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    Hi all,

    I have a Line 6 firehawk 1500 for sale.

    It has a couple of scuffs on the tolex but all works fine, the only reason for sale is its a little heavy and i am going to be playing in London a lot more and i really don't fancy carrying this thing on a train.

    If anyone wants to do a straight swap for a DXR10 i would be happy to do that as ultimately that's what i'm going to replace it with.

    Definitely recommend trying the dxr10. Its a good benchmark.

    Make sure you have a good variety of profiles to try as well...

    Hope you get it sorted.

    Yesterday i searched YouTube to see if there were any demos of clean profiles and there is a guy with video entitled "Finally!!! a video on Kemper Profiler clean sounds" (its not you is it Finally ? :D it wouldn't surprise me if it is someone on here!) the profiles this guy used and played around with sounded amazing!

    I don't know if he was recording straight in to an interface or a mic'd cab, but they had the warmth i am talking about so i might try them.

    Hey all!

    Firstly thanks for all your feedback!

    I think i need to clarify a couple of things, the input on the back of the line 6 doesn't use the internal processing its just an FRFR speaker.

    And i think the speaker itself is capable of giving me that feel as when i am using the internal processing it gives me that response and feel that i'm talking about.

    Monkey_Man I think that is closer to it if i'm honest, i have a feeling that when certain cables are plugged in different speakers are turned on/off, so my problem is if there is some on board software that is turning off 5 of the 6 speakers then surely its not FRFR as i assume the reason it has multiple speakers is to cover all frequencies comfortably.

    I might borrow my friends DXR10 and see if that makes a difference il just run the same profiles and see if it makes a difference.

    Hey all,

    So i have had my Kemper a little over a year and admittedly haven't spent nearly enough time learning what to do with it as i should do, and i know this is ultimately my downfall in my understanding of how to remedy the issues i have with it.

    The issue i have is i don't get that big amp in the room sound that you get with a tube amp, i don't get the same response and movement of air that a tube amp gives and its frustrating as i will scour the internet looking for tutorials or guides on specific tones and they will start off with a big warm clean tone coming from an orange or a fender and when i go to a profile of one of those amps its lack luster.

    Now don't get me wrong i know the Kemper is capable of doing exactly that, but i cant seem to get it there! I know this is going to be caused by one or two things settings or gear, I will give you rough run down of my rig:

    My KPA goes straight into a Line 6 FireHawk 1500 the only other thing in my signal chain is a Horizon Devices precision drive.

    The KPA is going into the from the direct out(set to master) in to the Line 6 left(mono) input.

    If i am using the Line 6 on its own with its own internal modelling and select a fender deluxe reverb it has that characteristic 'warmth' and responsiveness that you get with a tube amp but i don't get that when i am running the kemper through the line 6.

    Now i know the line 6 works in a weird way as it will turn on different speakers depending on what cables you have plugged in so i don't know if this is only turning on the main 12" speaker and not the others which i am sure wont be FRFR as what would be the point in the other 5 speakers/cones?

    the only other thing i can think is some sort of setting in the kemper as i know there is a million different settings and parameters that can be changed that i have no idea how to use!

    If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!


    The one and only downside that i find with it is the weight, it does weigh a fair amount at like 35kg and with the one handle on the top and not the sides its a cumbersome beast, however, with the bluetooth feature the fact its a really good back up if in the unlikely event your KPA goes pop, its more than loud enough and it looks like a cab as apposed to a monitor.

    I was trying to send you a private message, @MOCMunkeh, but I'm getting:

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    Have you registered your Kemper and can you participate in the Third Party Rigs Discussion forum? I have a few suggestions, but don't want to mention any commercial profilers, here, and get the thread moved to where you can't see it.

    I thought i had registered my Kemper? perhaps not, i will register it when i get home tonight!

    Thanks for trying though! :)

    Its more the clean tones that don't have that oomph i'm talking about? The High gain profiles i have work great and when at a substantial volume come alive! When im using the high gain profiles at bedroom volume they sound great but quite (obviously), but the clean tones are just lacking that presence and fullness that the one on the Line 6 do! this maybe purely down to me not using any aftermarket profiles.

