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    I can't get it to update, my Kemper doesn't see it. I got it to try once and after a time, it encountered an unknown error and left me in limbo. Tried to revert and it kept giving an error message on startup. Finally got it to load back in the 7.3 or whatever version I had been running. I was freaking, thinking I might not be able to get my Kemper to boot up. I would be lost without my Kemper, all my things with strings go through it, might have to get a spare one of these days.

    Welcome Brent. back when I was traveling/gigging all the time people would ask me what it was like being a musician. I would tell them that being on stage was the easy part, a lot of the gig was like being a long range truck driver and furniture mover. :-)

    I've got an early 80s USA Schecter PJ bass. Put active EMGs in it early 90s and never looked back. I made an Avalon 737 profile for it and that's what I usually use.

    I just got a laptop to run rig manager (My recording computer is a very stable XP build which I'm not gonna touch). Anyway, got the prompt to update Kemper OS and the first attempt failed. I was auditioning profiles so I didn't really worry about it. The next day I was doing the same thing and the update came up and this time worked just fine. I usually update with a flash drive so sounds like the same issue with either. Anyway, all systems GO! :-)

    5.7.4 is where my s/pdif problems started. I get a clean signal with just occasional clicks and pops every two seconds or so. 5.7.7 is the same, clean signal with a click or pop every few seconds. I'm running into an EMU 1212 with Reaper. The analog outs seem to be fine with all the latest updates.

    I did my first beta with the spring reverb last summer, I've installed every beta and os upgrade since and I've got this weird click and glitch thing out of the s/pdif output now. The last beta said it addressed it but it's still there in my world. I gave up and patched the Kemper in analog output tonight to record. I hope that gets fixed as the s/pdif is very convenient for me.

    Wheresthedug, I've also played both guitar and bass in bands but mostly guitar because I find it difficult to play bass and sing at the same time. I also approach bass completely differently than I do guitar.

    I've been using the Langevin DVC for bass mostly. I just love it's limiters, perfect for bass. I'll have to track some with my Kemper. Anyone know of an LA2A type setting for the Kemper compressor? Also, any good McCartney-ish profiles? He was playing through a big Mesa bass rig when I saw him in the 90s.

    There are two things you can do:

    1 Put a .047 mF cap in series with the neck pu hot wire to thin it out, but even better;

    2 Wire up your Les Paul with a master bass roll off and master treble roll off. This is great for on the fly tweaks in tone with quite a bit of range.

    I have a Gibson 498t in one guitar which sounds sort of overbearing on it's own, but roll a bit of bass out of it and it turns into a magic pickup.

    I used to own an x-100 and it seems like you can have delay only or chorus only or both. To profile correctly you need to turn them both off and I don't believe you can. Give it a try and if you get it to work, I want your profiles of clean 1 and the hottest overdrive! :-)

    I am extremely happy with the new spring reverb and looking forward to the new reverb expansions and later improved distortion boxes. I honestly don't see a need for a Kemper 2 any time soon. I think what would sell like hotcakes is a half price device that would play maybe five profiles in a floorboard format with basic editing and connectivity.