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    Running Win 8.1 ...gets just past the loading screen and then pukes all over my RAM.... hmmmmmpphhhfff.

    Actually had it working for a second. I went into installed apps under windows.....There was three different options for RM and I played around with uninstalling them. I did get it to load up but I didn't notice the exciting features..........So I uninstalled an older version of RM that was there & now I'm back to SOL. I'm super excited for everyone else that is enjoying it, not feeling stabby at all. :D

    Not silly, I didn't mention it..........I did, I tried all of them, alternative input, SPDIF reamp.........I also should mention I messed with the output settings one by one, git/stacked, all the stuff. I just used every combination like it was a mysterious slot machine that I was about to win big on, but nada........I've read countless pages on the internet about this to. Thank You for replying !

    So I use mixcraft Pro 7 for recording. I have a Kemper hooked up through my XLR main out's into my babyface pro XLR in's and it sounds great for direct recording. But no matter the setting I can not get a signal back to my kemper for reamping. In Mixcraft I set it to monitor & it does nothing. I've changed the routing within mixcraft to another dice. I also have SPDIF (in's & out's) hooked up through a Behringer src2496 for conversion.........For Digital SPDIF out/in. I know i have it all hooked up right because I can play through the Kemper when I plug into the input in front. So it's working...............I've tried every sort of routing in totalmix fx & that doesn't seem to do anything. I've changed the settings in Fireface USB settings & I can see the SPDIF is synced & or locked. So perhaps my daw? Any thoughts? I can manage to get some wicked feedback in my daw. Just creates a loop whether I route it through left channel or right channel, doesn't matter. All my hardware inputs are muted in total fx. Sorry if this is hard to follow, just trying to list everything I've tried.......I really do like Mixcraft, but I am more then willing to change if I need to, would really like to be able to reamp. I messed around with Reaper a little bit (trial version) trying to figure it out in there. But my mind started to explode once I added that to all of the mix. So any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    Also I should note I don't have a SPDIF option in Mixcraft at all. or in totalmix fx. From what I understand it uses ADAT 1/2 for SPDIF which is an option in Mixcraft but is not in totalmix FX. I have ADAT 3/4 5/6 7/8 as options, but left or right or both doesn't do a thing. ADAT 1/2 doesn't help anything either.