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    I think that is precisely what we are saying? At least that's the case for me and it seems to be the case for some other people as well. I don't know of an option to change this so it sounds like a bug to me ;)

    I am still amazed at how they must have found out to save the profiles after changing them to make any of these changes permanent... clever boys, you have there ;) I hope you make some backups =O

    It wasn't exactly what I meant, but your solution should work well, I think. I personally, however, like to fine-tune profiles so I would leave the stack EQ and lock a studio/graphic EQ in the X slot, for example. This way I can just toggle it on or off, and have the EQ knobs open for quick adjustments, should I need them.

    Still, both of these options are nothing more than workarounds, so I think a separat headphone EQ in the output section that you guys suggested should be the best solution :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone ^^

    Welcome! You should try switching to the living room, as I found out less reverb needed that way ;)

    Heh, I already do that, but I only just got myself a Yamaha HS7, before that ... very little reverb in headphones ;) Just have to figure out why it sounds less detailed now... :P

    Maybe it's too obvious, but just wanting to make sure: if you send a studio profile to your 4x12, you do disable the cab in the Kemper or use the monitor outputs with the "Monitor Cab Off", right? That works (and needs to be done, 'cause a guitar through two cabs just sounds rubbish) even with a studio profile. ;)

    As far as I know ... For live use you would do the same thing with the profile: send the signal including the Kemper-cab to FOH and use the "Monitor Cab Off" option so your monitor signal only runs through one cab (your 4x12). The difference is as follows: when you create a studio profile, you only make one profile which includes the cab. The Kemper then calculates how the signal without the cab (= the DI signal) probably sounds like and if you switch off the cab, this is what you hear. If you create a merged profile, you provide the missing information by also making a DI profile without the cab, meaning the Kemper doesn't have to guess how it sounds like.

    This, however, doesn't necessarily answer the question which would be better. In theory the merged profiles should be superior, but I heard quite some people prefer the sound of studio profiles. Give both a try, I'd say :)

    I would imagine that people might be more inclined to help if you could specify what kind of feedback you are looking for. Guitars, vocals, songwriting, lyrics, mixing/mastering, the whole package? After all, we have no idea what your dissertation might be about ;) I must admit, this music isn't quite my forte so I don't think I can really help, but I wish you the best of luck :)

    Hello everybody!

    I'm another bedroom guitarist from Germany and I have owned a Kemper Toaster for about half a year now. Since I have been tied to my bedroom all my guitar life, I have only ever played amps with a headphone output -- no tube amps for me. I started with a Yamaha THR5 (many people seem to like it, but ... meh?), then a AMT C2 pedal (I liked the tone but missed the flexibility), then a Boss GT-100 to add that flexibility as well as some effects.

    I then wanted a "real" amp, obviously with bedroom capabilities but also a great deal of flexibility because I like quite a few different styles of music and I don't think a single "traditional" amp could satisfy that need. So... why not start with the amp designed to end it all? ;)

    It took quite a long time to collect a few profiles I enjoy; rarely more than one from a single profiler and while a few come from commercial profilers (although mostly free ones), I had just as much success with free profiles. At the moment I am quite happy with the tone, but I am still struggling to control the beast with the GT-100 (4 footswiches vs. 5 rigs in one performance... doesn't mesh to well :P ).

    But, after lurking for half a year, I thought I'd introduce myself to this wonderful community and participate a little more actively. :)