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    [Blocked Image:]Here is my humble 'studio'. It's the master bedroom of the house.

    The Kemper made recording life 100x easier, as there are two small kids and I don't get home from work long before bedtime. Used to have an AC30 which was traded for a Fender Deville. They were great, but shook the house to get the right sound.

    About 18 months in, and use it every day, and love it every time.

    Edit: I have no idea why the image is blocked but i'm sure it's obvious, so I'll go search now

    OK, Thanks all, I'll have a bigger/better look when I get home tonight

    It's good to no there is nothing obvious i'm missing (actually it isn't...that would have solved the issue doh!)

    It sounds like the output from the guitar is so weak that it needs a mic preamp to make it usuable. Have you got anything else that is instrument level only to test it with?

    I’m not trying to be cheeky with this one but you are plugging into the input and not the headphone socket. You have no idea how many times I’ve done that and stood scratching my head :D

    Ha, no offended because I've done that many times.

    So with the Focusrite 18i20, the level is ok, slightly weak (can't remember off my head) but manageable with ease.

    With the pitchblack pro (and Boss TU2), it tunes fine plugged directly in. However, the pitchblack pro might be able to accept a very weak signal, and the TU2 has the buffer pre tuner.

    Maybe I need a DI, I was just wondering if was doing something stupid (ala headphone socket), but maybe it is just a weak output.

    Strange though, because it has never struggled before with any other device. Annoyingly, I sold my second acoustic recently, so I can't test with another active acoustic.

    If all else fails, I'll record the acoustic direct, and reamp to the Kemper

    I wonder if anyone can help share some tips on this:

    I have a Garrison Acoustic with powered Headway pickup (tried new batteries).

    Into my tuner (pitchblack pro) or interface (18i20), I get a great clear signal... however into the Kemper input, virtually nothing. So little, the noise get needs disabling.

    Am I missing something obvious? I've tried different profiles too, no luck getting volume.

    Thanks in advance

    Ahhhhh the pinched harmonic in the Beat It solo.... best example ever.

    I generally find, humbuckers in the bridge position are the best/easiest to get a clear sound as well as a mid > high gain drive.

    (However, I still fluff them a lot)

    ...never understood why you buy a £2000 amp and put a £100 pedal in front...BUT that's just me, plenty of people who would disagree.

    When I've had amps, I generally liked the sound of pedals in front of them. Boss BD2 and Analogman P.O.T were used a lot.

    I'm tempted to get some pedals back with the Kemper, just because the drives on the Kemper are (IMO) a weak point! I know it is flexible enough to get around it, but the sound of a BD2 into an AC30 is just great, and I can't get there with a Kemper.

    However I believe the drives will be improved at some point soon, so I'm holding off for now

    I think a lot of it comes down to how familiar you are with the sound of your headphones

    Much like Monitors, you need to learn them. You can get some great results

    However, speakers always win! (IMO)

    Hi all,

    After a rack Kemper, either powered or unpowered!

    Cash waiting. Will pay via PayPal etc...

    I know I'm new here, but I've got a near embarrassing number of posts on another forum I'll link to via pm.

    Thanks all, happy new year!