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    This may sound silly but it works and is super cheap....

    I just get the cheapest black pillow cases I can find from Walmart (or whatever housewares store you have nearby) and drape them over the Kemper and remote. It looks nice and clean but also easy to remove and clean. I also use old socks to cover microphones and black sheets to cover guitar racks.

    Ironically, I've also paid hundreds of dollars for Tuki covers and Studio Slips and Kemper bags, but I'm just as happy using $2 pillowcases.

    Cool thanks. I'm kinda thinking about getting a black anodized piece of aluminum with holes drilled for the feet and maybe handle area (aka JEM guitar) to protect the cable jack. That would weigh next to nothing but keep all the bits together so they wouldn't slide around. Will post if I can figure something out...

    I'd like to find a flat piece of aluminum with holes in it that I could velcro my Kemper Remote and a few expression pedals to. The idea would be that the feet line up with the holes, so a small patch of dual-lock would hold it securely but still make it easy to remove. Does anyone know where to get something like this?

    Absolutely NOT looking for a Pedaltrain or anything that makes the footprint higher/larger as the whole idea is to downsize the rig.

    OK, I have absolutely nothing of value to add here BUT I have to post so I can tell the grand kids that I helped push the count over 2000. Hopefully they will got to see Rig Editor in their lifetimes... ;)

    I own a bunch of Dr, Z amps AND bought the official profiles the day they came out. Great idea but the profiles are lacking. Yes they can be tweaked, but the 3rd party ones are generally much better and even then, none of the profiles I've heard do the real amps justice.

    Just to be clear - the Kemper Remote and Rig Manager only support a subset of the functionality of the KPA. You still need to use the front panel for tweaking parameters. At some point this will be built into Rig Manager - if that's all you need, you might just wait and get that for free when it comes out.

    Kemper Remote page...

    100% recommend a remote for the studio, It makes the process of recalling profiles so much quicker, plus you have access to things like the looper, hands free morphing and freeze which are really useful for song writing and recording. I have both the rack and toaster versions, and my rack one is just far enough away to be annoying to tweak when sitting at a desk so the remote is a no brainer.

    Sort of on the same theme, using a MIDI foot pedal to control a DAW is also a huge time saver.

    today won't be the day. We're pretty close but as it turns out, we will not manage today. Sorry for that.

    THIS is exactly what we needed. It's 100% OK to slip a release date as long as there is some communication from Kemper and expectations are set properly. Thank you very much for the update!!

    To answer my own dumb question - yep, you can just assign another reverb/delay to slot x (for example) and this will allow you to essentially "stack" effects with one being dedicated to the "freeze" function. I'm sure there are other permutations on this theme such as morphing, spillover, etc... but it's really cool for practicing or even doing songs where you need a pad or drone type sound. Sweet!

    Bought the "N Go" packs just because, can you really have too many MBritt amps? The answer is "no, you cannot". Get them, they are great and there is some bonus content like performances and merged/studio rigs which is really handy.

    So this raises a question for Michael (sorry if this has been covered before, and you don't have to answer if it steps on any NDA's or contractual stuff or you just don't wanna...) - has Christoph Kemper ever bought you lunch at NAMM and said thank you? The KPA is a stunning piece of engineering, but the CONTENT (MBritt amps in particular) is really what drives the value and longevity of the platform. Inquiring minds need to know...

    Wow, the "freeze" function is like getting an EHX Freeze pedal for free - really useful. I didn't even know I needed one until I saw Rick Beato using freeze type sounds for practice last night:

    So 2 dumb Q's

    1. what delay/reverb/other effects have a freeze parameter available? Don't see this in the manual...
    2. if freeze is assigned to an effect button i-iiii, it works but then by definition also disables further input to that effect. Ideally, you could assign freeze to a dry sound (since there is no tail, freeze isn't really relevant/perceptible with time based effects) and then have the effect on the remaining "live" input. I guess you can "stack" another reverb/delay and only freeze one of them?


    We seem to be at an inflection point regarding the Kemper and other platforms cannibalizing "real" amp sales. It will be interesting to see if embracing "official" Kemper profiles (in the case of MBritt 3P, Dr. Z, Celestion, etc...) will actually drive amp sales and innovation. In this case, I would have never "played" a 3rd Power amp so that seems like a win-win situation since now I am jonesing hard to buy one. I personally prefer real amps when its an option, so don't want to indirectly contribute to the act of driving anyone out of business by buying a profile.

    OK, enough babbling - back to playing the 3P CSR G 5!

    Great job as usual Mike.

    Got the CSR pack as well - it's just freakin fantastic. The profiles with the Celestion Gold speaker are just magic in a mix and the high gain stuff is all really usable too. As usual, the problem is picking just a few to use.

    Time to start saving up pennies up for a real 3P ;) I wonder if Jamie will see a spike in orders now?

    If you have any specific concerns, please contact me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to work something out.

    Thanks Mike!

    Honestly, your profiles are bargain at twice the price so no worries at all. Compared to the rest of the biz, Kemper and MBritt profiles are way ahead in terms of taking care of their loyal customers, so just keep up the great work!

    This is a big win for the Kemper community as the MBritt profiles really showcase what the platform is capable of.

    The email that went out said something about "M Britt Profiles has also adjusted pricing on most of the existing packs, so Kemper players wanting more profile goodness can get it for less $."

    I wasn't clear on how this impacted those of us who have already bought most of the packs. Anyone else look into this? Not complaining, just curious...

    Or try a Line6 Variax...

    As Kemper changed the game with amps, it is very possible that something like the Variax will create a paradigm shift for guitars. Unfortunately, that seems to be a ways off based on my experience with the current Variax stuff.

    Yeah, it's not just you :)

    Despite my Avatar, I think LP's are pretty overrated. A PRS McCarty with Bare Knuckle Mules just destroys any LP I have had (a lot). You might also check out a super strat like a Suhr Classic - it can do the LP PAF bridge humbucker thing, but also great single coil sounds and no noise (SSC2) - perfect for use w/ a Kemper.

    Life is too short to fight with a guitar you are not bonding with - flip it and find something you love!