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    I am extremely happy with the new spring reverb and looking forward to the new reverb expansions and later improved distortion boxes. I honestly don't see a need for a Kemper 2 any time soon. I think what would sell like hotcakes is a half price device that would play maybe five profiles in a floorboard format with basic editing and connectivity.

    I profiled my ADA MP-1 through a Boogie power section and a Celestion. I thought the profiles came out pretty cool. Go for it lento, but I second profiling from the output as it's designed to go straight into a mixer.

    I bought a bunch of Whirlwind Leaders in the early 90s. They all still work great! I use a super cheap-o 75 ohm cable to hook my Kemper to the s/pdif on the soundcard but I also have it hooked up with guitar cords to a cue mixer for when I don't turn the computer on. The cheap-o s/pdif seems to sound just fine.

    I got pretty close to the CE-2 sound (I used to own one) by using the vintage chorus and approximating the rate at 10 o'clock and the depth at 2 o'clock setting I used to use. I'd still like to hear your take on it sometime telelogic, but no hurry, no worries.

    Yes an interface is needed. If you learn reaper, it can work any way you want. Just crazy amazing for the price, plus it never crashes (at least for me coming from Sonar)

    I've been searching for Jeff Lynne's gear and it's hard to find anything. I know in the 70s when I saw ELO he used that gold Les Paul with P-90s into a Marshall. Just checked the video and he's playing on the lead pu (I know it's probably lip synced but guitarists are pretty notorious about setting their guitars the same as when they recorded something) so the tone knob is backed off quite a bit. I'd start with some Plexi profiles and add some room sound (he skipped reverb and used rooms a lot recording) and yes, add some compression and you should be pretty close.

    A GOOD quality mic preamp remains a relatively expensive device. (Starting typically at about $500 USD).
    I’m not sure it’s really something the KOA needs of it adds perhaps that 500 to the price.

    You're missing the point. Mackie puts four perfectly usable mic amps in a $100.00 mixer. I use a Mackie as a cue mixer and guess what, if I record using a Langevin, Avalon, or Neve style mic amp, I can hear the differences they impart perfectly through my Mackie cue mixer when I play back the mix.

    The reason for a modest mic amp with phantom power in the Kemper is so I can sing into the PROFILE I made of the Neve, API, Chandler etc pre.

    One thing I would like to see hardware wise is a neutral mic amp and phantom power on the mic input. This would not only allow you to profile with nice condensers, but it would allow you to profile expensive mic preamps to use when recording. This could conceivably open up a whole new market of even non guitarists buying a Kemper to expand their mic amp collection.

    I've made some profiles of my Avalon 737 for bass and acoustic guitars and I made one profile set up for singing into my Shure Beta 57 which I can plug into the guitar input with an xlr to 1/4" transformer. The profiles sound cool to me.

    MistaGuitah, if the Kemper is sounding overall lacking in bass to another device and you can get them side by side again, go into the amp section of the Kemper and mess with the definition control. This is the quickest way to get your guitar sounding just like it does through an amp, especially if all patches are sounding too bassy or too trebly.