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    From the Focusrite manual:


    Note the Scarlett 2i4 has no “Mic/line” switch – the Focusrite preamplifier stage is automaticallyconfigured for a microphone when you plug an XLR into the input, and for a line or instrument whenyou connect a jack plug. Set the LINE/INST switch next to the socket to INST if you are connectingmusical instrument (a guitar in the example) via an ordinary 2-pole guitar jack, or to LINE if you areconnecting a line level source such as the balanced output of an external audio mixer via a 3-pole(TRS) jack. Note the Combo connector accepts both types of jack plug.

    Aside: I'll never understand the 'jack plug' term. Is it a jack or a plug?? Jack=female plug=male in my book.

    Well this happened again over the weekend. Our internet was out for several hours. RM did the same thing as in my first post. The progress bar stuck at the very left and won't load anything. I'm not on Wi-fi, I'm connected via ethernet to the modem. So I quit RM, disconnected the ethernet cable and RM came right up. So there's a workaround but still seems buggy IMO.

    Great Phil! Glad to hear this man :) , its not a good feeling when this happens,
    if the latest RM shits itself again my friend, try starting up the kemper with out RM connected.
    Then re connect. ill swear by that. ;)


    That's my normal procedure. Ive had a few connection issues, but restarting takes care of it.

    Phil sorry to start with the obvious but is it the latest operating system and RM?


    Thanks for the replies, everyone.
    @ashtweth that turned out to be the right question to ask.
    I updated to
    That seemed to solve it.
    FYI I was not on wi-fi when this happened.
    I have an ethernet connection to my router so I disconnected it to test this morning and it's working fine.
    Thanks again - great group!

    I'm pretty new here, I did a search but maybe missed something. Yesterday our internet was out all day long. I was ready to cut guitar tracks so I fired up the kemper and RM but RM would not even attempt to load. It showed a progress bar with no progress and then stuck there. I waited a while for it to give up trying to connect to the internet but nothing happened. I tried several more times with the same result. Is there some setting for this that I'm missing. Is this normal? If so, it seems like a really silly self-imposed limitation of the software. I've got 720 sounds in the Kemper and I rely heavily on RM to sort through them and find sounds efficiently- e.g. I use sorting by gain a lot which you can't do with the hardware that I know of. OTOH I rarely use Rig Exchange.

    This doesn't answer your questions but it's related- Bert Meulendijk has some excellent acoustic profiles. I bought his other two packages and got the acoustic ones free and I'm glad I did. His profiles are as good as MBritt in my opinion (excellent). I also use some of the acoustic profiles for clean electric tones. Was just recording with a couple of those yesterday.

    Not what I expected either @cbee, but the SPDIF is already digital and the analog has to go through A/D conversion so that may explain it. IOW it may not be a Kemper issue at all., just converter latency. I guess we'd always be comparing apples and oranges with the digital/analog issue.

    Yeah, that would be interesting @philbrown to see if your two recorded takes differ as well in timing.
    when you say wet you mean wet only 100% fx or dry with added fx?
    if its wet only then yes, that wont result in phase issues or timing problems.

    Yeah I meant dry + wet - the stereo mix with FX.

    I had a look and I'm seeing the stereo mix signal approximately 19 samples AHEAD of the DI.

    EDIT: This could be the result of the way my Apollo interface processes SPDIF and analog signals.

    I record both the main out (wet) via SPDIF and also a mono DI track via the direct out. I mainly use the DI for 'insurance' or to reamp but a couple of times I used them both in a mix using a Scuffham plug on the DI. I didn't notice any phase issues at all but I was using the two tracks more like an artificial double track panned about 10:30-2:30 so any timing discrepancy might have played into the overall effect I was going for.

    I'll take a magnified look at some tracks but my main out is always wet so I'm not sure what that would tell me.

    I'm on a Mac Pro and have had this happen several times. RM sees everything exept what's actually in the KPA. On checking the Mac system (Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > USB) the Mac is seeing the KPA just fine but RM isn't. Restarting RM and/or rebooting the KPA didn't help. I had to reboot the Mac too. I never saw this before the last software update, it's only cropped up recently, and only intermittently, but I'm not saying the software update is necessarily the cause though.

    I just bought the Rock and Blues pack 11 from The Amp Factory, I highly recommend it. Great from blues to rock and lots of wonderful cleans and work great with my pedals.

    Thanks for the tip. I am very tempted by that one!
    Off to listen to samples again just to torture myself...