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    Besten Dank für die ausführliche Info! :thumbup::thumbup:

    Hello Kemperlinos!

    Es gab mal einen Thread in diesem Forum da hatte ich (meine ich von DonPetersen) die Antwort auf meine Frage mal gelesen - leider finde ich diesen einfach nicht mehr ||.. darum meine Frage:

    Wenn ich einen gebrauchten Kemper kaufe auf den noch Restgarantie besteht (obwohl der Käufername auf der Rechnung ein anderer ist) geht dann die Garantie bzw. Gewährleistung trotzdem auf mich automatisch über?

    Vielen Dank vorab schonmal für eure Antworten :*

    You can either load (basic) Effect-Types and tweak it by yourself as you like it or you can load "Effect Presets" which are basically "pre-designed" Effects with already tweaked Parameters (which you also can tweak to your Likings). Depending on what you want/ like you can load the one or the other ;)

    Thanks for reply:)

    But,by dust cover ,I mean fine transparent plastic foil molded in a shape of Kemper Stage,to protect from dust and liquid when you play outdoors....

    I know company,which made covers for helix,Ax8 and headrush,but not kpa Stage...,at list at the moment...

    Maybe because it’s new...

    We wait:)

    Hi and Welcome to the Forum!

    Could you tell me which Company this is? (Maybe have a Link?).. i'm only interested.

    And yes, i would also like to see a dust/water cover for the Stage, for example made of Silicone like the Smartphone-Cases with little Holes for the Knobs and Buttons :).

    Maybe in the near Future there will be one. But the Stage is pretty new so i think it will take Time..