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    I think the shift in DLT+RVB mix is a result of the rigs being converted to work with the new OS. It appears to me that every rig I open now seems to have this set +58. I’ve no idea why it is defaulting to this but its a PITA.

    I just realized the same thing yesterday! I'm going to check the most recent additions to RE today and will report back.

    EDIT: Whatever this is it's not widespread. Auditioned the original AC20 rig, a few before it, and a few very recent. Checked the mix of each in the Exchange and then loaded the file on the KPA and re-checked. The AC20 was the only one at +58. Weird.

    Just to be clear, does a new profile always have defaults at 0.0 and then the settings are adjusted by a user after the fact? Seems strange to go in and increase amp volume AND decrease rig volume, or am I missing something? Also the massive shift in DLY+RVB mix doesn't make much sense. I guess there's always a method to the madness with this stuff. Hope the folks with profiling experience can share some insight on this.

    Easily the most popular and generally referenced 'free' rig in the history of Kemper. Has been voted on over twice as many times as the 2nd and 3rd place rigs combined.

    This is a two part question:

    (1) does the rig import from the Exchange for you with these exact same settings?

    AMP comp - +3.8

    AMP volume - +8.3

    EQ - bass +0.6, mid +1.5, treb 0.0, pres -0.6

    CAB - high shift +0.4, low shift +0.3

    B slot EQ - 1250 +2.8, 2500 +7.0, 5000 +1.9, 10000 +0.9, volume +0.8

    RIG - dly+rev mix +56%, rig volume -4.0

    (2) If yes, have you changed anything and how so?

    AMP comp, volume, EQ, and CAB shift, and RIG dly+rev all set to 0.0.

    Graphic EQ (B) replaced with a studio EQ (X) with some tight Q 1.5 dB cuts @ 120 and 2800

    Other than the obvious change in del+rev, none of this really effected the basic tone of the rig.

    It did removed some sizzle when strumming chords high up on the neck.

    Hornets nest? They make a product that competes directly in that hornets nest already.

    The idea that Kemper would bog themselves down by simply having another form factor with an established, willing, and even eager customer base is rather ridiculous.

    Hornets nest, i.e.; Somewhat crowded field of all-in-one modelers.

    Line 6 HX Stomp - $559

    Atomic AmpliFire - $599

    Boss GT-1000 - $999

    Headrush Pedalboard - $999

    Fractal FM3 - $999

    Line 6 Helix - $1099

    Fractal AX8 - $1099

    That FM3 thread has been an eye opener. There's over a hundred pages discussing (and bickering over) a product that's not even been formally introduced on Fractal's forum or FB page (last I checked).

    I hope Kemper stays out of that hornets nest. The current remote is more than capable considering you can add 4 extra momentary switches or 2 expression pedals to it. And with the new editor, having a small laptop or tablet on stage is all you'll need.

    The all-in-one floor market is already saturated, and as the FM3 thread over on TGP shows, you simple can't make everyone happy trying to meet

    both a price point and a form factor. Everyone clamoring for an FM3 will be selling them off and climbing all over themselves when the FM6 (or whatever) hits the market in 12-18 months.

    Look what's happening now with AX8s - which is a killer unit and was praised up and down as such when it came out. Now it's old news - yet Kemper's 7 year old design is still the king of the hill when it comes down to doing the one thing these units are suppose to do best - sound and feel like a real amp.

    Again, stay out of that pond IMO.

    Hi Mike,

    I'm now using both the Duende and Ecstacy profiles from you. Noticed that you've also done the Shiva. Do I have the Bogner tone pretty much covered, or do I need the trifecta? Thanks.

    I have D set as a loop and run: TS9 > PoT > KTR > Zendrive. Each on its own sounds like you'd expect, but I'm amazed how well they stack. I use the loop cause I want the wah before the OD/distortion.

    The settings on some of the rigs I upload from the exchange are puzzling and I wonder if it's native to the profile or some weird 'import' anomaly. I'm guessing it's the former but that's what puzzling.

    - just posted a rig that when imported had the DLY+REV mix set 85% towards delay. Almost passed on it until I figured it out.

    - the infamous AC-20 rig imports with the amp volume set a +8.3

    - imported a rig that had the amp volume, and the EQ controls all set exactly at +1.0

    These are just a few examples. I'd assume you'd want to profile with most everything at 0.0 to allow maximum flexibility but again, I've never done it. Thanks for any insight.

    3RD Power Switchback 2 x 12. (have never played one personally - my old fave was a Boogie cab)


    M Britt: "A lot of people wonder why I use the cabinet/speaker that I use for profiling. Over the years I've used any number of speaker cabs both live and in the studio, but when 3rd Power came out with their Switchback 212 cabinet, I was blown away. It's a deep cab, so it has healthy bass response. There are removable triangular ports in the back for open or closed back tones and each speaker has it's own resonant chamber with a diagonal wall to keep standing waves and resonant cab frequencies to a minimum."

    Even when deleting a rig off of the KPA via RM? That's the one that causes it far and away the most. I'll try your suggestions and let you know.

    EDIT: May have found the problem. I recently bought a USB hub and had the KPA plugged into it and then it into the laptop. Plugged it into its own

    laptop USB port and it seems to be working fine so far.

    EDIT 2: Been trying to trip it up for the last 30 minutes without any issues. Think it's fixed.