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    Thanks guys, I will probably get the unpowered version and if needs be I'll get a power amp down the road. Also I will get the rack version regardless because the head is just painfully ugly to look at. I will probably also buy the monitors mentioned by Zapman & headphones by OneEng1. All this of course after I move to a bigger place, I'm stuck for space as it is.

    So after a hiatus of not playing the electric guitar for a few years (just playing acoustic), I'm back playing it. My original plan was to get an audio interface and use some amp simulation software, which I did. I'm currently using Peavey Revalver as the 6505 was the amp I always wanted, I'm playing through regular powered speakers on my PC or through earphones (going to buy a good set of headphones eventually). Honestly, it's all I need, maybe throw a few pedals into the mix. I'm a bedroom player and €2,500 is no small amount of money but god knows what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm on the fence about the KPA and joined the forum to try and help me make my final decision.

    What do you play your KPA through? Audio interface - DAW - monitors or a cab? What monitors would you recommend? Powered cab or other?

    Do you have the version without the power amp and use a separate power amp? Which one? Is there much of a difference between the separate power amp and an internal one?

    Would you consider the remote absolutely essential or a nice-to-have? Are there any other MIDI foot controllers that work with the KPA?

    If you got the rack version, did you also get a small rack to put it into? Which one? What about those things that try to make it look like a real amp head?