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    On 7.1.2 the lag has gotten even worse.

    Scrolling through the performance list on my toaster takes about 5 seconds to respond. This effectively renders it completely unusable for live use in my case scenario. (setlist = a performance for each song)

    ckemper and team. Please stop the KPA loading every performance it scrolls over in Arrange mode. You can actually see the gain led collar going through every performance when you want to jump from 1 to 10 with the TYPE knob. It's a nightmare.

    Quick update:

    First show was a gala style opening ceremony; only 2 songs and last in the lineup.
    The sound check went great and I’ve got a Fender Stage 115 for the entire tour. It has an effects loop and an old Jensen speaker so I’m good on the monitoring front.

    The changeover is as long as the 2 “gala” hosts take to present us, so just a few minutes to boot up the Stage and make the connections.

    It froze on boot! Just showed Kemper... and nothing happened. I summoned my nerves of steel :)and pulled the power and fortunately it then rebooted in time, just by a second or 2.

    I did the second show yesterday and it worked fine. I have no idea what happened. I changed nothing and I had gigged this firmware many times before.

    For the rest it’s been awesome again. Great food, people and all night parties.
    Lobby call! 8)

    And what make you think that the KPA will just "stop working" while you are on tour?

    Well, I wrote this just after reading this post about a connection breaking in the kemper and causing radio interference. Or this one about the 'bank up' footswitch no longer working. The many reports on this forum of broken leds and switches (I also had to return my first Stage) all point to problems with quality control. I obviously hope that there are many more Stage users that never visit the forum because their unit is perfect (hardware wise) but I have no way to know this for sure.

    I totally agree that the head and rack have proven themselves to quality pieces of gear but the Stage... not so much.

    So yes, I am a bit worried, and I don't think it's without reason. But I'm going to be brave! :)

    Thank you everyone!!

    I'm serious! Please send me some positive thoughts in the next 20 days, fellow Kemperites. :love:

    I feel like I might need them with all the QC issues that keep popping up.

    I've actually converted from home-studio KPA user to live KPA user after the previous tour in China. While it was a great experience, it was disapointing that not one venue took the backline requirements seriously. I hadn't played such bad amps since I was 15 and just starting out.

    So I immediately thought about bringing the KPA this year. I've worked all year on the patches and my pedalboard and tube amp have not left the garage for many months now.

    The unexpected release of the Stage made me even happier. Now I could leave my pelicase with toaster and remote at home and actually take one suitcase with my personal stuff and gig stuff.

    It will be 2 weeks of 1 or 2 shows a day so just carrying around one suitcase and guitar is such an improvement.

    But if the KPA stops working mid tour I will be f*cked, I will have to revert to the worst amps with zero pedals. =O

    I've already received a replacement that has worked for +10 shows and I think I'll stay on 7.08 because I've done gigs on that update without problems.

    Thanks to the community for all the help! I will keep you posted.

    I've had this happen to me once on OS 5.x. In the end what worked was stepping on some buttons but I don't remember which.

    I think I've read somewhere on the forum that it's the BANK UP & DOWN buttons, possibly both together but I'm not sure.

    It happened shortly after upgrading my remote cat5 cable to a Van Damme with the same lenght. When losing that cable and changing back to the original Kemper cable it happened again. But since then it never came back.

    This sounds like the Pan law stole you 3 or 4,5 dB just because that's how desks and DAWs work.

    Samplitude/Sequoia to my knowledge are the only DAWs that basically have no pan law unless you configure them to have one.

    With S1/Cubendo/Protools simply pan hard left before you send the guitar DI signal back to the KPA and see what happens.

    You are right!

    I just researched the Pan law for Studio One and it's 3 db. If I hard pan left the level stays the same. Thank you!

    Thank you for your insights. Good to hear that it should work like I thought, hopefully I'll get there too.

    The only thing I could imagine (given that all level controls on the way are properly set to 0) is a plugin which comes in your way on the track or any master bus which goes back into the Kemper. Any plugin for Dithering or Mix Bus compression or similar.

    Just checked everything again and, no, there's nothing. It's a blank template and all faders are set to absolute 0 (with command-click).

    No plugins in the tracks or master.

    Did you try to leave it as it is and just go with the mono input as well?

    In this test I did set it to Master mono as it's difficult to compare a summed mono track with a stereo track. While comparing the two master mono tracks I see a visual difference. If I turn up 'reamp sense' to +4 the WAV has about the same level but you can clearly see that it's different due to the gain not being the same. According to the manual my reamp sense should be at -3.4 to offset the +3.4 'clean sense' parameter.

    By the way: Which DAW and which Interface are you using?

    I'm using Studio One 4 Professional with an M-Audio Firewire Solo interface and Digital coax cables for the SPDIF connection. Samplerate is 48 kHz, SPDIF volume is not linked and set at 0.0dB.

    Below you can see on top the Master mono as it was recorded together with the pass-through 'GIT' track and below as it is recorded when the 'GIT' track is passed through the KPA again.

    I have reamped the Kemper successfully a few times using S/PDIF. I set the output to ‘gtr/master mono’ and use the master mono track for reference and the feed the gtr track back into the KPA and set it’s input to S/PDIF

    And output to ‘Master stereo’ and track that in my DAW.

    All pretty standard I imagine.

    I have always wondered if the level of the ‘gtr’ recording really is exactly the same when it hits the KPA’s input in digital form. It should be or the tweaks I do while reamping are not responding as they will when I’m playing the guitar.

    I now spent some time checking this and it’s not the same. If reamp the gtr track and output it as Master Mono I can see visually that the WAV is smaller in the DAW.

    This indicates that the gtr (with fader at 0db) track is less loud when played back into the KPA then when I was playing it live.

    As this is all in the digital domain with the S/PDIF output locked at 0db I don’t understand why this is.

    I immediately thought of the Reamp sense and that does influence the size of the wav but I read in the manual that it should be the negative value of Clean sense. Clean sense is set at 3,4 to reamp at -3,4. I have to set reamp to +4 for the WAV to look the same height but this can’t be the solution..

    Any suggestions?


    I have the exact same experience on my toaster.

    On the fly setlist changes right before the show filled me with dread. With the Stage it’s a lot more responsive but still laggy.

    I really do not understand why the software loads the rigs in the background while scrolling through performances. What’s the use of the load button? If we could just scroll through the names without the Kemper doing anything in the background, scrolling would be just as fast as moving.

    I see this as a bug, just one that doesn’t break anything. It seems very easy to fix and is really annoying but not a priority I guess.

    I think ckemper has a good point there but we want to limit the AUX IN, not the Kemper rigs. I can be responsible for the levels of my rigs but not for a sound engineer’s accidental sound spike or feedback.

    Thanks for the info on the headphone amp. I had that half-rack Boss limiter/compressor but never used it and left it at someone’s studio a long time ago. :rolleyes: