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    I have tried this many times and the presets never show up in my stomp/effect DLY area. I copy them to my shared folder of USB, I import them and they never show up in the stomp/effects section. I have tried downloading them , different USB sticks.

    It will not import them as it says "no import necessary". They show up as amps in my browser so I know they are there, but not as effects or stomps that I can use with amps...

    Very frustrating.

    Sorry for bother you on your weekend and thanks for the help! My 13 pin guitar came and I was busy trying to play with it. The GR-55 has my mind blown, what fund. Unfortunatelyy the Piezo saddle on the high e seems to have problems. It has some signal but acts pretty much dead when I play it. If I tap it a bit i will work for a little bit then fizzle away , but always have some signal.

    Guess I gotta send the guitar back for warranty issue which means I can't play for a couple weeks.

    Thanks again!

    I have just picked up a GR-55 out of know where. I currently use my 11r s my A/I for my kemper into my laptop and studio monitors.

    Any ideas what the best method for a connection is here? I have looked online and just get confused. Mainly because I see little info on using the GR-55 as a A/I with the Kemper.

    Looking for something like 13 pin > Gr-55 > Kemper > GR-55 usb > PC

    Is this possible and if so what is the best methods?

    Hey all,

    Hope this is the correct place for this post.

    I am looking for any Jeff Beck tones or tips to dialing them in.

    I am mainly interested in his newer tones from Ronnie Scott's like "A Day In The Life"

    Thanks for any help!

    Hey everyone..

    New to my Kemper and trying to fatten up some lead tones as well as dial in some singing sustain (more rock blues based here).

    Can anyone throw me some tips on effects and placement in the chain. Is there a volume that acts as a true master to the amp, or is that just the regular volume knob and raising that pushes the amp?

    In general, once you grab a profile, what is the typical routin for dialing it in to your set up?

    Thanks for any help!

    Seems that some user sold 11R and bought Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, but not sure what the problem was.


    Yes, I was about to purchase the 6I6 but then realized if I sell my 11r just to purchase a new interface it could possibly be a waste of time and money. Plus the 11r does a lot more then the 6I6 does as far as throwing in my rack and having two killer units (profiler and modeler and an interface). Plus, I don't have the Kemper in my hands yet , so perhaps I may not even love it like everyone else and want my 11r (I doubt it, but one never knows).

    So if there is no quality problems using the 11r as the Kemper interface then I will just keep it, at least for the honeymoon period. As well, the Kemper comes today, so I just wanted to make sure I can play with it now , which I can since the 11r can be used to run the Kemper in my set up. At least that gives me a bit of time to think about it.

    Thanks for the help!

    I can't imagine audio interface coloring the digital signal. Simply, the answer is "no". 11R used as sound interface will not affect your Kemper signal.

    Thanks! I guess I am concerned with the connections. Seems most are using SPDIF connections and I would be using TS

    I was going to buy a new audio interface as I run my set up through my pc and reference monitors. However being as I have an 11r and that can be used as an audio interface and new 11r's are selling for $300. , the interface costs $250 I think I will just keep the 11r.

    BUT? Does the 11r act as a true interface which will not interfere or "color" the Kemper in anyway?

    If there is no difference in quality I will just keep the 11r.

    Thanks for any help!

    Being new to Kemper (not in my hands yet) How do updates work? Thing like stomp effects and amp models are always or at least can be improved on with firmware updates? New effects and other bells and whistle can also be added?

    For example how much has this unit improved in areas since it came to market and how far do you guys see it going?

    One thing that annoyed me with my 11r was the flat out dropping of the product and one thing that landed me here was seeing support and future progress,

    If you are keeping the 11r, you can use it as an audio interface, with the Stereo Main Outputs of the KPA connected to the appropriate Line Inputs of the 11r.

    Thanks Paults, not sure as of yet if I will keep the 11r, I likely will be selling it. I just want to make sure I will be able to run my current setup with the Kemper when it comes or if I should order a interface, but if the 11r can function for the time being then I am good.

    Thanks for the warm welcomes, I am very stoked. A true YOLO moment as I was not expecting this, just came across a nice B-stock deal and sprung on it. By far my biggest guitar related purchase other then my PRS.

    Yes, thanks... I suppose I will feel it out once I can play with it more. I have a Keeley modded DS-1 and a envelope filter mainly I still use with the 11r.

    Still not sure the best way to hook the Kemper into my pc and play through my monitors. Last I saw was 2016 it did not have an editor or way to plug into a pc. Hoping my 11r can be used until I know if I am selling that rig.

    It seems the Scarrlet 6i6 is popular for an interface but I would hate to drop 250 as I just dropped my bank for a bit.

    I just bought a new Kemper rackmount. I currently just play my 11r through my laptop with some reference monitors. I see the Kemper does not have an audio interface. Can I use my 11r for this to run the kemper for now (I may ell the 11r if I find it redundant).

    What is the best and most cost effective way to get the Kemper running through my pc?

    Are people getting good results putting OD's and distortions in front of the Kemper? I was pretty happy with my 11r and the effects but just wondering if a true stomp in front brings some amps even more to life.

    It is not in my hands yet but very excited! Sorry for asking redundant questions, I have read through the net but figured I would join the forum with a couple questions.