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    That's why they said 'unban', i.e. re-install him to the community.I have to say he did some very impressive work and deserves to be acknowledged and supported.
    C'mon Kemper.

    And further to that:

    ... c'mon Kemper
    Invite him, talk to him, let him sign a non disclosure agreement, open a comm channel for him where he can inform you about his next steps, so you can temporarely veto when he gets at a twig you do not want to be published for a fixed period of time let's say up to the next OS upgrade.

    You get the picture I guess. It is a symbiotic way for Kemper and for their user base. Is'nt there a German
    saying "Jump over your shadow" ?


    Damian's got a weeks share of Beer. Hope his liver can take that. Thanks Damian.

    Ja, das sollte so funktionieren. Probier dann mal die Cab-Sektion an und aus zu schalten und horch rein, was für dich besser klingt. Falls ohne Cab besser ist, kannst du in der Output-Sektion, Page 3/6, einen Haken bei der Softtaste "Monitor Cab off" machen, dann bleibt das Cab global ausgeschaltet auf dem Monitor-Ausgang.


    Hezlichen Dank.