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    I'm not wanting to sacrifice anything LOL :-) I want guitar Reverb and delay on One path and my synth on the other. The problem is that those paths are static as far as I can tell. So guitar is always on path 1 without the effects that I want and the synth is always on path two. There's no way to flip flop that that I can see. Unless if I move the loop to the back of the second block of stomps and I am not sure if that will get me the results I want.

    Looking at a midi controller now that will switch how I want and just giving up on the blending via EXP pedal. I could put the Kemper in my Boss' loop and blend signals like I want but then I would have to have a direct box after it as the outs on the SY are 1/4" and not XLR. Right tool for the job and all that.

    Path 1 is where my guitar tone is routed. Path 2 is the synth. Which is what makes this totally useless for what I am trying to do. If you can swap the paths (make Path 1 Path 2 and vice versa); it would be better. I would lose my wah on the guitar path if that was possible; so that's another reason to find a different way to do it. :( Thank you for all the help/advice/suggestions though [Blocked Image:]

    Wanting more gear is a lifetime pursuit :D

    I followed this video. 20 seconds in shows how it splits the signal with parallel processing. Delay and verb are after the amp block and on path 2. Which is what the synth signal follows. The expression pedal sweep I think is a little wonky. Unless I need to setup morph again; which could very well do the trick.

    I guess whether it blends for a long period of time will depend on how fast you move the expression pedal! There will be some overlap when you move it through the intermediate zones between heel and tip.
    But I don't think it would be very long!

    Why not try it out and see if it can save you some money? ;)

    Tried it last night. I can morph between a parallel path via expression pedal and morphing feature. The downside is it doesn't include delays and verb from the Kemper in the guitar tone chain which I need. You know; for clams and such [Blocked Image:] The other downside is my EV5 expression pedal won't go from -5 to +5. It goes from -5 to like +3.9. The sweep is off just enough that there is bleed through on one end of the pedal sweep. The other end is fine. I think the whole thing is a rabbit hole that is just going to get deeper without a real resolution if I keep trying to configure it the way I am.

    @nightlight ; could I pan from the synth rig to the traditional guitar rig with an expression pedal? I would want one or the other; never both simultaneously. I'd want it to be a hard pan and not one where the signals blend from one to the other as the pedal travels; so to speak. If I could that; that would be an absolute money-saving game changer for me.

    Some of the "more capable" midi floorboards can do this. Stuff by Liquidfoot, RJM, Gordius can all send NRPN. I think I even read in a post about the BJFE (BJE? BFE?) boards can send two NRPN messages.

    I have been looking at the Midi grande/forte stuff for some time. I keep hem hawing because of price and the switching lag that will be there no matter what solution I go with. Then I think of the tone and 8o<3

    For my curiosity- can you give an example of when you would want to disable the amp block instead of selecting another rig/slot that doesn't contain an amp block?

    I have my SY in the loop of the Kemper and am using it also for switching via PCs. The Kemper does not keep up with it while in performance mode. I am aware of the delayed display during performance mode switching situation. If I switch too fast on the SY; it lags and I will end up on the wrong preset. It's not a visual thing as I can hear that I am on the wrong slot despite pressing the button the exact # of times and the display on the SY showing what should be the correct preset. I ended up assigning MIDI PCs to each rig and switching in browser mode.

    For synth stuff; I switch to a patch with amp and cab blocks disabled and the loop active. The synth audio routes through the loop accordingly. What I would like is to be able to stay on one patch and disable amp and cab blocks via midi while calling up different PCs on the SY with one controller. I'm honestly going nuts about the whole thing.

    You can do it with NRPN or Sysex, not sure about midi CC, I don't think it's possible, but then again, I thought access to the looper would be impossible with midi cc's too.

    Amplifier (Address Page 10)2 On/Off4 Gain6 Definition7 Clarity8 Power Sagging9 Pick10 Compressor11 Tube Shape12 Tube Bias15 Direct Mix

    Ugh. Round and round I go haha :cursing:<X Still working on my switching and thinking I have a workaround for some things but deactivating the amp block via MIDI. I have never messed with SYSEX messages and really am not sure if the switching solutions I am thinking of are even capable.

