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    Your welcome, I still have all three.
    Surprised so dew people know about Xitone -the top dog hands down

    We pay top dollar for our Kemper's then people don't want to shell out the coin for a quality FRFR which is arguably the most important part of our tone. Baffling.
    *For the record All my Fractal gear has been sold

    Scott had a deal with Randall before coming to the 5153 didn't he?
    I met them at the Record vault in SF in 86 in the afternoon of that night's show on the 'Among the living' tour. I had just been converted to 'thrash' that era's term for 'metal'. The record signing must not have been advertised too well as there were only about 6 or 7 people there. We made small talk and they looked kind of surprised there were not more fans there in the west coast thrash HQ.

    My signed Among the living poster is hanging in a buddies studio.

    XITONE! Period...................kills Friedman asm (I own one) Kills Atomic CLR (I own one)
    Xitone is lighter (About 20% of the weight of my asm), more cab like and points where you want it (CLR does not)

    Never heard of the Alto. The ones I mentioned are the top 3. Matrix makes good stuff but I see a lot of them for sale.....................

    Any pa type speaker sounds like a pa speaker. Splurge and get a high end made for KPA rig. Xitone likes it loud.........Louder the better. It pops with killer 3D sounds dispersion sweet mids and plenty of lows!

    The Atomic CLR is 2nd, completely flat but there have been well documented issues with customer service. The ASM is in my spare bedroom/studio and sounds great but its super heavy and awkward to move. A little boomy but it can be eq'd.
    If your not going to move it much it can be nabbed used for $600 ish

    I got my 2nd KPA -rack version and a new MacBook Air ..A sign keeps coming up saying I need to enable the Mac in security but there is no option in there that I can see.can you guide through this? The other Kemper and my Macbook pro work perfectly together with Rig manager..

    I rebooted the Air and I still do no see the option to enable it. my UA Apollo needed a similar enabling in security but that option popped up whereas with RM it is not. what am I missing?


    The Xitone kills period...........more cab like than the Atomic, lighter and has greater dynamics. The Atomic is very good and completely flat which is good. What I don't like is you need to stand right over it because of the angle. The Xitone can be set back 10' or so and cover a longer distance at a better angle toward your ear versus being pummeled by volume standing right over the CLR. On a small stage with lesser volumes for personal monitoring it would be fine but I use them as cabs in my mancave.

    The poor Atomic customer service has been well documented -mainly on the Fractal site. Tom is a nice guy but it is a small company and he goes MIA for periods of time. Xitone is a small(er) company but Mic returns e-mails and calls right away with excellent customer service. Coupled with a better product it's a no brainer.

    I would even sell my CLR to get another Xitone if the right opportunity arose -local buyer or something like that.

    @daiki I hoped that helps!

    I did create a ticket and they said the dial on the remote must have moved. I tested that this am in the house and boom it looked like what a I saw so I'm sure I bumped it. I forgot there was even a dial there.

    There's only one spot that you would use it so what would purpose is there for having a dial that only seems to adjust it out of focus?

    My remote screen went dim and the writing almost scratchy looking for band practice. I restarted the unit and although it worked fine it did not fix it. When I came up to the house and plugged it into my other KPA it worked fine -ideas?

    Hey bro, I am in Sonora Ca (area) which is more of a hike but I left Fractal completely after over 5 years with them for Kemper. Sold my 2nd Ax8 last week...............
    You are welcome to come here and hear the rig with my Atomic CLR neo and Xitione powered frfr's. I also have a Friedman asm but it only stays in the house because it' s so dang heavy

    The Choptones JJ profile I use is applied with several different performances all with different amounts of gain. For my Strat I run much less gain and it is indeed a fatter very amp like Marshall tone, for my classic metal I run a little more gain than the noon setting the profile originally had with excellent results!

    This was an informative video and thread with great food for thought, .Please keep sharing HW!