Compressor
    This “Compressor” parameter is different from the stomp compressor, because it is a part of the simulated amp circuit. In other words, it allows for completely different sounds compared to compressors that are inserted before (pre) or after (post) the Amp Module. Distorted signals are not affected by compression; so only clean signals will be boosted. The dynamics of your playing are fully retained, so, purely by the strength of your picking, you can go from a crunchy sound to a compressed, clean sound. The volume knob on your guitar works exactly as you would expect: for instance, reducing the volume of your guitar will transform a dynamic crunch into a clean, compressed sound with full energy.

    I was hesitant to try the String Butler because any guitar that allows me to bend strings like a drunk monkey and stay in tune is very inciting.
    Damn it works really well!
    I'm going Apey on a Dillion Les Paul Jr. copy with a Lindy Frailin Dogear. Oh Hell Yeah!

    When I get inspired by a profile I like to thank the artist who created it.
    Many Thanks to Jason M. LeFebvre for his Fishman Platinum Pro EQ that he shared on the Exchange
    I released The Delta Dragon Dobro. Fill your glasses and stomp the ground!

    Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan brandishing Telecasters on either side of Lonnie Mack who died on the same day as Prince.
    I played in a band who opened for Roy twice in Dallas Texas. We had way too much fun drinking all night.
    I miss them all. :thumbup:

    The old way sure was dangerous, when I live track in the living room it's in hopes my drummer nails a take before the police arrive.
    I hate scrapping with cops and have a guitar strapped on. :thumbup: