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    I am genuinely surprised that, even at this point, people still seem to find something they deem worth posting into this thread.

    Oh ... yes. I did too.

    But only because I want to tell my grandchildren one day that I was part of this.

    Hi there. I am currently trying to figure out a few things regarding MIDI and my (now two) Kempers. This is probabily going to be a very technical and specific question, so bear with me ... anway ...

    I have downloaded all the manuals and also read the MIDI parameter documentation. So far so good. But it remains unclear to me is if this parameter documentation is exhaustive or not. I can not see any parameters in the list that deal with Author, Name of Rig a.s.o. First I thought: well, those might simply be parameters that are not available through MIDI SysEx. But when you look at the example message for "Request String Parameter" you can see that it requests the Rig Name using Controller 0x00 and 0x01. Those controllers don't seem to be documented anywhere ... are there any others?

    PS: Looking at you, virango . Do you have any ideas or did you ever try to access those parameters? I have already sifted through your code on Github :P