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    This made me chuckle mate.

    I browse the forum occasionally as there are some great peops around and they've helped me loads. I've given up posting for the large part.

    There's a couple of things I'd like to see the KPA but if I never see them then it doesn't matter (to me). It's still awesome...

    An ever increasing amount of valueless posts that degenerate into rubbish was just starting to make my blood boil. Prob a little unfair but every post I see that's entitled 'what's the best FRFR?' was making me want to loose my usual polite and good humoured nature.. Life's too short..

    Anyway I'm off to play some guitar..



    Just received my new Ceriatone 50w HRM Bluesmaster head...

    Man this thing is so beautifully constructed and the quality of the components looks very top drawer..

    Can't wait to fire it up once the 6L6's arrive!


    And nothing can be 'ruled in' either.

    I'm hoping Ford are going to produce a banana powered car soon but I'll just have to wait and see. I've still got a car however as I need one (and if I didn't I could wait and see if the banana powered one is announced and buy one then).




    The KPA is a piece of complex kit that is presented through a masterful physical interface design.

    I suggest a good few hours with the manuals! If your not prepared to do this then perhaps you should return it and get a conventional amp with a standard tone stack and volume - I suggest this as you will be able to intuitively work out what you need to do. You won't be able to do this with the KPA.

    Once you've got up to speed there are many helpful people here who will assist you in getting the best out of your device.


    I cant fathom out why you would want to do this at all tbh!

    The KPA cabs are great and you can swap and change the whole cab/mic(s) chain effortlessly to get to where you need to be. No micing and messing around and you have access to many cab/(mics) combinations that have often been setup by people who really know how to mic a cab..

    Just my 10 cents.


    As stated its the LEDs and physical stuff that ate the only things I would concern myself with. The rest is stuff that doesn't 'wear' if you know what I mean :)

    I swapped my Rack for a Toaster version and had no issues. I'd buy a used one in future subject to the stuff above


    I don't want to form the defence council for HW but feel someone needs to;

    HW stated that the profiling process appears to produce more accurate amp sounds (in comparison to the real amp) when reducing rather than adding gain and demonstrated this process in the clip.
    HW did not state at any point that anything sounded 'bad' - just that the difference between a dirty amp cleaned up is far less than a clean amp dirtied up with the gain control
    HW also stated that turning the gain up a couple of clicks is OK but that the further you increase gain the greater the difference between the KPA profile sound and the real amp at a similar gain level
    HW also stated that profilers tend to produce lots of profiles at different gains so that we can choose the most appropriate gain levels without having to resort to adjusting gain necessarily.

    Nobody is suggesting that the gain control is not tonally transparent - just that when using a Kemper increases of gain will produce a greater disparity between the real amp and the sound emanating from the KPA. This is probably to be expected as this is a profiler and not a modeller.

    In the spirit of democracy I suggest a vote to anyone who fancies it. You can only pick one;

    1. The KPA produces a more accurate representation of the real amp when gain is reduced
    2. The KPA produces a more accurate representation of the real amp when gain is increased

    By the way I have spent thousands of pounds on my KPA, Remote & carrying cases. I use it exclusively for gigs and my thousands of pounds (weight and value!) of valve amps are there as keepsakes and reminders of what the world before my KPA was like. It's utterly brilliant and I tell everyone that and have demo'd it to loads of people, all who think it's amazing and some who will purchase.

    I just take issue with the fact that a demonstration of what some may perceive as a weakness (I don't consider it one) is responded to in this dismissive way

    By the way my vote is for 1.



    And just to point out something else which is sort of obvious but worth making..

    HW is simply demonstrating that the KPA profiling process allows is it to provide a much better representation of how the 'real' amp sounds when the gain is reduced than the other way around. This has no direct correlation with whether it sounds 'good' or not! That's in the eye (ear!) of the beholder..

    I sense too much Kemper defending in these forums sometimes..


    I think HW is bang on the money here and agree wholeheartedly. Doesn't mean to say you can't however push the gain upwards - if you carve out a great sound doing that then it's still great sound.. I don't tend to however myself.

    Thanks for posting this.