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    Yep. In the case of removing fizz it's easy. For instance, with a spectrum analyzer you can clearly see activity in the 9.3KHz range in the OP's sample, so I'd do the same thing in the KPA that I did using Samplitude. I'd use a Studio EQ in one of the post cab effects slots and set the Mid Frequency to 9372KHz with a slightly narrow Q and cut it by approximately 6dB.
    In Samplitude, I actually made a 6.9dB cut @ 9.3k.

    Anyway, you can do the same thing in the KPA if you know what frequency you're looking for(I use a spectrum analyzer). EQ matching is obviously another story.

    I use EQ to cut fizz because I've found that cutting presence or treble is akin to using a machete to remove a splinter.

    Will be trying this at home.

    I found great tone with Sinmix MesTriple pack profiles and a green scream in the effects slot I did notice however the fizz at the top end. I used a graphic EQ and have the highest frequencies murdered completely, helped but it's still there to a degree and changed the whole tone also (not a bad thing). I was considering a real overdrive also between the guitar and the amp. Someone else mentioned it works well so might be on my shopping list along with the Freqout and FRFR solution.

    Another thing - I'm listening through headphones and hearing the fizz. I'm sure in a live situation it would be not noticeable at all.

    That would make the search on the rig exchange completely useless. It also wouldn't be any consolation to those guys selling profiles, right now you can get a Marshall or DrZ or any number of others from multiple sellers, each doing their own take on what they think is the best possible micing technique and recorded sound of each amp, maybe some of them will be much better than the ones the manufacturers themselves create, but they'll have a really hard time selling them and recording what was actually used to make the profile. Most people buying commercial profiles want a specific amp, hard to sell that if you can't talk about what specific amp is used.

    Majority of commercial sellers name them differently anyway.

    Marshall - Michael
    Peavey - PVY
    Mesa Boogie - Messy Buggers etc. etc.

    Sorry to disagree but I have been using pro tools on my powerful pc laptop without any issues for a decade. A Mac is not necessary or superior in any way. Nor is it inferior. It's the same comparison as Gibson vs Fender. It just does't matter, not really. I think there are more mac people using pro tools but that is a matter of culture. I needed a pc for work and a mac would not have cut it in my line of work so I got a pc to serve all of my needs

    Not sure if you're talking to me but that's basically what I'm saying. It's user error more than anything.

    Literally the only thing a Mac does better than a PC is audio/video production. Even then the only real difference nowadays is stability and that's down to wrong choice of hardware (weak CPU for example) more often than not. Macs come only in high specs. which is why the myth of them being more reliable than a Windows PC exists. Windows can be literally anything from barely able to open word to the power of 2/3 macs in one system. As most things the issue comes down to user error. I've built high spec. windows PCs for myself the past 5/6 years and only once had problems with them and that was, as I said, user error! It also doesn't help that ProTools doesn't play nice with Windows and for those loyal to Avid, there is only one choice.


    There is definitely a problem with the Kemper headphone jack when using high gain profiles for metal. The profiles sound good through FRFR speakers or when recorded, so they are fine. 3 other Kemper users around the area and I used different headphones like ATH-M50x, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and they all have the same issue. The headphones are great when listening to music from other sources, or when using Kemper headphone jack with clean, bluesy or rock sounds. But with high gain profiles, they sound very harsh and quacky. Changing Space parameter, PureCab or initializing settings do not help. You can EQ and filter out treble or change cab high shift setting to mitigate a little bit, but why would somebody want to do that just for headphone jack and change characteristics of a profile. You can test this with the Lesse Lammert metal profiles that come with factory rigs. Not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue, but it needs to be fixed by respected Kemper engineers. Please help!

    Interesting.. I've found my ATH-M50s sounding flat with the metal profiles I've tried (M Britt Heavy pack, Reamp Zone 6506 pack) Only profiles that sound full through them are the Sinmix Triple Recto pack but I did have to put a green scream for extra ommph. Highs are quite harsh however and I needed to EQ them quite heavily via graphic EQ.

    Down to €849 from €999 on Thomann! Would be great if you could get it without the bells and whistles as we all know what Line sounds like..Would knock some more off the price. Looks like a nice little unit. On my list of contenders. Still would prefer a more 4x12 style a la Matrix FR212 or Mission 212.

    Would kill to get my hands on the profiles Devin Townsend uses... 8o

    How would I then get the drums and bass back into my headphones with the kemper tone? I've tried alt and return input but don't get anything in the headphones.

    Edit: Nevermind, drum and bass were turned down on the Trio :rolleyes:

    I just realized though you can't use the looper in this format and the drum and bass are mono :S

    Ordered over the weekend along with the footswitch. Plan on having the pedal itself on top of the Kemper (about chest height when I sit on my bed) and the footswitch on the ground with the Kemper remote.

    Just reading the manual on pedal pitch last night. It says:


    You can also use the Pedal Pitch to create harmonies for advanced soloing. Try setting the pitches to continuously slide from a third to a fifth interval, then use the “Mix” control to balance the original signal with the shifted voice.

    How do I do this exactly? There's no option to continuously slide from one interval to another.