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    Hey guys! It was a success, and the sound man loved it. He has ran sound for decades and has PA at 2 venues, he said it was the one of best sounding guitar rig he's ever done! I have a shure glxd16 wireless and I went out front it sounded greeaaaat!! Thanks for all the help still got a lot to learn

    ok i kinda understood that but not really, i am a beginner

    I am sending a mono signal to the board VIA the left main output, and i made the main output mono already. i just want to be able to control the cabinet volume on stage incase its too loud or quite, and not have it affect the sound mans signal

    so the master volume doesnt affect the main output that im sending to FOH? so then whats the point of 2 volumes, a volume and master volume?

    i am going early to set up so incase we cant get it figured out at least we can mic my cabinet

    Thanks guys, im using it tonight, I only have 1 performace set up for the whole show. Just a Diezel profile and have a clean crunch and lead and effects in the stomps, and wah/volume/pitch for the 2 expression pedals.

    question - can I turn the volume up on my cabinet on stage without it affecting the volume coming out of the PA? How do I make sure that all the levels are the same through the PA?

    I cant do it at practice because we are a cover band that doesn't practice, we live far away and learn the songs then play them live. I do have 2 JBL studio monitors I could test them with or can I just test it with my guitar cab? Thanks!!

    Sorry I havent been on, I need to turn my email notifications on....I actually couldn't figure it out on time,.. and ended up using my engl retro head and 2x12 mesa cab.... I still havent figured out how to program the stomps and expression pedals. I program them in browser mode, not performance correct? I am just going to offer someone some money to Skype me and answer my questions and teach me through it. It's a lot more complicated than plugging my pedal board to my effects loop and I'm good to go!

    Tonight I use my powered kemper head, kemper remote, and 2 Dunlop expression pedals live for the first time. Ive never used it live, and I have no idea if I should mic my guitar cab or use the direct out. I am using it with a mesa 2x12 cab. Any suggestions? I bought the kemper used and it came with tons and tons of paid profiles. so a couple questions I had-

    Will different profiles be louder or quieter through the PA if I go direct? Do I use the master volume knob or do I just use the normal volume knob? I read not to turn the cabinet button off, and just turn the monitor out off. I did that, but whenever I turn the cabinet button off on the front I still hear a difference through the guitar cab. I am nervous as shit to use it, because I haven't really figured out the remote completely either. Ive used amps and mic'd up for 12 years now. I hope I don't sound like shit because im not brining a backup amp! Any other important things I should remember or do as a first time kemper live user that you would have wished you were told?

    thanks guys.... I did go for 2 pedals... I decided I didnt want to get a giant pedal board for the missions, so I went with a pedaltrain 24"x8" with 2 dunlop dvp4's which were basically the same price as the missions.... hope my feet like them (I have size 14s lol)

    Thanks bud!!

    So I can set up stomp A as wah, stomp B as pitch shifter, and then I would only need 1 pedal because I'm not going to use them at the same?When I don't have any stomps engaged, the pedal will be volume, correct?

    I don't think I would ever use morphing... if i go to crunch to lead I just select a different profile....

    I just bought a kemper remote and I have a few questions before I buy a board and expression pedals. I am contemplating between mission pedals and dunlop dvp4 or dvp3. Is there an advantage to having the button on the mission? Is having 1 mission pedal like having 2 dunlops? Does the button on the foot switch turn off and on the wah? Or is there a button on the remote to turn on the wah? I would like volume, wah, and pitch shift. Could I use 1 mission pedal for those 3 things? Like say we are playing rage against the machine and i want to pitch shift, can I just program a button on the remote to make the expression pedal be a pitch shifter and turn it on and off? Then a remote button to switch it to wah..then turn the wah off and have it be a volume pedal? Or would this require 2 pedals? I wouldn't need a wah and volume and pitch shifter all at once...