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    Cliff: We removed all the superfluous stuff (bias tremolo, dynamic presence/depth, etc.) in order to get the core amp modeling to run on the slower processor.

    Quoted in post #1389 of the TGP thread. Not having dived deeply into Fractal amp editing I'm not really sure what impact this has for folks already comfortable with the III.

    I hoped FM3 would be able to play back tone matches, to my understanding at least not possible on release.

    YA, Cliff mentioned they've removed deep amp editing - not sure if this is what tone matching is. Pretty sounded the equivalent to the KPA definition control - sort of. I had an AX8 but never got to try an AxeIII.

    Kind of an interesting entry into the field. I just wonder if a little too much focus was placed on $999? As the very lengthy thread elsewhere has progressed, quite a number of 'cut-backs' seem to be coming to light. Not getting the top tier reverbs is a big one for me.

    Suddenly I'm spoiled when it comes to verbs.....

    I've slowed down a lot so that I'm not tripping it up but it's still freezing often if I try to delete (mostly) or edit (occasionally).

    - never happens when I'm working with Library or Exchange files - only files on the KPA.

    - RM and the unit start the standard re-fresh process and then freeze up until I exit RM.

    - The RM green status bar always gets to about 75% done before it locks.

    - When I exit, RM will ask if I want to interrupt an 'on-going' process. I've waited upwards of 10 minutes before exiting.

    - When I re-start RM the operation I'd performed that caused the freeze has been completed - pretty sure every time, but not 100%.

    - completely wiping RM from my system and starting with a new install didn't help.


    Did a few gigs with one mic'd sitting on top of a dummy 4x12 when they first came out. (logo removed - of course).

    Next to the Lab Series L5 that replaced it, the best SS combo amp I ever owned (spent some time with a Roland JC50 for a bit which was great clean but had terrible OD)

    Will definitely check this out. Thanks.

    EDIT: Thanks to the wonders of profiling this will be the third amp I'll be jamming on for the first time in about 40 years!

    Sears Silvertone > Peavey Bandit > Lab Series

    Quick, someone profile a 1974 Fender Bronco so I can go back 45 years. :)

    There's a number of ways to go about getting all of your individual rigs volume matched. I've found this one to work really, really well. Use a combo of your DAW peak level meter along with a VU meter for RMS. This is the perfect solution for me to balance out a sparkling clean rig right next to a raging compressed (and scooped) Boogie one. The peak meter is run stereo while the VU is mono. Keeping an eye on both (I start out with speakers muted and then fine tune with my ear) is, if nothing else, interesting.

    Edit: the VU reacts most realistic it set for a 10ms delay. This works great for matching PUs too.

    This might be a stupid thing to ask so forgive me - you tried any of the Reverb effect presets? I always go to presets when I'm having trouble dialing stuff in. "Spring Fan," I assume, is set up to get a fendery-spring reverb. I usually either start there or with "Surf" or "Large Spring" based on the sound I'm going for, and tweak from there to taste.

    I can't find any reverb presets on my unit. Tons of delays, ODs, etc. But no verbs. Would love to try Spring Fan. I'm @

    1. Create whatever sub-folders you want under the main Library folder.

    2. Drag and drop the files you don't want permanent on the unit into the library folders.

    3. Delete everything that a) isn't permanent, or b) is stored in a Library folder.

    YES: As long as a file (rig) is in a Library folder it is not 'gone' if deleted from the unit.

    Backup rig manager often the same you do with the unit.

    If you're using Rig Manager be sure to let the program and the unit update as you go. If you are working with a number of files it can take

    a few seconds before everything is processed. Watch the green progress bar at the bottom of RM.

    I've locked up RM a number of times by simple going to fast and tripping the program.