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    under System Settings > Pedal 1 through Pedal 6 > Switch Mode > Function:

    It would be great if, instead of just "Rig Up" and "Rig Down", we had options for "Rig 1", "Rig 2"... through "Rig 5" to duplicate the act of stomping one of the remote's rig buttons.

    In my particular application, "Rig 1" is my main sound, my "home button" if you will, and I'd love to have a second copy of my home button away from the pedal board, next to the backline or the drummer, duct taped to the guitar, or wherever else a cheap TRS switch pedal could live :)

    If you have a monitor moving enough air, you should be able to get feedback just fine. I can attest that my Les Paul playing a Michael Britt JCM800 Silver Jubilee profile through a Mission Engineering Gemini II FRFR produces feedback at rock band volume about as well as my real JCM800 half stack.

    So Kemper added the ability to disable or reprogram the Tuner, Looper, and Tap buttons. How about the same for the Program Bank Up and Program Bank Down buttons?

    Until then, my work around is to duplicate my performance a dozen times so that every time I accidentally hit the Up or Down button, it navigates me to an identical set of rigs. That works, but it's not exactly elegant...