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    Rod, it was a little easier working with the editor while the Kemper was off(line). It still was slow as everytime I dragged and dropped a individual file, the index on the left moved to the bottom.

    Thanks. I hadn't thought of turning it off. I haven't really worked with performances up to now.

    I use Rig Manager to backup the performances, and send them to the Kemper. But not to browse the performances, for that I use the Kemper itself. Is it not what you're doing ? If it's still the problem I'll save them as individual rigs too, properly named...

    Actually, I've just done most of them. I was dragging them out of the performance when the crashes happened. This time I used ctrl+c and ctrl+v and didn't get a single crash, although with the KPA turned off.

    If you do ever save them individually and named, I wouldn't mind having them, but otherwise don't worry. I've extracted the ones I'm mostly interested in (mainly all the DSOTM, shine and pride.


    My feeling is that the lack of an easy ability to manage cabs and presets etc. is such a glaring omission compared to competitive products, that something has to happen soon. I gave up a lot of experimenting in this way (life's too short), in the hope there will be at least the beginnings of some sort of an editor. But a lot of people mention reverbs, so it wouldn't surprise me if that was the next thing.

    Yes, there was nothing wrong with the frequencies in that for me. I particularly liked the mid gain part at the end.

    Actually, I tune my strat down to Eb permanently. I like the slightly lower string tension and slightly mellower sound.

    I've been playing a lot this afternoon, trying Nick Ks new profile. I tried it with 5k HiCut, 7k HiCut, even turned off the EQ at one point and forgot I had done so, but its been fine. Then trying some other profiles (which I thought were OK) with HiCut of 5k. Aaargh terrible.

    It seems its all down to the profile (or profiler). I think what I was trying to do with the 3k HiCut was make my whole library playable, but I agree with you now, that its better at 5k or 6k or 7k as long as its a good profile.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to answer and do a demo. I've now moved yet another step closer to understanding this world of profiling and knowing how to get the perfect sound out of the kemper. :thumbup:

    I think it could ba a volume issue, I agree with Frank, 3k is two much. to cut.,

    On the other hand there's currently a request for Low and High Cut in the output and stack section this way you don't have to waste an effect slot. So anyone interested might want to vote that thread up.

    High pass/Low pass filters in the Output EQs

    Funny you should say that, I did add my name to that thread yesterday. :thumbup:

    Thanks for your suggestions Frank
    Stratitis (just looked it up) yes I remember that on my first strat, I changed the pickups to HS-3s which solved it, also no hum. With this strat though (also dimarzios) I don't notice that problem. The output is a bit less than a gibson, so I put a pure boost in a stomp to compensate.

    Maybe its easier to pickup these frequencies of the extraneous fret type noises on earphones (which I use quite often).

    Just tried Nick Ks Friedman PT-20 free sample he posted yesterday (It's excellent by the way :thumbsup: - see the free rigs section), I can turn the EQ off and I'm mostly happy with it like that.

    I'll try it with a permanent cut to 5k for a while and see how it goes. I'll check it with the FRFR monitor (I'm new to this EQ cut thing, only been doing since a month ago).

    Hi Rod, you really go that low? What kind of music do you play/what are your favourite amplifiers? I’ve been hovering between 6000-8500… depending on the profile… Maybe I should try 3 or 4K…

    Hi Keith,
    Basically Marshall type amp sounds. For what I try to play, think Blackmore, Page, Gilmour, Iommi, May, Sykes, Malmsteen.

    I do use different cabs. My favourite is Katzbach 1960B 4x12 with G12T-75s and I like Deadlight Studios stuff. Also really liking Nick Ks stuff recently.

    I listened to your soundcloud. I can't find any problem with the frequencies in your recordings.

    It's not so much the strings vibrating that cause the problem. If I turn the HiCut up to about 5kHz, strike a chord and listen to the strings sustaining it sounds fine. The problem frequencies happen with the strings against the frets. It's worst on clean sounds. I haven't got a particularly low action, but sometimes you do get a bit of fret buzz and it sounds terrible. And with slides, the metal on metal, a sort of cold, frozen, glassy, brittle type sound.

    Could volume be the issue. For me we're talking low bedroom volumes. Or maybe its just my ears. I find CDs too harsh as well. I have to put an EQ cut on my hi-fi.

    Listen to this Friedman PT-20. This is what I'd call a good guitar sound.

    They should put that in the manual haha.

    Yes, I think they should have a whole bit with advice on how to get a personally satisfying sound.

    I wasted months working on the premise that the kemper was delivering the correct sound (whatever correct is, its so subjective), and that me messing with what the professionals were creating was a destructive process to the sound. But I've learnt so much along the way, not only about the kemper, but also about the world of guitar amps, speakers and their history, so it's been worth it.

    I've tried various settings, from HiCut of 2000Hz to 3500Hz, and settled on 3000Hz. If any further slight adjustment is needed, just lowering/raising definition a little fixes it.

    You might need different EQ values, having different ears, taste, monitors etc. My ears are lacking at hearing very high frequencies.

    have high and low pass filters in the Output EQ section

    I agree, in fact, I would have thought it would be best to have all EQ types available at all points in the chain (stomp/stack/effects/output). I started off using the output EQ, but then decided it was better to lose a slot using the hicut/lowcut. I'm OK with just reverb and delay but others might not be.

    Anyone else have this pack? What are your findings?

    I've had this pack for a couple of weeks now.

    I'm really pleased with it. In fact 'FS MB 037501 #MakeMeHoly# Rhy1' has become my main goto sound.

    Not sure how my YJM DiMarzio's compare to a normal strats output, but I find that a stomp pure boost of +2.0dB matches my Gibson SGs stock pickups.

    For all profiles generally, I permanently lock a +5.0dB pure boost in stomp A (just because I like it)
    I also permanently lock in FX slot X a graphic EQ with everything on zero except a Low cut 100Hz and High cut 3000Hz (still some profiles will have a touch too much treble, in which case I reduce definition a bit).

    For the Marshall Major, I use it with one of Godi Hilmann's cabs 1960B with G12T-75, there's only a subtle difference with the supplied cab, but I know this cab well and trust it soundwise.

    So yes I love this pack. This era (about 1971 to 1976) is my favourite sound.