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    This is a great idea although I'd be happy with just the ability to transpose the tuner up or down in half step increments so i don't have to do it in my head. The presets thing might end up a bit unwieldy. I've got a bunch of different guitars with different numbers of strings all tuned differently but when it comes down to it they are either one, two or three semi-tones down.

    Have you considered fixing the volume on the main outputs? On page 2 of the Output menu you deselect the Main Out Link and then set the Main Volume to be correct for the FOH and then the master volume on the Kemper will only affect the monitor and headphones without mucking up the PA levels.

    Yeah, there's a couple of auto-assign requests from a while back.

    Make auto- assign customizable
    Remote: possibility to assign the effect buttons globaly to the stomps

    I've found them and this one as I was about to open a new FR about it! ;-)

    My take on this feature request would be that the functionality for "press Store to autoassign" is run automatically when a profile is first imported or previewed via Rig Manager. I can't think any reason why you wouldn't want to use that as a starting point, even if you plan to change it to suit your taste. Plus, if the custom autoassign template idea was implemented also it would be a real killer feature! :-D

    I'd find it really handy if there was a screen that would display meters for input and output levels, including peak indicators and also numeric values for current and peak levels too. In fact I'd be happy even if it was just the numeric values if meters are too much of a PITA to implement on the display! ;-)

    It would help diagnose faults elsewhere in the signal chain as well as making it easier to ensure that reamp levels are correct in a consistent manner. Plus it would be obvious to see if you need to adjust sensitivities when switching between different guitars.

    For bonus points, it'd be even better if there was also a meter showing the current amount of gating for the gate stomps, much like the TC Electronic G-Major has for its noise gate. :-) In case you've not seen one it's basically a meter that's empty but gets bigger the more gating happens. So as a note trails off it would gradually increase but if you did a couple of palm mutes you'd see it jump up twice quickly. It's useful for seeing if your gate thresholds are set correctly which is also handy if you switch between guitars with different pickup outputs.

    If the Rigs of each Rig pack start with a unique abbreviation like ours do (TAF -, MB - ...) and the Rigs of your five amps carry their five names (Mars, Fan,...) you could sort all your Rigs by name and use the Up and Down Buttons of the Rig Navigation Cross to move from starting character to starting character as if these would be folders. It's practically the same. In addition you can narrow into your profiled Rigs by selecting My Rigs.

    I think this is a valiant attempt to make the best of the provided mechanism ;-) but unfortunately name-based sorting just doesn't cut it with even a few dozen profiles. I don't want to have to rename all rigs I intend to play. Especially as i'd have to note the original profile name somewhere so I know what it was originally.

    I definitely see the ability to add custom tags to classify rigs and the addition of a simple tag browser on the KPA as the goal to aim for. For me it'd be awesome if I'm holding one guitar to hit the View button and scroll down past All Rigs to '8 string' and then quickly navigate the profiles i think work best with that guitar. Or perhaps I fancy playing a Dual Rec for a bit but not sure which one suits my current groove. Or I could be in a certain writing mood and select 'crunchy' or 'weird FX' or any number of things to quickly present myself with a small selection of profiles to help get the idea out without spending ages scrolling through a list of mostly irrelevant (for that moment) profiles.

    Have a look at VST synths to see what I mean. They're way ahead on this kind of thing. If you've got something like NI Massive with hundreds of patches it's just not feasible to scroll through them in turn. For instance Massive has various levels of refinement so you just click on a bunch of tags to get a small list of patches to preview. It's such a handy mechanism and it means you spend less time doing tedious processes and more time being creative. :-)

    Yeah, I find I go for less gainy profiles for my hi gain stuff as I hit heavy gauge strings pretty hard to get the punch. Also, check for baked-in OD pedals as sometimes they can just ruin a decent profile (presumably for the reasons InGolf described above) unless they've got the right kind of settings. I had to sift through lots of stuff I didn't like to get the profiles I play.

    Hi guys. I recently got SPDIF reamping working with Cubase Pro 8.5 and my Steinberg MR816 CSX interface. It's awesome but there were a few non-intuitive things i encountered on the way that really weren't very obvious to solve. If you happen to have this studio set up and are looking for assistance I've written up a quick guide on the Steinberg MR816 forum here:

    Maybe it'll be handy for someone! :-)

    This is a great idea. :-)

    I've thought about this too although rather than a folder structure i'd suggest that the functionality should be to add tags to profiles with the intention of adding multiple tags to a profile.

