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    I put in a service order with Kemper support, but was wondering if anyone on the most current OS update have been experiencing problems with being able to preview profiles (I have all boxes checked in the Preferences) and dragging new profiles to other designated folders (like Performances) in RigManager. Everything was working great until the latest OS update. Everything is fine on my Kemper preamp otherwise. I also reinstalled RigManager on my C:\ in the Programs folder.


    Thank you for the response(s),

    I updated the firmware and tried a different cable, no luck. Between Kemper's support and Sweetwater's support, I ended up filming on my iPhone and emailing to them what happened to the remote board when I turned on the Kemper rack mount. Sweetwater is going to ship me a new remote board with a shipping label to ship back the old remote board, Ethernet cable, and manuals. They sent me a dud, no harm/no foul. I'll wait on the new remote board and see how things work from then on out. I'm extremely happy with the factory tones already.

    Adjusting the contrast pot was the first thing I did. I'll contact Kemper support right away. I'm willing to test things before giving up and shipping back for a replacement. I'm just happy that the actual rack mount works fine.

    My rack mount and remote board arrived last night from Sweetwater. I have the same problem. The rack mount powers on just fine, but the board will do a quick flash and then not stay on. I contacted Tom Koch at Sweetwater about this. I'm hoping a software update can fix this but feel that it's an electronics thing. What does everyone else think?