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    Also thinking of getting two Kones to put in my EVH III 212 cab...I use a non-powered head in the studio, but I have a powered head and that 212 in my "man cave" room for just playing/practicing at home, as well as a powered rack version and another 212 cab that I leave where our band practices which is also the rig I use when we gig (if we ever get back to being allowed to gig!!). I know it's a little crazy to have 3 Kempers for this, but it's just the way I decided to go!

    Anyway, I plan on trying out the Kones in the "man cave" cabinet first before messing with the "gig rig" set up...if all goes great with the first cab, I'll do the other when money allowed.

    So I would just replace both the stock Celestions and keep the wiring the exact same as it is now (which would give me 8 ohms?) right?!? (The stock EVH cab is 16 ohms)

    Seems too simple but I guess it is.

    I'm thinking it's a no-brainer given how many people seem to love the Kones, but I do have my powered Kemper profiles tweaked to sound great with the stock EVH cab...I'd imagine I'll need to tweak to taste once I replaced the speakers but to be honest I haven't dove into the manuals or anything concerning the Kone/Imprints thing yet.

    Yes, and I find that when I open a second RM window, RM stops reflecting any when I select a different profile, the knobs and settings shown in RM still reflect whatever profile I was on when I opened the second window. I have to close the second window and unplug the USB and replug it in to get it to go back to normal.

    So like if I have effects in one profile that I like and want to apply to a different profile, I would open a second window so I could "build" a new profile, but when I opened the new profile, it would still have the knob settings of the first profile, as well as the Store button not being available.

    I'm on a Mac by the way.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

    I kept getting a website not available error this morning so I got excited thinking that maybe the Kemper crew was updating something due to the release of the editor...unfortunately now that it's working again I see no reason for the error!

    Yeah I'm still having issues with os7. Main issue is i keep my kemper on favorites so I don't have to scroll through forever to grab what I want and it's reverting to all profiles every startup. When I switch to favorites it takes 4-5 times of having to switch back and forth between all rigs and favorites for it to show my favorites list.

    Exactly the same for me.

    Running latest OS for Windows. Updated last time, a few days ago. Was hoping it would fix the issue I had come up from the update prior. My favorites folder view isn't working. Either the Kemper thinks every rig is a favorite or none of them are. Seem to think it either made every preset a favorite, as if none were, going to that setting would show nothing. Anyone have a fix? If not, how do I go backwards with OS updates?

    I just updated on Saturday and this is happening to me too...I cycled through to "My Rigs" (which I don't have anything in) and then when I went back to favorites it was working normal again. Also, several new rigs that I "favorited" weren't showing up but doing that helped that too. (I'm on Mac though FWIW)

    On Sunday, everything seemed to be ok so maybe a power cycle helped?

    Ok gang...since the studio Mac was working, I just copied the "package contents" from that RM onto a USB drive and replaced the Mac Air's RM package contents with that, and now when I open RM on the Air, it says it is Version 2.1.7...SO, in a weird, roundabout way I was able to get the 2.1.7 Beta RM on that computer and it appears to be working...whew...what a pain in the butt, but at least everything seems good now.

    Now I'm just too burnt to play around with the reverbs any more tonight...gonna dive back in tomorrow and just watch my Maple Leafs for the rest of the evening!

    Thanks for the advice guys...if anyone else is having Mac issues - try doing what I did if you have access to a second Mac (provided the second Mac was able to update to the beta RM!)

    uninstall didn't help...still says I'm up to date with 2.1.61

    does anyone have the Mac version of 2.1.7 that they could send me or post a link to by any chance?!?

    So, I tried RM on my Mac in my studio and it prompted me to update to 2.1.7 as soon as I booted up the program! For whatever reason, I can't get it to do it on my Mac Air that I use in my living room with that Kemper. (I have a powered Kemper that I use for my home playing, and a non-powered Kemper in my studio, and a powered Rack Kemper I gig with.)

    No idea why the Mac computer in the studio would prompt me for the update, but the Air won't...they are both using the same Mac OS, and they are both on the same wifi network.

    Anyone know if there is a way to put the studio mac's version of RM on to a USB drive so I can install it on my Mac Air?!?

    This is odd! LOL

    Thanks for the advice gang...I have actually done all of that.

    I'm going to uninstall RM again and try it again.

    I tried RM first but after about an hour, it kept saying it was up to date so I went ahead and did the OS update via USB and then tried RM again.

    Oddly, my Reverb button works, unlike what HW was showing in the Tone Junkie video.

    Anyway, my reverbs are working fine - I just can't use Rig Manager right now.

    I'm using a Mac by the way.

    I couldn't believe that these aren't readily available... but... less than 2 minutes on google...

    Yeah - never said I couldn't find any...I found all those and more...just trying to figure out if that's they way I wanted to go, and I think it probably is! (Some of them are way too expensive for what they are though IMO). There are a ton of them that looked like they came close to doing what I wanted but fewer that will do 2 (or more) left/right IN and one left/right OUT. The Markertek one was the one I was leaning towards initially but I may go with the one I posted above just because I think the cables in the back and the switches on the front would be the best for my setup, and it's less expensive.

    Trying to decide in my head if I want to go that route, or just get a better interface that also has more inputs.

