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    I know what you mean, I've only had it for a month so I'm still fiddling. Yesterday for the first time while playing I completely forgot about the gear and the sound and tweaking and I was just playing...a sure sign that I'm getting close to my sound, the sound I want.

    re the separate IR's - I found one that seems to replicate the sound of my cab so I'm just using that single IR on all my direct/merged profiles.

    I found my problem! When browsing for cabs from other rigs, you can only see rigs where the cab module is actually enabled in that rig. I.e. Even though you have say a Merged profile, if the cab is not turned on for that rig then the rig won't show up in the list of cab modules. I guess that is logical, but I would have thought you should be able to see all cabs from rigs regardless of whether the individual patch has it's cab turned on.

    BTW, I got a great set of IR's by converting the free Marshall 1960A from redwirez.

    I am finding that the use of 3rd party IR's is allowing me to get a sound through the mains that is very close to what I hear for the same profile monitored through my guitar cab. Put another way, I might love the direct amp sound via a guitar cab for a Merged profile but the same profile with included cab sim out the mains can sound completely different. The use of seperate IR's is allowing me to choose a cab IR that approximates my actual cab so that the two outputs sound similar.

    Hmmm, how can I create an IR for my actual guitar cab?

    There are too many good profiles but If had to choose a top 2, it would be from Guido:

    For all around High gain and even clean, the Bognar XTC has always been my top package.
    For clean to mid also Guido's Divided by 13 Maze is simply stunning. Those two packages, in my humble opinion should be a must in every profiler, of course it's a matter of taste, but I can't imagine how a guitar player wouldn't be in tonal bliss in either of these packages. Considering the extremely fair price Guido Charges, nothing have come close in my opinion in regard to value, quality, clarity and low signal to noise ratio, that makes me really appreciate his profiles at a different level.

    Sounds interesting, I will check these out. Are they Studio profiles only??

    Agree the Thumas profiles are very good, but I do recommend the FDProfiles SLO100 pack, it is one of the better set of direct profiles out there. As good as the Thumas but with a wide range of gain profiles.

    Also I found these 5150 III Merged profiles - currently are my main tones now - awesome amp sounds.…

    From the free Jevo packs

    I'm on the same pathway with direct profiles. I've got a Yamaha DXR10 FRFR but I prefer running old school guitar cabs, so I have two THD 2x12's that I drive with a Carvin 1540l.

    So far the best true amp-like direct profiles that I have found are;

    Tim Owens HAWP Friedman profiles. The Dirty Shirley profiles in particular are really great into a cab.

    FD Profiles SLO100. This is a commercial pack, but the direct profiles here are amazing if you are after that kind of tone. This is what I have at the moment for my main tones - 5 slots in a performance patch from clean to mean. See

    The EVH 5150 III profiles from Fakrop on RE are also great, there's a set of 5 that go from clean to saturated lead which are great for a base set of similar sounding tones. Very close in quality and feel to the SLO100 profiles I mention above.

    Try out my own Marshall 1794X 18W Clone DI profiles. Search on RE for 1974X and you'll find 4 profiles, 2 clean and 2 through the TMB plexi channel.

    Thanks to the other posts above - some more for me to try out :)

    OK new user and the OP with a short update. I used my new Kemper for the first time at rehearsal last night. OMG what tone, getting very close to what I have been searching for for a lifetime.

    I took my THD guitar cabs and ran through those via a Carvin 1540l rather than FRFR, extremely happy with the results. I do have a Yamaha DXR10 so might give it a try next time. We actually recorded last night too and I went straight into the audio interface via the SPDIF with cab sims on, listening back to it today....sounds awesome!

    Let's summarize: Top Jimi has managed to create studio profiles of a BE-100 that seem to be liked by some -although the head seems to be defective or does not behave like expected! But because Top Jimi has to almost perform magic with mics for studio profiles (remember: otherwise we would hated the amp) the merged / direct profiles suck. And the studio profiles may be great by itself, but seem not completely represent the Friedman BE-100 as it SHOULD sound!?

    Best thing that could happen: Top Jimi gets a repaired or another BE-100 in his hands and supplies us with original, correct and great sounding profiles, both merged and studio. The interest would be there, I think...

    Yes this or my money back please!

    Yes, absolutely yes. I've just done a reset and a MIDI diagnostics on the FCB with a loopback cable and all passed fine.
    It's about 90% working - but the delay pedal in EF mode, pedal 7, will not stay LED on for more than a few seconds. The rest in stomps mode (EF mode) are more stable but they do light off and on a little randomly. Is the EurekaProm2 chip buggy?

    I have another theory....the MIDI out/thru on the FCB is allowing the MIDI stream coming back to the FCB from the Kemper to be repeated back to the Kemper resulting in a dreaded MIDI infinite loop kinda thing?

    Maybe I need to to up to the Eureka3 or switch over to e Uno4Kemper.

    Thanks, will check that out later today and report back.

    I tried new cables last night but with same result. The delay stomp (pedal 7 under Effects mode on the EurekaProm) is the one that has the most trouble . It comes on for a few seconds and then the LED turns off. Wonder if the eureka chip is getting confused between the two delay CC's...? i.e. trails and no trails.