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    I've had great results putting two compressor stomps (set subtly) on clean sounds in conjunction with the amp compressor. The amp compressor becomes really useful if you often turn your guitar volume down some. I made a crunch profile on my Mark IV Boog which turns into a very pleasant clean sound with the guitar volume on 4 or 5. The amp compressor makes the volume difference just right to go from clean to lead turning up the volume on the guitar.

    I've got the dreaded noise gate in chain alert but only when I was going for almost stupid max gain on Boogies and a Cream Machine or using a treble booster into an amp set loud. Did you refine the profile? Sometimes this makes things much better and sometimes it makes them worse. It's weird. Anyway, if I get close, sometimes I'll skip the refining. There is just so much you can do with eq, boosting and compression within the Kemper that close is perfectly cool sometimes, and you can always reprofile tomorrow.

    I'll agree with Nicky that every time my profile is crazy bassy I move the mic out more towards the edge. Seems like more towards the middle with Celestions and more toward the edge with alnico mag speakers works well for me.

    Sometimes profiling is just routine as it can be and sometimes you throw the Kemper for a loop and the profile is nothing like the original. The usual problem is too much gain on your set up. Back things down and remember you can add tons of gain later, after the profile is saved.

    Hey BBB, I don't have the ART but I've got the little Samson Servo one space amp. The good news is that it seems plenty loud enough when bridged. The bad news is that I didn't like it into my 4-10" cab with the amp block switched off or through a floor wedge monitor. My Kemper sounds perfect through my studio monitors.

    I think the ART would work fine, tweaking it to the speakers will be much more important and I believe a FRFR cab will work out much better than any guitar cab. But to answer you question, the ART should easily keep up with a drummer.

    sambrox, you are correct in the range the Kemper captures and as for electric guitar amps, most speakers don't have much information above 5k.

    Sorry if I went off topic. I do believe that people pay for profiles not only for the amps, but for quality mics and mic amps used to create them.

    The reason expensive pre amps are worth it is when you start mixing tracks. I had a large Mackie for years and years and used to fight it getting my final mixes to sound right. When I got some expensive pres it became so much easier to mix. Also, as Nicky alluded to and Rupert Neve swore by, having an amp that reponds way above human hearing makes a difference, a more open sound. The secret weapon on the Avalon 737 is the 32K EQ setting. When I was 18 we got a test record and clearly heard 20k and now days, the last time I checked my hearing was cutting off right below 15k but when I crank the 32k knob on the Avalon I can clearly hear a difference.

    So yes, profiling through a quality pre will make a positive difference in the results. Also, anything mentioned in this thread hasn't convinced me to sell my Langevin DVC. :)

    Hey John, I was a band leader and traveling gigger for many years, got a Mesa Boogie Mark II in the early 80s, traded for a Mark III and then a Mark IV when it came out. Been through many Fenders and Marshals. I woke up one day and I was old so it's rather crazy to have 100 watt amps around. I've tried many modelers and the Kemper is the first one that works in a mix for me. I just modded a little 5 watt amp and getting exceptional tone out of it so can't wait to profile it. Remember that once you get a good solid tone to work with, just with the compression options there are universes of tone to explore! (Currently that's what's blowing me away)

    Just a thought, if your music teacher will allow you to profile a bunch of his gear you're sitting on a gold mine with a Kemper! Oh, and I also have your JBL monitors. :-)

    Welcome to the club, and be sure and ask questions, this group is the most intelligent bunch I've found around!

    Gforce, there are global settings you can adjust to go from a Strat to a Gibson, search distortion sense and clean sense to start. Another thought is to add a passive bass roll off to humbuck guitars. I just added one to my guitar that has a hot Gibson humbuck bridge and Pearly Gates neck and I can get really closer tones overall to my Strat.


    Okay, after you make a profile and when you go to name it, there is a category blank that you fill out with guitar or bass, etc. Anyway, I think this would be easy to implement and it would be helpful me thinks.

    ('sup Nicky?) :)

    The 'bass' is great but I would like 'acoustic' added as well as 'electric guitars' to get rid of those extras. A 'miscellaneous' for mic pres, tape machines and weird stuff might be cool too. Thanks!

    I'm not sure what it's like where you are, but around here there are amazing 70s receivers from Yamaha, Kenwood, etc as well as large older hi fi speakers for sale for next to nothing. Usually the shipping is half the price. If you are just looking for some volume and a wider stereo image it might be worth considering.

    Hello all, I actually used to be a bit of a guitar wiring expert but I haven't thought much about it since the late 80s. Anyway, I wired my two humbuck guitar like the diagram in the link I'll post so master volume, and master treble and bass roll offs. Everything works as expected except the bass roll off which is working backwards so all the way counter clockwise is flat or full bass and full clockwise is all the bass rolled out. I want to reverse it but not sure if I can just switch the outside wires or if I have to make a mirror image. Thanks for any help. Here's the link to the wiring diagram:…seful-easy-cheap-awesome/