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    @BOB ...for recording/iem/ 100% with you!
    And maybe frfr represents profiles more accurate on stage, at least in theory, to me, a guitar speaker gives much better result..maybe not more accurate...but better sounding, more dynamic and playable.

    Even with the profiled cab and mic out of the chain...Kemper beats everything i ever used before..

    I tried the dxr today...also other frfr..they are defenitely not gonna work for me.
    I also tried solidstate combo's, to my ears all with very good results.
    Remarkably a cheap ass Boss kantana was my favorite, but the Roland jc also sounded very good.

    I tested some active monitors against solidstate guitar amps in the shop today.
    I used Bert meulendijks profiles (most agree this is top quality), and my prs 513.

    My observation is quite different then what i find on this forum...disclaimer...hey...its just an opinion :)

    I tried the Yamaha dxr10. This to me sounded not good at all. Highs were nasty at high volumes, killed a lot of dynamics i hear on my studio monitors, also sounded "boxy" and artificial...compared to an "amp in the room". I used to play miced cabinet over a monitor, it beats that...but to me no where near to an "amp" sensation.
    I also tried aer monitors, idnk the model, those to me where a lot better...but still not what i look for.

    Then cab sim off and plug-in returnes of solidstate combo's.

    I tried a Roland jc120...that sounded a lot better, right from the first note...very usable and open.
    The sound was maybe a little more compressed then desired, i used to play a jc...that struck me as charactristic for the amp.
    The smaller version of the jc was to agressive in highs at higher volume.

    The second Roland...a bluesxxxx (cant remember), sounded more open, less compressed, required a little damping of high and présence.

    The third...and remarkably my winner: a cheap ass 300,- Boss kantana.
    I had the whole sales crew there scratching their heads how on earth that sound came from a Kantana.

    My next step is to compare between tube combo and solid state combo...but for now...any solid state combo with a Kemper gives me better results then i have had in a lifetime of experimenting!

    In case it wasnt clear...updating the firmware fixed it. (Buy USB stick...format USB in profiler...put files on it...put USB in profiler...done)
    Not the most userfriendly proces...but worked on the first try...ill give m that :)

    Thnx for your reply!
    You are offcourse absolutely right that frfr reproduces better what has been profiled.
    However, my gut feeling tells me i dont want to hear the profiled mic on stage, so decided to try a set up with a guitar speaker first.
    The "price" for this is not hearing the profiled cabinet on stage, but just the one i bring on all profiles.
    I have no desire have a sound exactly like .....[ampbrand)...just looking for something that sounds good.

    Proof of the pudding is in the this wise ass may tell you you were right after all in a couple of weeks :)

    If anyone has experience with a solid state stereo combo i hope he/she can share.

    Btw...prices in NL for a jc are round 400, there are also some simular combos on the market.

    This is an old topic...but hooks to my current search for a live set up.
    Somehow i cant put my confidence in frfr giving "amp in a room feel" im looking for.
    I managed to get good results with an ac15 as a power amp, collors offcourse.

    Thats why i was thinking about trying a jc 120 also. Neutral power amp, pretty good speakers, so in theory with cabinet off....should get you a sound that represents pre and power amp of the profile...and gets "the mic" thats in the profile out of the chain.

    Anyone ever tried this? Or another solidstate?

    Thnx for your replies.
    Reading this...and the other threads i found on this, i came to the conclusion that atm i cant put my confidence in an frfr solution.

    Frfr seems to always come with eqing and altering the profiles u use for recording (to complicated)
    Always a compromis to the "amp in the room" feel, which is logical because "the mic" is in the output of the speaker is gonna remove that :)
    I havent seen any "joehoe im in guitarstagesoundheaven" from ppl using frfr.
    all stages monitors i encountered in my lifetime get nasty highs when powered up.
    So frfr for now out of scope.

    I fooled around with my ac15 some more, found the separate eq at the monitor out, and got results where at least all my profiles sound good. A little different, but natural and balanced, keeping the "soul" of what i hear on my studio monitors. Downside is that i have to cut the highs quit drasticly, the vox has an appetite for precense. I prefer avoiding eqing, so im considering building a return loop in the amp. (Idnk if the pre...or the power amp is the high booster in that amp)

    Also im looking for experiences with a solidstate combo, maybe a Roland jazz chorus with celestions.
    Those poweramps are pretty neutral, and with the "cabinet" off should represent the pre and power amp of the profile. Also it would give me stereo, easy set up, and comfortable pricing.
    Anyone tried this?

    I'm looking for a live setup for my kemper.
    I love my (passive) kemper on my studio monitors.
    I tried rigging it to an ac15 with cab sim off, and wasn't all happy.
    Also tried an aer acoustic amp with cab on...also not 100% happy.
    Both pretty decent..but not heaven :)

    Options I see:
    Buy 2 active frfr monitors, that would give me 1 rig for both acoustic and electric.
    My concern is that frfr can get harsh in the highs at high volume. Also you add another color to the chain.(even though frfrf should not, they all do)
    Anyone experience with this way? Any speakers recommended?

    Option 2..get me a camplifier and 2 guitar speakers.
    Anyone experienced with the camplifier?



    I just downloaded the rigmanager, but it does not connect to my PC.
    Kemper profiler is visible in Windows Devices,tried reinstalling a couple of times.

    Windows 10 Home
    Kemper release 3.0.2. 10951

    Is there a known solution?