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    OK, maybe the word 'accusation' isn't the absolutely perfect word to have used, however it isn't a world away. In law, the two are intrinsically linked, with overlapping elements. If you wish to disect my posts to ensure absolute accuracy and clarity, it would be beneficial if your own were up to to the same mark, which they have not been. But that's just the way that relaxed conversation goes.

    Anyway, let's put it to bed. I'm sorry for any offence/misunderstanding.

    Fair enough :-)

    I think they assume you are trolling because you are resistant to the advice already given to you and you keep insisting that it was the Kemper even though you haven't ruled out anything else yet. You need to get an electrician, preferably a different one, to check your wiring. Then heed the advice the Kemper team have given you regards getting the profiler repaired. That's the only way you can deduce what happened here.

    This summarizes my initial speculations/suspicions perfectly.

    Speculation? No, I'm sorry. I don't accept this. You're beginning to smell troll? If bringing in the word troll to the conversation and aiming it towards an individual isn't an accusation, I don't know what is. This isn't a legal debate to disect each word for clarity, it's about being supportive to someone upset. The word troll should not have been used.

    chu I was unaware of the fact that my choice of words, opinions and comments are subject to your "acceptance" In future , I shall run things past you before posting again ;-)

    In all seriousness, you are seemingly unable to discern the difference between "Suspicion" and "Accusation" Please allow me to explain; There is a world of difference between, "I'm beginning to smell a troll" and "You ARE a troll" The former is suspicion, the latter is accusation. I hope that clears things up for you.

    I apologize to the OP for any offense caused and I sincerely hope that he manages to get everything sorted out safely and securely :-)

    Quit the trolling accusations, let's see where this goes. The OP has been polite but understandably he's upset because he's just lost a tonne of gear. We'd all be upset.

    There's clearly something at fault, and logical fault finding starts with one step at a time. Hopefully the KPA will be checked over and repaired without significant cost. Once done, then rest of the gear can be considered.

    chu, No "accusations" merely speculation. The OP has stated that his home has been looked over by an electrician. In my 35 years of using and working with non-voltage related musical equipment, on stages and in studios, I have never come across an issue such as this. Please do not suggest that I have no sympathy for the OP. Indeed, I have.. Having said that, I find the title of the thread, "Kemper killed speakers, laptop and finally itself " to be highly misleading .

    And there we have it, confirmed by the audience that actual playing was of ill consequence, the punters paid close scrutiny to comparisons to a Klon and real Klon and then to the Kemper Drive. Many guitar players threw down their guitars in disgust While audiences walked out of venues in their droves.. Until a light out of a box became apparent. A frequency graph. Alas, a way to hear through your eyes ;-)

    I have no doubts as to your prowess as a guitar player, I'm sure you're very good and that you are a highly competent engineer. And I would never rip apart another guitarists playing. Limitations of internet communications. Please accept my apologies

    and using less pedals is always a plus if families of four tend to throw up on your pedalboard. Less to clean I guess.

    And we thought that beer was a problem...Hopefully

    I shall await a frequency graph based on audience enjoyment vs the deployment of said overdrives/distortions. My audience is waiting. They can't use their ears and are in need of a frequency graph in which to guide their enjoyment.

    Hey all, I’d like to share an experience I had last night using the new Kemper Drive and Full OCD settings…

    Everything was going well at the gig as usual, UNTILL I kicked in the Kemper Drive for a solo. Alas, the audience turned their backs on me. Some covered their ears in horror while others ran screaming from the venue. Thinking quickly, I switched to the Full OCD setting. No good. The lights were turned off, the venue was closed and our band was refused payment.

    That is when a family of four threw up on my pedal board.

    Whilst packing up my equipment in an effort to hide my shame, I was met with a man who explained the problem… He told me that usual patrons of the venue are particularly sensitive to the overdrives and distortions used and have little tolerance for guitar players that cannot readily distinguish between the two.

    He went on to explain the intricacies of distortion and overdrive and then,

    He pulled out a FREQUENCY GRAPH. It was an epiphany.

    All at once, I realized the errors of my ways. :-)

    Joking and sarcasm aside, The new overdrives are amazing! Well done CK and Kemper team!

    Looks like Carvin is coming out with a small pedal style 100W stereo amp in about 2 weeks. The spec says it will work with a 4 ohm load. I've had good luck with their regular PA power amps, but something like this could be used on a pedal board or sit in the back of a non-powered profiler.…h100-100w-pedal-amplifier

    Looks interesting. Just wonder if 50 watts per side would be loud enough for live use with a full band.

    In all seriousness, given the amount of issues with the Stage and subsequent software updates (fixes) I can't see an editor being high on their priority list at the moment.

    Except 6 other people I know have the exact same issue and one rolled back to the last beta and the issues went away.

    Some guys don’t have the ear to hear differences in the quality of the distortion. They’re not tight enough players to dicpher the nuances. Maybe you’re that person

    This statement has got to be one of the most arrogant things I have ever read on an equipment forum. How dare you suggest that you have better ears than others on this forum. Given your aggressive attitude, I would not be surprised if you have simply bullied 6 of your friends into hearing what you want them to hear. Grow up dude.