    The Ernie Ball pots aren't ideal, as you get most of the movement in the last 25% as you head towards the toe position - in other words, they are not linear.
    But they do feel so good :P

    Must also say that they are not good quick heel to toe movements either... and of course, you haven't got the switch under the toe position either.

    The EB Jr. pedal works fantastic as an expression pedal on the Helix...I use it a lot for wah and you get response for the entire travel of the pedal. I don't have a need for the toe switch so that doesn't matter. I'll have to try it on the's probably not ideal for the KPA, so I may end up with another Mission.

    Thanks guys!

    I'm actually thinking what I really want is just a quick, easy way to switch between the two...I have zero interest in controlling the KPA with the Helix, or using the Helix's effects with the KPA. So like when I want to use the KPA, I "flip a switch" and it's signal is going to my interface, then when I want to use the Helix I "flip the switch" and it's signal is going to my interface...that's basically all I'm wanting to do, so I think something like the XLR switcher I posted a picture of above is the direction I need to go in. Other than plugging the guitar into whichever one I want to use, I want the rest of the cabling already done so to speak. Until I upgrade my interface (which other than more inputs I don't really see a need to do right now), some sort of XLR switcher is probably the way to go.

    There are things that the Helix just does better than the KPA so I want to keep both of them. While I don't find the KPA hard to work with, the Helix is ridiculously easy to program/setup - and a big part of that is being able to use the editor - which we'll eventually get with the KPA (we better...blows my mind that this hasn't happened yet). I personally also prefer the Helix for bass, the way it does harmony parts / pitch effects is a lot better / easier, there's phantom power for mics, the reverbs are better, the floor controller is better, etc. Of course, this is all my opinion - there are surely people that would disagree. I initially thought that I'd either be swept away by the KPA, or find that I like the Helix way more...but I'm kinda sitting right at 50/50 the KPA is paid for...the Helix is paid for...I'm planning on just keeping them both!

    My KPA came with one of the green Mission expressions pedals so I'm using that currently, but have been using an Ernie Ball Volume Jr. pedal as an expression pedal with the Helix and much prefer the feel of it over the Mission pedal, but I know the Mission was built specifically for the KPA so that's nice. In my laziness, I just haven't yet tried the Jr. pedal with the KPA, but thought I saw somewhere that due to it's pot inside, it wasn't ideal (or might not work at all) with the KPA? I'm thinking of adding a second expression pedal to the KPA/Remote setup and was just going to get another Mission (maybe the black one this time to differentiate the two!) but I'll have to try the Jr. with it...if it works I may get another one of those. (they're way cheaper too!)

    Sorry if this is a dumb question or if it's easy but I'm missing it...I'm fairly new to the whole genre of digital amps, etc. as until I got the Helix I was a tube amp user with a couple pedals in front!

    I have used a Helix for about 10 months and got my Kemper & Kemper Remote a couple weeks ago. I am using them both to record with - no playing live or anything like that currently. Now, for guitar I'm using the KPA 90% of the time it seems, but I do want to keep the Helix for a few reasons...the Helix has phantom power for mics, there are a few features that I prefer over the KPA, I own a James Tyler Variax guitar (also - anybody using a Variax & Kemper and have advice for the best way to use the two together?)

    I'm wondering if there is an easy (or great) way to incorporate both of them together? Currently, if I want to use the Helix, I have to switch the XLR outputs, guitar input cable, USB input (only because I prefer controlling the Helix via the editor, but leave the KPA plugged into the USB normally), expression pedal, etc. It's not horrible, but if there was a way to connect the two together so I could leave all the cabling in place and just utilize either the KPA or Helix as I desire it'd be great.

    At this moment in time, I only see myself using one or the other at any given time...there's probably a way to route one through the other (i.e. use Helix effects with KPA amps or someething like that) but to be honest, I'm proabbly not smart enough to get that scenario to work properly! :D

    To give an idea of my set's fairly simple - I go from the guitar into either device, then L & R XLR outputs into the inputs on my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface.

    I thought about getting some sort of stereo XLR A/B box, but haven't had much luck finding one the will A/B left & right XLR's (see a lot of mono boxes but I'd need a stereo XLR box I guess in order to keep using L & R XLR's). Something like this would probably work (found on ebay from China...around $70 but would take a month to get probably):
    [Blocked Image:]

    I could also simply get a different interface that has more than just the two XLR inputs that my 2i2 interface has, and that might be the easiest option but 1) I'm happy with the 2i2, and 2) don't really want to spend money on a new interface.

    So other than an A/B box or new interface...anyone have any ideas on using the two together?

    So after a terrible year personally, I got back into playing guitar to focus on something after several years away from it back in June 2016. I decided to get off my butt and start writing / recording guitar instumentals as a way to 1. improve my playing and 2. justify buying more guitars!

    Here's the link to my bandcamp page where my "EP's" are...Eric Jason Brock

    I had a Helix before the KPA so many of the tracks feature the Helix but more and more are the KPA.

    Now, I'm not a shredder! I try to focus more on melody, and I approach my writing more like a song with vocals, so the majority are structured that intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

    Always interested in feedback from other guitar players as most of my friends aren't musically inclined and family always says "cool." whether they like it or not! LOL