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    The green one I use for kicking in solo's : so I morph in reverb/delay/boost , so have all these things activated and put them 100% in the mix by pushing the pedal. The black one I use only for wah , which is on all the time as well , kicks in when the pedal is moved ... I don't use the switches on the missions !
    love it , never look down to start my leads and it blends in smoothly :)


    Nice! Which Version of the black Mission EP is it?

    It´s a fetish - nothing more :D

    Maybe! I got the Strymons way longer than the Kemper and i like to try it out. I´m planning to arrange some performances with my board in the X-Slot and some performances only with the Kemper-Effects. I will see!

    But sorry, that was not the question...

    How do I do the stereo-wiring to the Kemper? Which ins&outs do I have to use?

    I'd definitely recommend Mbritt, I use his exclusively in P&W. We play a lot of Bethel, Elevation Church, Hillsong, etc. I have been using his AC30 from profile pack 2 for everything. He calls it the Voice Ace30 6/TB. I took one of the profiles that had a little bit more gain and dialed it back a bit. It works great for that 'edge of breakup' sound everyone seems to want. I also was using a 65 Princeton from pack 1 but I don't think it is in there (I bought pack 1 way back when he first released it). There are a ton of profiles on the rig exchange that would work well though, the old standby Morgan AC20 is great as well, really sounds almost exactly like the real Morgan DAG15 I used to have before the Kemper. Bought the Kemper and I didn't need the amp anymore! Do you run a full pedalboard or do you use the built in effects from the Kemper? I also have his ACE30 pack which is a 65 Vox AC30. That one is a lot brighter and probably would probably work great with the Gretsch. I'd probably recommend profile pack 2 since I like that AC30 Top Boost. Since he primarily plays country, the tones are in a similar vein to what we would want in Praise and Worship. Hope you find what you are looking for!

    Thx a lot! Thats a good advice!
    Yes, of course im running a full pedalboard with Timeline, BigSky, OCD, MicroPOG, Walrus-Comp etc. in the Effektloop, but for smaller rehearsals i use only profiler+remote+dxr12.
    Atm I´m testing the new delays and halls if maybe they can replace the strymon stuff.
    So i need different performances with and without pedalboard at this time.
    Hope to find the perfect profile for that!


    I´m searching for the best/good profiles for praise&worship sounds. did anybody have good an advice maybe from rigmanager?
    I´m playing a Gretsch Powerjet and a Fender Strat and i´m looking for that typical sound from JC, Hillsong and Co. :saint:
    I think AC30 and matchless is maybe the right direction and of course the most of you would point on mbritts profiles but...

    - which of his packs is maybe the right one... there are so many! ?(
    - And, can anybody recommend other choices?


    Selling a Matrix GT800FX Poweramp in excellent condition.

    450 Euro

    The GT800FX is a lightweight 1U format stereo rack mount power amplifier designed specifically for use by guitarists. Whether you're using modellers or just needing a traditional "slave" amplifier, the GT800FX gives you 2 channels of 400W class AB power. In bridged mode it delivers a huge 800W into 8 ohms.

    Shipped from Germany.

    Bin von einer Marshall 1960 AV mit Camplifier 360 auf die Yamaha DXR-12 umgestiegen und bin super zufrieden! Geiler Sound, super druck und viel viel weniger zu schleppen.

    Die Bandkollegen haben die DXR erst belächelt. "Wie soll so eine Pipi-Box deine 4x12 Box ersetzen?", hies es. Nach den ersten 4 Riff´s hat keiner mehr nach der Marshall Box gefragt

    Haben natürlich die DXR auch mit Bass Profiles und Bass ausprobiert, was soll ich sagen klingt einfach mega

    Habe auch die DXR12 und bin klanglich noch nicht ganz zufrieden, aber auch noch relativ neu mit dem Kemper unterwegs.
    Gibt es Einstellungen am Kemper die wichtig oder zu beachten wären?
    Wie sind die Einstellungen/Schalter an der DXR12?
    Welche Kabelverbindung (XLR/Klinke?) ist am besten und über welchen Output?

    Könntet ihr mal eure Erfahrungen damit teilen? Thx!