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    I want some green picks, [email protected]!

    Someone posted a screenshot of the ZOOM G3x editor from NAMM. The ZOOM, a $129ish amp modeling pedal, has an editor.

    Kemper kills everything in its path tonally. Which is what matters to me. But ignoring the onslaught of social media requests for it, to me, is a risky move. Armchair business degree disclaimer fully noted :D

    Line 6 really changed the game as of late and it would be tough to compete in that regard. If they found their own way to approach profiling (even though it would be inferior); well; that would increase the heat even further.

    HelixFX will have (imo, obviously) better drives. And verbs probably, with the new update. It has a pretty solid synth block as well. I just didn't like the modeling last time I tried it.

    GK pickup installs are old hat to me. The Fishman is physically setup correct but I just like the ability to dig in at a gig in the settings on the Roland versus needing a computer to tweak FTP pickup settings. I'll report back when I have a chance to do what I need to do.

    That should be interesting. Remember to try the Fishman in both mono and poly mode. I look forward to your results. It's important to note that with the GK, you will have to plug in to a GR system, or maybe even one of those crazy 13-pin effect pedals. With the Fishman, you can control any midi controllable device, even a drumkit.

    Yeah I will drive the GR with the the GK pickup. Fishman is in mono mode as is the GR per Vguitarforum and Fishman. The slight misfires and need for yet another power outlet for the midi host is what is driving the thought process. Also; My the G string is slightly dead and needs some tweaking. It might be able to be fixed by raising the bridge a hair, not sure.

    I mounted my old GK3 on my backup guitar yesterday. I also went ahead and ordered a 13pin cable from Reverb as well. I found a brand new GK on Amazon for super cheap as well. I will be pitting the FTP and the GK against one another later this week. Both of my guitars are already GK ready as I have hacked them up a time or four throughout the years. Curious to see who "wins the battle" after the smoke has cleared.

    I have a usb/midi host so that's how it interfaces with the GR. Practice is Wednesday. I will know for sure if I'm staying wireless or going back to GK land. Wireless is such a powerful draw.

    Imagine criticizing a Yamaha product and in response having the owner of Yamaha attack you on the internet? It would never happen. Kemper team keeps their cards close to the chest, which can be frustrating. But they also admirably sidestep all that type of vitriol and aggression associated with the history of the Axe, among supporters but also "modeled" by the creator himself. There are several (well-known) artists whose number one reason for avoiding Fractal (and the CLR in its early days) was to avoid the culture of personal attacks surrounding those manufacturers. Tone really ain't no thang. It's gotten easier with digital but it has been possible for decades. But that feeling that you're part of a bully culture, for a lot of us that simply doesn't have any part of our approach to making art. Fractal users, power to you. But all the aggression, schooling attitudes, how does that further the legacy of the tech? And does more one-to-one stack parallels make the owner of an Axe write better songs or play better? If "best" is so important how come every major artist in the world doesn't use the same gear? What I love about Ceriatone is Nik makes holy-grail gear that even a high-schooler with a part time job can afford. And now there are more cheap, viable digital units than ever. The Kemper is great. Real-world great. I hope they keep developing it. They're well-aware of things that can change or improve. Either it'll happen or it won't. But objective "best" .. that's a problem for internet bullies .. Someone will always come along and change the world with a surprising setup based on taste, but more likely budget and availability. Meanwhile, apologies for the Kemper's dominant popularity, vs the other units, among high-visibility artists across genres for its amp tones and effects. Don't worry .. that doesn't mean anything. Maybe it will change.

    FWIW: I am sure L6 is, um; giving him pause right now with the Helix gear. Whether I like the device or not; it seems to be pretty dominant in the scene as of late. I know things are cyclical but it's been one heck of a long cycle ;(:D Attitudes on display on forums can be a little oft-putting for sure. One huge reason why I won't own a CLR. You either ignore it and make a purchase based on the gear quality or you don't.

    Yeah, seems to be an exclusive feature to the GR-33. Then Roland got greedy (surprise) and nerfed the possibility with the GR-55. Quite a pity, I think the FTP tracks far better than the GK pickup.

    I wish I could give a thumbs down. As far as I loved the 55 tones but the inability to use it as a sound module just really sucks. I could always get the 13pin gear to track pretty good. The FTP pretty much splits the difference for me between GK and SY300 tracking. AKA good with definite playing technique caveats and flawless reproduction of your picking.

    I don't see where I was being needlessly negative. More or less I've pointed out (to the best of my objective ability) where someone here was unjustifiably negative towards things not-Kemper. In the process I didn't take swipes at the KPA, but did point out objective and nuanced differences, which was more or less my point.
    To the theme of this thread, there are certainly things that Kemper could develop that would make give it "absolute extreme dominance" over other devices, just not there as of yet. Since the unit is built around profiling, I think further improvements to the profiling algorithm are what the main focus should be.

    Obviously it's not humanly possible to like something while being able to recognize it's faults.


    The GR33 has MIDI In and MIDI Out connection. This will we sent by the Triple Play Software on the Computer via his new MIDI Hostbox.To connect the guitar direct to GR33 you need the 13-Pin Cable and a GK2(3) PU.

    No PC required. Just FTP dongle into hostbox then midi out of it to the GR33.

    Can you use the FTP to control the GR33? I thought most of the GR units could not accept midi to control instrument and you needed a 13-pin cable. That's amazing.

    I use a midiHost box shown in the first post to interface the FTP and the GR. The tracking and tones are really workable. I am going to deep dive a bit as time allows this weekend to see how much farther I get with it. Big bummer is I need external power (non pedal-power) for the GR and the hostbox. Which adds another notch of messiness to the situation. Ugh.