    Thanks for the offer @Monkey_Man i may drop you a message and get your opinion on some clean profiles! :)

    I really don't understand this "wet/dry/wet setup through one cabinet" thing. I would test without to make sure, there are no phasing issues potentially caused by different latencies, when you mix those signals.

    Yeah its not exactly the conventional means to do a wet/dry/wet setup but the cabinet was designed with this in mind, it has 6 speakers in it enabling you to use it in this way.

    I would imagine they would have got rid of any phase issues when they designed it, if you watch the Andertons review they have Paul Hindmarsh from Line 6 giving them a run down of the specs of the amp and i'm sure he mentions potential phase issues, i'm not going to profess to understand everything that he is talking about but i do believe he addressed phase issues.

    I should also mention that i don't think the W/D/W setup is the thing causing the issue as i have had this running mono also and the same problem persists.

    What if you are making profiles of the patches you like in the firehawk? I think you can get really close (raw amp tone - without fx).

    And then: Is there still something missing? If not, you know, that you are just liking the Line 6 modelling better than the sound of tube amps caught by Kemper :thumbup:

    haha yeah i did think that! why don't I just profile the Line 6 profiles? but then it defeats the object of having a £1500 Kemper when i already have the amp i want to profile! lol

    My problem is that i know this is something that can be fixed, I have played real tube amps and they have the fullness that the Line 6 produces and i believe the Kemper can do the same as why would so many experienced players and producers use them?

    Thanks for your replies guys,

    @Ibot39 I have matched the volume levels to the best of my ability but its not volume that is missing its this big full sound that i'm getting with the Line 6 and not with the Kemper. I haven't tried using it with all the effect off no but on the Line 6 there isn't any effects to start off with and as you know there is a a couple on the Morgan profile when i get home i will try this and see but i have a feeling that wont give it that fullness i'm looking for!

    @V8guitar I don't have anything else to put the Kemper through, my pal has a DXR10 which i'm sure he wouldn't mind me borrowing to test this out. I feel like this is not a failing of either of the two unit's just a connection issue or some parameter that has to be changed on the Line 6 or vice versa.

    @Yzman82 I'm glad you have chimed in as another Firehawk user! I love the thing and as far as an all round amp goes i honestly done think there is anything out there that compares! you can do so much with it and being a 1500w Bluetooth definitely helps! I'd be interested on how you have yours set up s when i initially set mine up i had it in mono but it doesn't use all the speakers just the 12" cone and the tweeter?

    Hi All,

    I have had my Kemper for over a year now and don't me wrong i love it but i can help but feel its missing something?

    To clarify, I run my KPA into a Line 6 Firehawk 1500 in w/d/w to get what is heralded as the greatest tone achievable now i know this isn't true wet/dry/wet as i am doing it through one cabinet as apposed to the traditional way of doing it but i looked into it and it seems a pretty good setup, anyway i digress!

    So the only thing in my signal chain is a Horizon devices Precision drive, i use this to tighten up the bottom end on certain profiles and get a more 'modern' gain if im playing djent/death metal and this is in front of the amp. (Works wonderfully by the way)

    So the profile i use in the main is TopJimi's 1984 profile as i play in a band covering 80's glam/hair metal, with the PD this tone can be tightened to make for a great death metal tone so i generally use this profile, and as far as high gain tones go the Kemper is perfect but when it comes to the cleans i cant get it too sound right?

    When i plug into my Firehawk 1500's own amp modelling and select a Fender deluxe tone the speakers seem to come alive and fill the room like you would expect with a tube amp, it just has so much presence in the room and its not EQ its just this massive room filling sound, on the kemper i use the famed Morgan profile as its a beautifully clean tone that can be pushed or stick a green scream in front of it and it sounds gorgeous, however (and this is a big however) it does not have that same presence?

    I know this must be something i'm doing wrong as some of the guys on here have a vast musical background and experience with so many great tube amps and I in comparison have barely any, so it would seem i'm doing something wrong as apposed to the Kemper sounding crap!

    I obviously know the Line 6 has the sonic capability to produce the tones i desire as it does it with the sounds it has built in so there something amiss between the KPA and the Line 6.

    If someone could kindly point me in the right direction to get my Kemper to sound that way!

