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    Most people like to hear the profiles in a mix. I understand that, but for the few who would like to hear how a profile sounds on its own and wonder how a profile does sound for a plain guitar player, who likes clean or low gain sounds, using ordinary gear under regular circumstances: here is a short playthrough of 4 profiles.
    I play through a Ritter Amps cab (for the Kemper) with a 1x12 speaker.

    The profiles are from a Fender Bassman '72. I really like them. Great profiles. I will play through profiles from other profilers as well. These are beautifull profiles.

    When having the right profiles the Kemper is soooo great in clean tones. Did not buy something better the last decade. Not even a dishwasher.

    Not every guitar player is a high gain player. I play with my fingers and use clean & low gain profiles mostly. I intend to upload playthrough video's using clean profiles. I have several guitars. Great guitars and ordinary ones. I will use an ordinary guitar everytime. Many of us play on ordinary guitars. I record it with my mobile phone. So no processing but just a simple recorded ordinary amp in the room sound. That is what I mostly hear, so the real thing for me. The question I ask myself is: How does a profile sound for a plain guitar player, who likes clean or low gain sounds, using ordinary gear under regular circumstances?
    I play through a Ritter Amps cab (for the Kemper) with a 1x12 speaker.

    I had Bad Cat Black Cat 30R profiles from GoldLion Studios quite a while. Because they did a survey I decided to try them out. I really like them. What you hear is straight out of the (digital) box. Really great profiles in my opinion. And touch sensitive if you add some gain (but I don't do that here). Here I play only the 4 clean profiles on a humbucker, a Harley Benton that is as good as my D'Angelico's or Ibanez guitars, apart from some tuning issues on the G string. So: ordinary inexpensive (but good) guitar, simple (but good enough) recording technique and surprising great profiles. Luckily there are more profilers that make great profiles.

    Don't worry they'll sort it out. They may have their hands full at the moment with the Stage release. But your issue will be resolved. After what they did for me I have NOTHING bad to say about them. Kemper is a class act for sure.

    Kemper is back home. Did have contact with the repair service a few times. Just like I thought. GREAT service. Haven' t had better service anywhere else.

    Don't worry they'll sort it out. They may have their hands full at the moment with the Stage release. But your issue will be resolved. After what they did for me I have NOTHING bad to say about them. Kemper is a class act for sure.

    I don't worry at all. Already I have nothing bad to say about their customer service. As I stated, tremendous customer friendly approach. I also don't worry because the modular way the Kemper is built is very clever and repair friendly. And if they cannot sort it out.....It's my own fault not theirs. I (and no one else) let my Kemper fall on the ground.

    Let me tell you how serious this company is. About two years ago my toaster had a led out. The warranty had long since expired(it was purchased in 2012) When I contacted Kemper to find a repair center, Kemper offered to fix it for FREE. They even paid for the shipping both ways. Didn't cost me a dime. Turns out the led panel they got from their supplier that year was defective. Point is I didn't know that and they didn't have to tell me that. Thats how SERIOUS this company is.

    My Kemper fell. Sent to repair it. Don't know how this will work out, probably they receive it tomorrow. But I cannot complain about their commitment. Great and fast response untill now. Customer friendly approach. Very serious indeed.

    Bluezzmoaner - have you tried the parametric Eq post amp? Meambobo worked a lot with the parametric Eq to tweak Mesa Boogie profiles to perfection.

    I used the graphic equalizer. Used it post amp. The parametric might be a good idea. I have made a setting that fits most fender profiles well. I own a Fender Twin Reverb. With the use of that graphic settings (amongst other tweaks) I can barely hear a difference \between the Twin Reverb at the sweet spot (and that is pretty loud) and the Kemper. With the Bandmaster profiles only adjusting the low shift at the cab section works fine. Sometimes I use the graphic eq with the mix settings around 60%. The parametric might do a better job but because I'm used to my graphic settings I try that first with Fender & Tone King profiles. Maybe I'm gonna try a parametric and it might be a better idea than the low shift in the cab section. A good advice. Thanks. Just need more time to try out the possibilities with the parametric eq.

    Really great tones. After comparing with several YouTube clips I did adjust some things to make them even sound better with my Ritter Cab (specially made for the Kemper). You might have or not have the same result with another cab.

    Swapped the reverb to the Kemper spring reverb (set mix at 50%).

    Did not leave the EQ flat. Strange enough: leaving it flat makes the profiles sound as if I have mediocre elements on my Tele. They sound good but if I adjust the eq settings (bass between -3 and +3, mid 2,5, high 4,0 and presence 3,1)the elements on the Tele do their work better. Now I hear every string on it's own instead of one sound for all, as should be the case when using good elements. This also works with other setting as long as I don't leave the eq flat.

    The bandmaster has umpfhhh in every clip I listened to. You get that pushed sound when the volume of an amp is set high enough. At the amplifier settings I adjust the clarity to 0,5 and the direct mix really high (approx. 4.0). Now I have that umpffhhh on my cab too making it sound not digital at all but very natural.

    The adjustment of the bass frequency on the profiles is deeper (lower frequency) than at the clips I listened to. In the cab settings I adjust the pure cab setting to approx. 2.0 and setting the low shift to +3 (between +2 and +5) makes the bass adjustment more responsive as the bandmaster bass would behave.

    I liked the profiles already but after these adjustments........I can't stop playing. Hope this or some of this is helpfull for others too with other cabs.

    Sometimes I need more bass. For that I made an equalizer with more bass and a bit more high. If there is too much bass, the equalizer that you made helps every string be more audible on it's own.

    Great profiles.

    Great sale, using "please". Thanks. I have a request H.W. and I don't know if others recognize this. It would be helpfull if you could give your zip file the same title as you use for the profiles package on your website. I bought the Friedman pack double. Not a too big deal with all the discounts but I only saw that after receiving the zip file. Checked it before I bought it, but since I have lots of profiles and the difference in names I missed that.

    A clean, a pushed, a cranked and a full profile per channel, would be ok. Do I want more? It also depends on the number of channels and switches that an amp has. For instance: if there is a bright or fat switch I appreciate to have every profile with and without that switch and apply that to every channel. I prefer that more than pick up related profiles but a hum bucker profiles gives more warmth and a tele profile more sparkle. If I would have to choose I prefer the sparkle.

    Had the chance to play with the tweed amps for almost half a day. Still not impressed with the refined profiles but...enhancing direct mix (push the amp button to get there) really makes them come alive. Give them at least 3.5. Love how they sound now.

    Overall the pricing is too high compared with other vendors (bought a Tone Mister -Fender Tone Master- package with a 'this weekend' discount for half the price), but the tweed package gives you 4 amps for about 27 euro. Can't complain about that.

    Bought the tweed package. Sounds good. The demo's are sounding great and they sound better on the website then in reality. At least through my Blue Amps 112 Cab. Have to tweak them, when I find time to do that.

    Very interesting amp choice but the refined profiles add nothing in my opinion. Most times I like the profiles better without that kind of eq tweaking. The price? Maybe the reverb site demands a too big fee. If yes, start your own. I agree with lbot39 but it's a free market.