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    Their profile files look like this, it is some xml file where the relevant profile information is in the "profile" value.

    And the actual entertaining programming exercise would be, IMHO, to read a kemper profile and convert it to this format.

    There has been some talking about the posibility of an online service to convert profiles to the rig player, we'll see how this evolve....

    Maybe they just want to provide the sound quality and sell their own profiles.

    I have to say that the demo sounds great, it is amaizing how many great tools we have these days.

    Pelham blue ....? :love: dig that quite a lot lot lot lot - and not nearly anemic am I right Monkey_Man ha?

    Yes, Pelham Blue, I am in love with P90s and a wanted a LP with them, I was between this and the gold top, I have no regrests, it is a beauty. Those 2018 classics are awesome guitars. The fretboard's rosewood is top notch too.

    Check out Mesa Engineering's Gemeni II. 2 speakers that run in stereo as an FRFR or flip a switch to disengage the horn and run it like a guitar amp "in the room". Pretty cool. Also has a Bluetooth capability so you can wirelessly stream backing tracks from your phone through your amp while you play through the same amp at the same time. Lastly it has a USB connection so it can be seen by your DAW and used as monitors for a full mix. A very nice piece of gear.

    Interesting features, how is availability in Europe?

    They're really good at low volumes. If I had them years ago, I could have spared the speakers for my hi-fi. Controls are easy, as soon as you've figured out how they work. You have a master Volume and gain for each channel. You als get dB's shown as you adjust the values, so there's no issue matching a pair, and you can adjust in 1-dB-Increments without a surgeon's hand.
    But even these won't make your trousers flutter when they're at living room volume - some folks seem to expect that... :D

    Nice to hear about the volume control, easy pairing and 1db steps sound great, trousers flutter? hmmmm too bad, I was expecting some air moving like this :P :

    Thanks for the feedback @tntent

    ...NOT exactly the cheapest option...

    Yeah, I know, specially for me that I am a hobbyist guitar player, but I don't want to buy something now and end felling that I need an update in a year or two, so I think about this more like a long term investment, so whatever I will be using in the future as digital amp it will be running through the FRFR solution that I am buying now.

    Sorry for bumping this, but I think that it is better to have a dedicated topic instead of opening serveral for speaking about the same thing.

    I don't have a Kemper...yet.

    I am looking for a FRFR solution first, I will only be playing at home at low volumes (I am living in a flat), once I will find the right FRFR system for me I am almost conviced to pick a kemper.

    Right now I am using a Fender Mustang III v3, which works very well at home volumes, the volumen is really easy to control, it is open back and that really helps with the dispersion of the sound, but the amp is limitied in some aspects and I am looking for an update, which is not going to be cheap at all...

    So, how do these Dynacord AXM 12A work at low volumes? And I am not only talking about sound quality or dispersion, but how easy to control are they? I am afraid that the volume knobs could be too sensitive for home usage, I don't want to jump from zero to super loud in a blink...

    They main reason for getting those instead of monitors is the dispersion, monitors don't work for me at all because they project a very focused sound and I am always moving around...I would like to buy a couple of them for having a stereo setup. Their mixing capabilities with 3 inputs are also great, I would need at leas two inputs and the EQ options could be helpfull for fixing problems in the room that I am going to place them which is not sonically treated at all and I won't ever be.

    I know that some of these powered speakers suffer from a small latency due to the DSP inside, I couldn't see anything in the specs sheet, I am wondering if someone knows the latency for these Dynacords.

    Am I in the right track? I really appreciate any help :)