    What about contacting support?

    Honestly; I am not sure it is an issue needing supported by Kemper. I get my Mission Headshell this week. I am transferring the Kemper and SY to it then focusing on a foot controller. I think I am going to separate the switching on the two units and that should take care of it. I am probably going to get a small controller for the Kemper and a midi mouse for remote control of the SY and call it a day.

    A new Axe FX owner leveled a long critique of the Axe FX on the Fractal forums recently, and he didn't leave out other forum participants in his diatribe:
    "...the responses these people get either end up being condescending or just plain stupid shit like "have you checked the tone knob on your guitar?" !!!!"

    However, not only was his post not deleted, it was met with quite a bit of patience and a very measured tone.

    link is dead... :?: I dug my time on the FAS forum. Plenty of cool people. I am sure there were some not so cool but such is life I guess.

    Posted this at TGP as well but since this is the Kemper forum; thought you guys might have some ideas on the subject as well :thumbsup:

    I know you can assign PCs to different rigs in the Kemper. I tried that method once, a ways back. I also know in performance mode; you can switch between individual performance slots via PCs. I ask because I gigged for the first time this weekend with the Kemper. My SY300 switched from rig to rig. There were some small hiccups and switching anomalies and I am thinking I might switch between rigs in browser mode instead. I'm also for sure getting a separate controller.

    Further clarification edit:
    I set up individual presets on the SY and would scroll from one performance slot to another on the kemper via midi. On "synth" styled presets; those slots would be the SY (in the kemper loop) with the kemper amp and cab blocks disabled. So just the SY300 for tones on those slots.

    One time I scrolled up to a slot in my second performance. Once I came back down to the brass synth rig located in performance 1; the synth portion of that sound had disappeared. Really just oddball stuff that I can't honestly explain away. I need a few more practices and a better switching system I think.

    I think OP got the refund because he was starting threads entitled "So frustrated I want to throw the AX8 in the trash" :D Cliff wanted to probably shut him up without "shutting him up"; so to speak.

    I get having issues with a product for sure; but those kind of threads on a vendor owned forum is probably always going to be a no-no. TGP is excellent as are a number of other places I frequent. Including this place :thumbsup:

    I dug my AX but was running into CPU limits on what should have been really basic patches. I know I could adjust reverb quality/echo density but that just seemed like I was giving up a lot of what I was upgrading for. Whether I could hear the differences or not 8o I also spent all sorts of time updating firmware and tweaking. All self-induced; totally. If I went back; it would be to a II XL rig. I would buy presets from Fremen and just be done with it :P

    Most of my Kemper time has been spent trying to get all the pieces of my rig puzzle working together. I love it and am still digging what I am hearing every time I fire it up!

    Welcome! Different yet similar journey myself. The Ax was awesome but I spent too much (self-inflicted) time tweaking and updating firmware and twisting digital knobs instead of playing. Had the Helix for a short time but could not get anything out of it at all. It sounds good in pretty much all of the clips floating around the net but sounded wooly and messy and just, well; crap in person. Could not dial anything in inspiring whatsoever.

    Got the Kemper and it is perfect. Only thing that could make it better is if they release a floor version. Absolutely gorgeous cleans, mid and high gain are all there in spades! Just an excellent piece of gear. Enjoy!

    Bought some profiles yesterday from Guidorist. 6534+ and the JTM profiles. They are both out of this world! I have always loved the 6534 amp but no one really gives it much love in the amp world. If you love 5150s but love el34s too; do yourself a favor and buy the pack. Tones are absolutely spot on and just glorious! I have had the Kemper for a month and some change and have found a lot of good stuff, but hadn't yet found my go to rigs for live work. The 6534 pack takes care of that \m/ The JTM pack is unreal as well! Good work!

    Bonus points for the XTC pack as well. That Green ++ profile is friggin' absurd!

    So can you guys confirm that the Boss FS-7 will in fact work with the Kemper? I am switching from rig to rig in performance mode with my Boss SY300 but it will not allow effect control with the extra onboard switch. I want to be able to toggle delay/boost/and or fx loop on and off via external footswitch without having to invest in the remote. For now at least :D