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    I don´t like pure cabinet...i even don´t like it turned on and set to zero :D
    When it comes to highgain it muddys everything up imo.

    I don't quite understand this.

    You can turn it off in the output section, but in the cab section you can only set it to zero.

    So is this a feelgood factor or does it actually change the sound by turning if off (as opposed to set at zero) in the output section.

    Just bought.

    Hey Jimi,

    When you say "Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion 25W Greenback"
    Do you mean each profile is a combination, or some are one and some are the other.

    I used to have a folder for each vendor, but now I basically have three folders, one called "Commercial" for everything I've bought and the other "Commercial free" for vendors that also have some free sets. Then one more for RigExchange profiles I like. I rely on the search to limit to authors and amps.

    I find it best to treat amps and their cab simulations separately.

    I have a profile that has a Marshall 1960BX cab with it that I really like, so I lock that cab, then all the profiles I switch to sound good, maybe not what I want, but they don't sound harsh.

    Also I've knocked a bit off some frequencies in the "output eq"

    I'm only interested in the amp and cab tone, so I lock out all the stomps, fx, and stack eq. That makes it easy to just hear the raw tone of the profile and then decide whats good for me.

    As V8guitar has said, you have to re-evalute all profiles when you get an FRFR cab.

    I use Sennheiser HD558 headphones.

    Turning down the bass (or even off) in 'stack eq', and choosing a decent cab was the secret for me.

    I can confirm that the Main Output EQ does also applies on headphones. Don't know why I didn't think of that because they both need the same (a cab simulation).

    But, for my purposes, I found it applies in addition to the stack eq, so I still have to lock the stack eq.

    Maybe I don't use the kemper in the way that others do. I'm mostly not interested in the presets, I just want one good tone, one set of stomps, one set of fx, then lock them all including stack cab and eq.

    When I've got the good tone (the cab and eq), I find I can just change profiles to try out all the different amps, and I found that then, most of them sound good to me, maybe not what I want at that time, but still sound good. :)

    Kazbach Marshall profiles!!

    All the Marshalls you'll ever need :thumbup:

    Thanks to 'stratocaster' for pointing these out. I bought today the JMP50 Trem and JTM50 Black Flag. For me that's spot on and although the amp is perfect, I found if I lock the cab, then all my other profiles become brilliant as well. I'll probably end up getting the 'all bundle'.

    I've actually found a way to do it today (still getting to know this machine)

    Just create the EQ that I want in the stack section, then press lock. Then no matter which rig I load, it has the EQ that works with the headphones. You can save this as a preset.

    I think this is probably what Karajan was first thinking of.

    An output section EQ on heaphones would be better though, as you could just set it up and forget about it, and it would only be relevant when using the headphones socket.

    Hm... shouldn't it be possible to create a headphone-output-preset? This seems just as elegant as having an extra EQ to me :)

    The output section has:-

    page 3/7 monitor output EQ
    page 4/7 main output EQ

    But there is no page for headphone EQ

    I don't know how you can make a preset for the headphones in this case. ?(

    Yes this is exactly what I would like.

    I do a lot of practice using headphones (Sennheiser HD558) and it has always bothered me the tone is not quite right until I hit upon the idea of turning the bass to zero and the mid up high. This now makes it perfect, but I have to have two versions of every profile, a normal version and a headphones version. A headphones EQ section would solve this.