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    Have updated the Rig Manager but cannot update the Kemper as it does not see the new chaos.bin an I have no idea how to make the Kemper see it.

    Put kaos.bin in the root of the usb stick you formatted with the Kemper. After the firmware update the file is moved to the OS updates dir. I think the readme's say you can put it in the os_updates directory initially, but that's not correct afaik.

    a first beta version Rig Manager 3 is available for you. The new version contains a visual editor among other new features.

    Many thanks for all your work and for putting out a beta! Even a slightly unstable editor is heaps better than no editor at all. I tried it on MacOS Catalina and it is really stable so far.

    They're not going to release it on a friday. If something goes wrong with the software, no developer wants to fix stuff and prepare a release over night or in the weekend. But off course I'm happy to be proven wrong.

    Hi Monkey_Man,

    to be fair, my unit is still working reasonably stable. And overall I'm quite happy with the MOTU hardware. With iffy I meant:

    • last driver update was july 2017, since we've had 2 major OS releases and pinned messages on about OS compatibility, but no new driver.
    • since High Sierra, I get occasional driver crashes with a loud pop / hanging squeel. Suggested workarounds on have not been helpful so far.
    • Motu audio setup software has been crashing quite regularly.
    • CueMix less frequently crashes but also hangs or is not responding to a freshly booted 828
    • Thunderbolt connection crashes bootcamp (latest windows driver is from 2015)
    • When switching from bootcamp to macos and back audio levels are all messed up

    Above problems are an inconvenience mostly and I didn't loose any recordings, but I'm anxious about outdated drivers, messages from Apple's 64bit "programme", and reluctant to update my OS.

    Regarding Kemper, on of the problems of Motu Audio setup regularly crashing is that switching the clock source sometimes crashes my audio system completely. I usually set my 828x as a SPDIF clock slave of the Kemper for recording sessions (which works well). Then when I switch back and select Internal as a clock source again sometimes my system freezes. This is new since High Sierra upwards. I was hoping to circumvent this issue by setting the Kemper as slave, but alas, as I found out in this thread, this cannot be done.

    Yeah, same here. Got a MOTU 828x, and their driver updates for mac are somewhat iffy lately. I get regular MacOS warnings about 64bit support. But at MOTU they just say: "not to worry, we'll release a compatible driver in time for the next release of MacOS".

    My only workaround so far has been to:

    • disable the cab simulation on monitor out,
    • hook up my fx-loop effects to the monitor out,
    • hook up a cab simulator or external power amp + cab to the end of the fx-loop effects.

    it's not ideal and a lot of cable runs, but it works pretty well. I'm currently using Two Notes "wall of sound" amp sim when going digital, and a ritter camplifier power amp + a regular cabinet when going analog.

    Well, I'm stil experiencing this on a motu 828x spdif in. Could it be related to drifting / misaligned digital clocks? Both devices are configured to run on 44khz. I didn't sync to an external word clock or something similar. Both are synced to their internal clocks. Also: the motu does 32bit whereas the Kemper does 16bit, right? Switching to a constant latency doesn't help either.

    Thanks for the reply... I know how to setup an effects loop on the kemper. My problem is different however. It seems the Kemper FX slot routing is such:

    guitar > effects section > kemper preamp simulation > kemper power amp simulation > kemper cab simulation > fx loop section > audio out

    however, my usual signal chain is:

    guitar > effects > preamp > fx loop > power amp > cabinet > microphone

    Notice the different position of the fx loop in the chain? This results in quite a different sound. And I was wondering if you can run the kemper fx loop before the power amp simulation.

    How do I set up the Kemper to use my pedal board effects after the preamp and before the power amp / cab section? If I cable everything correctly (stereo effects loop) and add the stereo FX loop stomp insert in the X slot on the effects section the effects are not being processed through the power amp and cab sim section of the profiler. Now, this is not a problem when I use the kemper itself. But when I use the preamp of my Mesa Boogie TA30 and want to use the stereo FX loop of the Kemper I get the preamp only sound with my pedal board's stereo delays and such. Which sounds terrible. Need advice on how to set this up correctly.