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    I finally have gotten and A/I , 144 MKii, and SPDIF connection. I hook the in/out cables from profile to A/I and A/I usb into PC with drivers installed. I hook my headphones into the interface headphone jack and cannot get the profiler to play through the headphones

    Do I need to change a setting in the Kemper to change to digital outs or something? I have held the output button and .looked but nothing helps.


    Thanks for the help, I will try those ideas. After I wrote this I just went back through my 11r. I could not get the PC and Kemper audio to mix through the headphones of the A/I at all.

    I did change the default playback on the PC to the mkii which gave me the PC audio through the headphones but I could not get the Kemper to come through.

    I have had my Kemper running through mu 11r (as an audio interface) to my laptop and powered monitors. I play a lot with my headphone plugged into the 11r HP jack. This gets me my band in a box and jam track practice where I hear my Kemper guitar and my computer programs together.

    I recently bough an audio interface with Spdif connections and hooked the Kemper up to it. I got it all working to a point but when I put the headphones into the A/I I just get the computer audio not the mix with the Kemper guitar. The audio through the A/I headphones from the PC sounded horrible as well, with low volume.

    Is there a way to get the computer audio and Kemper guitar to mix together through the headphones in either the Kemper hp jack or A/I headphone jack? Is more involved then simply connecting via Spdif?

    I use an 144mkII

    TIA for any help.

    A good time to cool down

    I really do not think there was much of a problem. The one guy madly wanted me to try his preferred method to the point of insults and anger. I knew someone would take a look and find it to be some stupid thing that was causing the problem. I just wanted to know why the USB import was not working for me.

    When I came here I assumed it would go the way it did with hjscheffler , there was nothing to get angry about , not sure why it happened. Reminds me why I hate guitar forums, narcissistic egomaniacs that never is productive... Also reminds me why I hate playing with most guitar players, it is always a pissing contest.

    @hjscheffler Thank you for the time and help!

    rigs and presets share the same file ending.The 5.1 Delay presets can be found in the Stomps folder in the 5.1 factory content download.

    Thanks for the help, this method did not work again for me. I copied the stomp DLY files and imported but it said "no need to import: files are in the browse pool, but they are not in my stomp/effects presets again.

    Maybe the others just were lucky to actually understand what they do. It's not a crime if you (so far) don't understand this pendrive import game.

    I understand the method very simply, it is why I am confused as to why it does not work for me. The fact that is is so simple and this hardware is so advanced and expensive , the fact that it does not work worries me, I am sure it is something simple, but out $2500 and the fact that the hardware cannot execute a simple task is troublesome, regardless of your superior method which is not mentioned in the 5.1 delay update instructions.

    I think I am quite capable of taking a blank USB , plugging it into the hardware, seeing it was formatted, putting the files into the shared folder, hitting external storage, hitting import, watching them import in and reading it is finished and confirming. I have done it so many times I could write a pdf on it myself.

    The problem is the files are not where they are suppose to be. This is troublesome to me regardless of your superior method and would like to know why it does not work, that is all. It is more then getting them just imported into my system now.

    While I appreciate you help, sorry for wasting you time, really if you are just going to be a snobby brat about helping I would rather you not bothered at all. Sorry for wasting your precious time geesh, I have your method here so you were free to stop wasting your time from that point on, instead of coming back to throw out backhanded insults.

    For anyone else ho generally was trying to help, thank you.

    1) Mainly because I have spent about a year creating,deleting and re creating profiles and performances through tweaking to finally having things perfect and finally having a tone I am proud of. I do not fully understand how this update is going to effect things an since the other method is not working I fear losing all my work through some major system reboot.

    Plus I am just to tired today and want to make sure I have every possible backup of my rigs and performances.

    2) I really do not like when something works for everyone else but not me, it makes me feel something is wrong. The official download PDF says to do what I did do 20 times. Which is download the folders, copy the files into the shared folder, import them into the system and they will be available using the browse knob. These are the only official Kemper instruction I have seen and I have read 5 threads on others doing it this way and it working so I would like to understand why it does not work for my unit. I do not understand why the "official" method is not the method in the PDF or even mentioned there at all and why the method they say to use does not even work.

    i guess the reason is that you are importing the rigs and not the presets

    Not sure what is what... The update has a section called 5.1 delays or something and everything says cut and paste them into the shared folder , usb them into the system through import. The I also downloaded them direct from this site and they import as rigs. I have not seen any other ones which claim to be "presets". I there some secret folder with "preset" and not "rigs" that I have to unlock or something?

    I will try lightbox's method tomorrow when my head is a bit more clear and I am sure I have backups and what not.

    Not yet, I have not tried it. I am irritated that every thread says you just put them into the shared folder of a USB, import them and then they are in the DLY of effects. So since this is not happening for me I m feeling something is wrong with the unit.

    I cannot understand why the other method works for everyone else in every thread I read on the subjects.

    Is your method the method you used to load the new delays into your system?

    You are using the "Browse" knob to view presets not the "Type" knob correct?

    Correct, I use it and scroll through them all in alphabetic order under DLY. I have checked the entire presets with the Browse button.

    I tried this when the 5.1 update first came out but it never worked and I gave up. I am not a huge delay person, but now I am becoming one :) and really would like to check them out, so I tried a few more times to get them to show up after reading tons of threads on the subject.

    TIA for any help.

    Factory Content 5.1

    Download Factory Content 5.1, unzip, delete what you don't want, put presets/rigs that you want in the shared folder of your USB thumb drive and load to the profiler. This method loads only what you want and is same process as doing an OS update.

    The problem is that this is what I have done like 20 times with no luck for some reason. They never show up in DLY of effect presets. They do show up as rigs in "broswer" function as "amp30" or something.

    I use a formatted usb stick n they import and are in the system somehow/where.