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    I released my 54th guitar EP this weekend, "Paradox". All guitars went through the Kemper.

    It's all instrumental, and I'm no Steve Vai or Satch, but I still have fun!

    Would love for y'all to have a listen and any feedback would be good too.

    Here's the Bandcamp link...


    (If you want to download it for free, just put $0.00 in the amount section!)

    Thanks mapleleaf14, that means allot. I really just record the stuff that comes into my head so i'm so happy to hear that people actually like it.

    Reverbnation is pretty cool but if your stuff is on bandcamp then i wouldn't really bother unless you were wanting people to listen to your stuff for free. I might look into Distrokid or something like that i like the idea of having my music on Spotify just to day that i have stuff up on there haha.

    53 Ep's is pretty dam cool also


    Yeah, my stuff is all free anyway - I have the option to "pay whatever you want" but if anybody actually does pay anything, I donate 100% of it to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    I started home recording partially to keep being creative, but also as a "release" after a particularly bad year where my Mom passed away, my dog died, I had a bad bleeding ulcer, and then my house flooded from a broken water main break up the street (my driveway was the only one on the street that angled DOWN towards the house!) - and on my birthday no less!

    I came up with the idea to do a 4 or 5 song EP every month, and so far I've been able to keep that pace up...I'm assuming it will probably slow up sooner or later though!

    So I'm not in it to make any money, but when I started doing it my girlfriend and I thought it would be a cool idea to donate it.


    Joe, I like this one too...I'm really digging your stuff.

    It's probably going to work it's way into my own playing, inspiration-wise!

    How are you liking Reverbnation? I've been using Bandcamp for all of my releases (just released my 53rd EP this month!) but maybe I should upload my stuff to Reverbnation as well... hmmm.

    Thanks everybody!

    My goal since I started has been a new EP every month, and so far I’ve been able to do that.

    It may slow down at some point (probably inevitable!) but I have 6 “in the can” so I might be able to keep it going for a little while longer!

    I’m not a “shredder” by any stretch, I approach them like a typical song (intro/verse/chorus, etc.) - but it’s been a lot of fun doing them...and gives me an excuse to keep looking for different Kemper profiles and owning a lot of guitars! LOL

    Thanks again guys.

    So as luck/fate would have it, I'm releasing my 50th guitar EP today on my 50th Birthday! I didn't plan it out ahead of was just the way it worked out over time and when the release was getting near, I realized that it would work out on my b-day.

    (I did push it a couple days...I normally release on the first friday of each month!)

    Anyway, I would love for this one to be my most downloaded EP yet, so I would really appreciate anyone that has the desire to go download it! It's free - all you need is an email address.

    As usual with all of my guitar EP's, there is an option to pay...100% of anything paid goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but please don't feel obligated to pay anything...I just would really love to see this one be my biggest one yet!

    It's called "Messy Haired Kid" (which is what I was back in the day I evidenced on the cover!) and is available at my bandcamp page here...


    Just click BUY THIS ALBUM and enter 0.00 for the amount.

    Thanks everybody...appreciate it!

    So, long story short...a couple years back my Chocolate Lab died, then my Mom passed, then I got a month-long bout of Bell's Palsy (luckily it cleared up!), and then my house flooded due to a water main break about 8 houses up the street...ON MY BIRTHDAY no less. This all happened in about a 6-month span!

    My driveway was the only driveway that sloped down so the water traveled down the street and then turned into my driveway and into the first floor of my house!

    Anyway, after not playing guitar for several years, I needed something to focus my mind on after all of this turmoil, so I started playing again and then got into recording, so I started recording myself. I decided I wanted to "release" something so I started a Bandcamp page. I didn't want to charge anybody, but since there is a "pay whatever you want if you want" feature, my girlfriend said "Why don't you do that and donate anything you get to a good charity?"

    So I decided to set it for FREE, but give the option for people to pay if they want and I'd donate 100% of the money to a charity. I started with the Little Kids Rock organization for a bit, and now I am doing the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    If anyone is interested, all of my EP's are available at MY BANDCAMP PAGE (49 so 50th is coming in Sept. for my 50th birthday...excellent timing on my part that was total coincidence!)

    There are a few tracks with vocals spread out here and there, but the VAST majority of it is guitar influenced instrumental tracks...most on the rock/hard rock side of things...I'm an '80s kid that grew up on that era's music!

    I write it all, and all instruments & programming are me as well. All the guitar & bass sounds are Kemper! HW (Jonathan) gave me the "TJ Everything Pack" so a TON of those profiles are used, as well as some of the profiles from Big Hairy Guitars, and a couple of my own.

    I'd love any feedback...and if there's anything you like, would love for you to download it! Don't feel obligated to pay anything, but just know that if you do, it's 100% donated to Make-A-Wish.



    Also thinking of getting two Kones to put in my EVH III 212 cab...I use a non-powered head in the studio, but I have a powered head and that 212 in my "man cave" room for just playing/practicing at home, as well as a powered rack version and another 212 cab that I leave where our band practices which is also the rig I use when we gig (if we ever get back to being allowed to gig!!). I know it's a little crazy to have 3 Kempers for this, but it's just the way I decided to go!

    Anyway, I plan on trying out the Kones in the "man cave" cabinet first before messing with the "gig rig" set up...if all goes great with the first cab, I'll do the other when money allowed.

    So I would just replace both the stock Celestions and keep the wiring the exact same as it is now (which would give me 8 ohms?) right?!? (The stock EVH cab is 16 ohms)

    Seems too simple but I guess it is.

    I'm thinking it's a no-brainer given how many people seem to love the Kones, but I do have my powered Kemper profiles tweaked to sound great with the stock EVH cab...I'd imagine I'll need to tweak to taste once I replaced the speakers but to be honest I haven't dove into the manuals or anything concerning the Kone/Imprints thing yet.

    Yes, and I find that when I open a second RM window, RM stops reflecting any when I select a different profile, the knobs and settings shown in RM still reflect whatever profile I was on when I opened the second window. I have to close the second window and unplug the USB and replug it in to get it to go back to normal.

    So like if I have effects in one profile that I like and want to apply to a different profile, I would open a second window so I could "build" a new profile, but when I opened the new profile, it would still have the knob settings of the first profile, as well as the Store button not being available.

    I'm on a Mac by the way.

    Hopefully that makes sense.