    Just curious if anyone has ever played either a pedal or any guitar product with a transpose feature that does so with less delay or more naturally than what the Kemper does. I haven't, and find the options to affect the response more accommodating than other devices I've used. I'm thinking I could do this feature in my old TC elec G-system and Line 6 pod, however, every device than can transpose that I've ever used, including the two I mentioned had similar delay issues. Any device that does any pitch shifting, even just blending a second voice to the original, always seems to have an inherent delay on the shifted voice, including my Eventide H9. I'm wondering if it's just the nature of the beast? Or, if a significant improvement would require way too much processing power beyond what any multi-effect unit would be able to dedicate? It would be cool, if such a transpose feature could track virtually instantaneous, I've just never experienced it myself. But given that a full 100% transpose is a feature that I've at most played around with a few times because of the same inherent limitations, I'm curious if there are products out there that actually do this noticeably better?

    I have never personally played with any other product with a transpose feature and i don't think id ever bother investing in one at this point either as the KPA does what i want in that regard (and obviously everything else!)

    Regarding your question about processing power from a device trying to transpose, I would think that it would be possible to get the latency down but its trying to make it at a price point that isn't going to break the bank and the device also needs to be in a usable form factor (i.e pedal).

    With systems like Variax, you have the benefit of the individual piezo saddle pickups which takes one of the processes away from the CPU (splitting the signal up) and the chip on the guitar itself is doing part of the work too!

    I really want a Variax guys! :(

    There is no problem with the tone on the clean sound. It is just that the delay is more apparent because you clearly hear the pick of each note.

    Right okay that makes sense, when i'm using transpose with a high gain tone i am usually running delay and a reverb pretty heavy as its mostly 80's hair metal which will mask a fair amount of that latency. I could tell you that there was latency there, but it doesn't make any difference on my timing or feel.

    Playing live, I use the transpose effect for 3 songs and it is really not bad in tone considering what you are achieving. Of course I would like faster tracking, as clean sounds are quite difficult to play when the transient is so clear.

    One question I have is does the smooth chords introduce any further latency?

    I think with a little tweaking of the EQ you could take some of the harshness out of that "robotic" sound out, ive not really used it with a clean tone so i couldn't really comment.

    I have played around with the smooth chords parameter and it didn't seem to make much of a difference on the latency? I'd imagine it does add some latency as your adding something else for the processor to do but if it did , it wasn't noticeable.

    I've had the same experience, I can go up maybe a half-step before it gets all Star Trek on me, past that it's a bit much. Would actually be a cool effect, it still sounds good, but it starts to sound very different 3 or 4 semitones into it.
    But tuning down is really impressive, at first I couldn't believe how accurately it captured that raunch and growl that you usually only get from putting on big string and tuning down. Pretty impressive.

    However, my main guitar is a baritone, so I could actually get more use out of it the other way around. Bb is low enough already. :D

    Yeah i recently put a slightly heavier set of strings on my main guitar and they seem to handle standard tuning and can go down to D standard or drop C without any issue so i don't need to go down using transpose as much.

    I do however run my KPA through a Line 6 FH1500 and the other guitarist bought his Variax to a rehearsal to use the acoustic on it, and that sounded great when you used the in built de-tuning. Obviously it has the advantage of having piezo saddles on the bridge so it makes it easier for the FH1500 to do its job but it works really well!

    In my experience (I use transpose a lot) going up always sounds a lot worse than going down, going up you get a very electronic sound to it rather than it being natural sounding.

    However going down a few semi-tones I don't feel like I have the same issue, the profile you are using will make a huge difference on how much of that computerized effect you will hear. I mostly use this on high gain profiles and don't have a problem with the way it sounds because i only drop down.

    With regards to the individual string tuning, i think it would be possible but the problem faced is you only have one signal going in to the unit so it would have to identify each string and the change them individually that way, this would take a substantial amount of processing power and would just lead to a delay in your playing like you hear with transpose.

    All in all, i find transpose to be useful as i only really drop down a tone! :D

    seems a little null and void given that picks in general cost pennies in comparison to the cost of an amp and the way you use a pic has a massive difference on the sound produced, the two of us could have the exact same set up and the way i play would sound completely different to the way you sound because i use a different technique.