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    I notice you play drums left handed so did you just learn stringed things righty, or ambidextrous or?

    Also, the very first vid in this thread, it looks like your picking technique is sort of in the Santana, Benson camp so wondering if it's something you've thought about?

    Anyway, much groovy stuff man, love your playing, tones and attitude! :-)

    Monkey_Man, sorted it but somehow one of my profiles got ate, eaten? Anyway, thought I uploaded 6 and somehow the cln one disappeared. Oh well, I might make them all disappear soon after I practice some more and get better versions to share. The Kemper is crazy fun to mess with, but it seems temperamental, probably novice user error on my part though. All I know is it's so difficult to leave alone, I must master it, I must learn all it's secrets! :-)

    Monkey_Man, I'm doing everything from the Kemper itself and a flash drive to transfer. I can't use rig manager yet because my extremely stable music computer is still on winXP which doesn't work with it. I didn't realize I could edit files uploaded to this site so I'll try and figure that out.

    And, you're welcome! :-)

    ps, please wait for the weird and unusual, it is coming soon. ;-)

    Hey guys, I just put some Cream Machine profiles up. Here's what they are:

    'Cream Machine A 10' is set up to sound good and outputting to an old alnico 10" speaker (that came out of a 59 Bassman reissue)

    'Cream Machine C 10' is through a Celestion 10" Sennheiser MD 441 into the Kemper, same mic for the A version

    'Cream Machine DI' is through it's cabinetulator output direct

    'Cream Machine DI Cln' is a joke, it doesn't really do clean but this one has gain very low and output very high.

    'Cream Machine DI Crunch' gain higher, output lower

    'Cream Machine DI on 11' I tried to dime it but Kemper got an error for too much distortion so this is as gainy as I could get it and not upset the Kemper

    I didn't mess with sag or eq or anything so it's a clean slate. Hope someone can use these and thanks everyone for sharing so many cool profiles already! :)

    I'm quoting someone, remember? :-) I have been a Kemperian for about a day and a half now. I was warned of the addictive nature of auditioning profiles so I agree as my fingers are nearly bleeding. I thought my guitar callouses had gone to hell until I picked up my bass and then I was worn out fast.

    The first afternoon I spent Kemperizing, the multitude of profiles overwhelmed me. I was honestly going back and forth between being blown away and thinking some were very ordinary sounding. I've come to believe that every profile is a work of art, but if you walk into an art museum, you don't like everything, in fact in many museums you don't like most, but there are a few that stand out and make life worth living.

    Today I did some profiling on my own. Since I'm still sorting the controls and navigating my Profiler, I just did direct profiles of my Cream Machine and my customized Boogie Mark IV. The Boog has such a good recording out that I quit micing it on stage long ago because it just sounds so excellent and made things easier. The Boog profiles came out to where I couldn't tell the difference (and doing the direct thing makes it so easy to compare!) With the Cream Machine, I did my very first profile with it powering a 12" Celestion and miced it with a Sennheiser 441, both controls at noon. Then I did two direct profiles with it's cabitnitulator out with much higher gain. These came out completely convincing and if I can just capture my stuff and find a few gems from others I will be in a new sonic heaven! I think once I start micing up speakers, things will become much more interesting.

    At any rate, I am very happy and look forward to hanging with you folks and discussing this amazing invention!

    Oh yeah, are you suppose to register or something? What do I need and where do I go?

    Well, after much researching and agonizing, the stars finally aligned last night and so by this weekend, I, too, shall be a Kemperian!

    I have loads of profiling ideas and I will hopefully upload some soon.

    I really hope it convinces me, I was playing my Boog F-50 yesterday and it's like it's alive and almost seems to crescendo when cranked a bit. I truly hope I can capture that.

    And Monkey_Man, I owe you a pint, bro! :-)

    Hey Monkey_Man, just curious, what would you do with the cassette deck profile? :-) I've definitely got a great sounding boom box from the early 90s with line in and five band graphic eq that could be interesting, Reel to reels and ADATS are long gone but I still have my Nakamichi cassette deck. I had a Pignose in the 70s, so glad to see that and Rockmans in the rig exchange.

    Interesting discovery concerning singing though a mic pre profile, I went through my odds & ends drawer in my home studio and found this thing that is XLR female Lo-Z balanced to 1/4" male unbalanced. Actually found two of them. I guess it's got a small transformer in there. My worry is that it's a little bit long and heavy plus a mic cable so is the Kemper input jack pretty sturdy? Anyway, it would allow me to experiment with my mic pre theory.

    I'm still sitting on the fence but there are so many things I want to try. I'm also in the mood to get rid of most of my possessions and if I could profile them first, I could still have them!

    Thanks Monkey_Man, I think I've sorted it as apparently the XLR doesn't show up in the input selection so that means no, not possible to do what I was talking about, although I don't think it would be a huge stretch for a firmware upgrade as it exists! I'm super close to pulling the trigger, this would actually just be icing on the cake. I'm sold on the very idea and the accolades I've read and I intend to purchase from a dealer with a return policy just in case.Thing is, I use gear in as strange a way as I possibly can. I have sang through a Rockman x100 clean sound for instance. I'd like to know how all I can use gear before acquiring it. I also have several amps I want to profile and see.

    One more question though, in some vids of the toaster version I've seen, the lights on the buttons are all blinky the whole time. Is this to do with the camera or normal? Just wondering if you can calm that down? :-)

    I have been searching and seem to be finding conflicting answers, so I'll ask:

    Let's say I plug my Sennheiser 441 (dynamic mic) into a mic pre, sing into it and eq it to my tastes.

    Then I profile the eq'd mic pre.

    Can I then plug the 441 straight into the XLR input on the Kemper and have the same sound singing through it through the profiled, eq'd patch or rig?

    This wouldn't put any studios out of business but it would be so handy for hotel rooms or small home studio setups!

    I'm thinking Ingolf said he was gonna try it and MHellerOfficial said he had sent vocals via spdif through a mic pre profile with good results but I want to know if the xlr on the Kemper will work with a dynamic vocal mic into a pre-amp profile? Is there enough level and basically, can I plug a mic in and sing and use Kemper eq, compressors and reverb etc.?

    Thanks for any light shed.

    I've been reading up everything Kemper for a time now and really thinking of getting one. I've been thinking minimalist and would like to get my gear down to basics so the Kemper seems perfect to me. If it would just let me have my 65 Vibro Champ, Rockman stuff (that I regret selling) and my Cream Machine and Boogie Mark IV lead sound it would be worth it. Some things I am wondering:

    1 How well does it handle profiling sustaining sources? I realize that you can use like a Santana sound and get in front of your monitors and it will feed back in a controlled way just like an amp but for instance; I used to have this Roland recorder that had guitar sounds in it. There was one patch called 'Country' and it was a clean sound, but it would sustain forever. I used to fake steel guitar parts by playing a double lead with that patch. How does the profiling handle compression and sustain from a source?

    2 I have a Langevin Dual Vocal combo which is my go to recording channel right this minute. If I profile through a mic and then DVC into Kemper I realize I can eq for the profile, but will the limiter also be incorporated into the profile?

    3 I've seen some crazy patches like synths and things, can you profile a synthesizer or is it done with extreme effects?

    It's giving me a ton of ideas. Any light anyone can shed would be excellent!