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    Thanks you all for welcoming me.

    Especially the 15 inch speaker in my Behringer gave me the warmth that I was looking for. I don't know if I can get that with a smaller speaker. I also tried a 10 inch Behringer that afternoon but it did not give me an inspiring sound. The 15 inch speaker gave me the bassy warmth (and you can turn it back) that I was looking for in a good jazz and (clean) blues tone. Regardless if I choose a Blues Junior profile or a Bassman or what else. Normally I use a Fender Twin Reverb 65 Reissue Blackface amplifier. I'm keen on a good tone. If there's no good tone my playing decreases. That Fender is a great amp (especially with the volume turned up) but the warmth and versatility (also at lower volumes) I got from my Kemper and that inexpensive 15 inch .....It was such a good surprise.

    Hello Kemper users,

    Since a week or so I own a Kemper. Great gear and it is almost impossible to stop playing. So many good and inspiring sounds that keep you buzzy. I would like to contribute but I'm not able to beat the professional profilers (bought some topJimi and some M Britt profiles) so I leave that up to them and enjoy their amd some great profiles via Rig Exchange.
    But maybe the following advise could be helpfull. I play mainly blues and jazz (over 30 years) and therefore I'm in for clean tones. I've read several reviews about good ampifiers for the Kemper. I know that the Friedman, Yamaha and Atomic get great reviews and listening on you tube they sound great. Today I tried another amp. It was a Behringer B115D. I was surprised. With a 15 Inch speaker it gave a real warm tone. Warm overdriven profiles also sound well. Only tried if for half an hour but I liked it very much. I'm not experienced enough with metal sounds. The sound great in my headphone and are inspiring too but I am no metal player, so I can't advise you here.
    But looking for clean, vintage or driven warm sounds you should consider a 15 inch active speaker like Behringer's but there are more contenders. They cost about 250-260 euro and for a warm clean tone, vintage amps they let you enjoy your Kemper so much more without breaking the bank.