    So for example I might tag a profile as 'Dual Rec', 'Crunch', 'Soundgarden', 'Black Hole Sun', 'Les Paul', 'Grunge', etc. Then you could easily filter all profiles for a certain amp or type or just browse between profiles you've made for a certain artist or genre. I'd particularly like to be able to tag profiles for a specific guitar as I have a bunch of very different sounding guitars with different requirements and sometimes I just want to quickly go between profiles that I know work well for the one I'm holding. At the moment I can only think of setting up performances to organise profiles but then you'd end up with multiple copies of profiles which I don't want to manage.

    The main advantage of tagging over a folder structure is that it gives the flexibility to add profiles to multiple locations. A folder structure is better than nothing but still limiting.

    Are you sure that you stored the rigs after editing them in browse mode before you loaded them into the performance?

    Yep! I've been using the same Browse mode rig for a while. I'm still quite new to this so i'd just been sticking to Browse mode for a few months before playing with Performance mode. When i added the rig i'd been using i was quite surprised when it was different.

    UPDATE: I did a few tests and can't seem to repeat my issue any more. How weird! I have updated OS a couple of times since i created the performance. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch or some oddity relating to having Rig Manager loaded at the time.

    Ah well, thanks everyone for the info! :-)

    Thanks for all the responses. :-)

    the rigs in perform mode are copies of the ones in browse mode.
    after you set up your performances you can delete all rigs in browse mode and still use your performances.

    That's what i thought but my experience is that they aren't a copy of the browse mode rig, they are a copy of the original rig as it was imported into the profiler and any edits in browse mode only exist in browse mode. This appears to be what Sharry is saying too...

    Edited Rigs which are copied to a performance have the origin setting at first.

    So if i like a rig and want it in multiple performances but don't want any of the FX on it, do i have to remove the FX in each performance rather than editing it once in browse mode and copying the edited version to each performance?

    This seems like a mistake as it means browse mode edits can't be used in a performance slot. At the moment I'm just playing with stomps but i can see it getting more tedious if i've tweaked loads of parameters as well.

    Is there a simple way of copying an edited profile between performances without manual editing? I've not really explored the copy and paste stuff yet. Does that work at a rig level? For some reason i'd thought it was only for smaller parts like amp, or a stomp, etc.

    Hi guys. I've recently started exploring the Performance mode and I noticed an odd thing that I couldn't find anything about in the manual.

    I've got a rig I've been using in Browser mode which I'd made some changes to (i think i'd changed some stomps). When i used it in a Performance it would appear that the original Rig was used rather than the edited version and I then had to make the same changes to the Performance version. Am I doing something wrong or is that right and my workflow is atypical? Do most people keep the rigs untouched in Browse mode and only tweak things once in a Performance?

    I profiled my rack amp which is an Engl E530 pre-amp and a Marshall EL34 100/100 power amp. I got a bit stumped on how to tag it. Unless there's something i'm not aware of I have to enter both values into the manufacturer and model fields.

    I think it could be handy to have the option for either multiple values for Manufacturer and Model or maybe even multiple values for the Amp. I'd imagine this could also be useful for the Cab and Mic sections as plenty of people use multiple mics and could well be profiling with multiple cab setups.

    Whilst we're at it, given the large numbers of rigs that have an overdrive or equivalent pedal boiled into the profile maybe it's worth adding a section for that to. At the moment people seem to be adding it into the comments but there doesn't appear to be a standard. This would be really handy for filtering search results for profiles with no pedals.

    Hi guys. Had my first go at profiling today. I've got a really silly beginner question!

    How do you save the profile you've just made? I did all the refining and tweaks but couldn't see how to save it. I hit the Store button but that seemed to save the original rig I had selected with all the same tags. Am I missing something obvious?

    UPDATE: No worries. Tried it again with a fresh head and got it working. I had previously somehow managed to overwrite the original Kemper rig with my profiled rig rather than save it as a new one. :-)

    I've got various guitars in various different tunings. My old Korg DTR-2000 tuner had a handy function where i could press a button and it would transpose down a step the more I press it so no matter which guitar i held i could easily tune in as (F#)(B)EADGBE and the drop-D equivalents are burnt into my brain after all these years. All i needed to remember was how many steps down-tuned the guitar was and i was away.

    The feature i'd like is a transposition mode on the tuner so I can turn a dial down to -3 and i can quickly tune into BEADGBE instead of having to figure out that i need G#C#F#BEG#C# which is a bit harder to remember. ;-)

    As a bonus related feature request it would be nice to select whether the tuner uses flats or sharps. I tend to think in flats by default so I always have to do another mental calculation to translate sharps into flats.

    At the moment i've got another signal route going through my non-kemper rig and i'm actually switching that on just to see the notes on my old tuner. ;-)