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    G'day TSasquatch... I have dealt with them (twice) and they are very fine fellows = thorough and professional.

    Knowing what I know and based on my experience I don't think you will have any issues.

    My problem (both times) was an ex-warranty broken RJ jack in the back of my Rack.

    I was impressed and the turnaround was very quick. Communication was thorough and easy.

    As I’ve said several times in the past, I just don’t think models of individual OD pedals is the way Kemper is likely to go if/when they issue updated OD effects.

    The way they approached the Delays and Reverbs suggests that they are more likely to create some sort of super flexible generic model which users can tailor to their own requirements. This methodology would conceivably allow us to create our own versions of Koln, TS etc.

    I could be wrong but it just seems much more Kemper’s style to do it this way.

    Yep - that makes a LOT of sense....

    On the plus side, whilst there are no new betas available, 7.5.4 has been a killer new OS for what I need... Thank-you Kemper team. When I first bought a Kemper I really didn't know that I would receive so many software updates. The editor has been great, sure, but the acoustic sim has been a real boon for my gigs. Great stuff Christoph, great stuff Burkhard,,,

    I agree with what you are saying and I will go one further...

    I'd like the speed to vary all of its own accord based on a time or tempo parameter: ie. after say every x bars at tempo automatically switch between slow and fast rotor speeds..

    If you are "in the moment" on a solo using Rotary it is much better to be able to focus on the playing rather than the tap dance.

    Yes - Wraparound range defines the functionality very well...

    And extending the "pool" to different areas of the Performance "range" would be even better than stacking the performances from say 1 to 3....

    "Engl on full tilt on a jazz gig" - that cracked me fair up.:D

    Hello all ye in Kemperdom.... Please accept my apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.

    The firmware in a GT-6 has a feature called "Bank Extent" - "Bank" in the context of Kemper is the same as what we call a Performance (ie. a bank of patches)

    The purpose of "Bank Extent" was to place an upper limit on the Banks that could be addressed by the GT-6. For reference the feature is described on on p61 of the GT-6 manual.

    Example Application: Say you are a gigging guitarist that does not arrange Kemper performances by song, but, you need the capability of accessing more than one performance (ie. 6 or more rigs) to do your gigs. In my case I use three performances to get the job done which I store as 1 - 3...

    What I would like to happen is when I press "up" on the Performance 3, I would like the Kemper to revert to Performance 1 (ie. "cycle" up and down as normal but only within a range of 3 only Performances).

    The GT-6, would allow me to achieve this, via the example above by setting a "bank extent" of 3 - ie. never let me head into the 4th bank.

    I can't see where this functionality is currently supported in OS7 - maybe I am the only person on the planet who ever used it on the Boss

    If it can be achieved please let me know else I think it is a feature request.

    If I am wrong and it is currently supported I will lock myself in a room listening to Barry Manilow on endless looping shuffle for 2 days as just punishment.

    Many thanks.....

    it is indeed. I do it already with two piezo equipped guitars (PRS P22 and Parker Fly) but having it as an effect available on any guitar will be a great addition for many.

    That's a great way to do it - The Fly has been something I have lusted after for years. Just love the necks!

    It's going to be awesome as a gigging tool - to be able to switch between an electric and acoustic even mid-phrase.. well, that's going to be amazing!