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    Morphing is the best feature ever , I use a mission expression pedal to blend in the leads , using a pedal doesn't require me to look down and push a button ... Just rest your foot on the pedal prior to the solo and voila !


    ... and anywhere in between :)

    Selling here my Laney Iron Heart IRT-X Powered Guitar Expansion Cab


    This has been with me for a couple of years and has some slight scuffing (can send pictures of) but only very minor. Other than that, its in great condition. I am selling this as I now use In Ear Monitors so no need for stage amplification.
    The IRT-X Expansion Cab from the guys at Laney is a truly versatile tool for any guitar player. It is an active 200w powered speaker that can act as a expansion speaker for any guitar amp combo with speaker outs available, as a cabinet for your digital amplifier such as a Kemper or POD system, or as an on stage monitor. You can also use it as a 200w power amp to connect your POD or Kemper to your speaker cabinet
    With a stereo effects loop, master volume, bass, and treble controls this is an extremely controllable system. DI out to the board with or without cabinet simulation and the option to run more than one of these at a time gives you so many options depending on what you need.
    Here's what Laney say about the IRT-X
    The key is - Electro- Mechanical Reactive Linking (ERL).
    Unlike an extension cabinet - which sits after your output section, the IRT-X sits BETWEEN your amps output section and your amps speaker and cleverly mimics the response characteristics of your on-board speaker.
    Unlike most guitar speakers, which are commonly, rolled off above 4Khz the IRT-X houses a high quality flat response 8" Driver and a 1"Compression Driver. As soon as you connect the IRT-X, YOUR guitar tone has the capability for far more highs and lows, which means more tone!
    Used in its most straightforward application the IRT-X gives you more of YOUR tone! And since it's YOUR tone what better than to use it as your own personal guitar monitor on stage - every gigging musician has run into problems hearing themselves on stage.

    How do I down grade to this previous version of RM?

    In the download section all I see is the latest version. Is there a link to archive builds?


    Have you tried turning off or reducing the 'Pure Cab' effect.

    This made a major difference to my tone. For a long time I was like "This does not sound as great as I thought".... then I saw this thread of someone else highlighting the issue, tried it and was like wow!!!

    I think it is on by default.

    This is thread here:

    Dissatisfied with Kemper, fizzy distortion, boring woofy bottom end, no mid punch, lack of detail in sound - FIXED! LOVE MY KEMPER

    Hi there

    I have updated to the latest rig manager (prompted when running rig manager to update) and I can no longer see my Kemper in rig manager.

    I have rebooted both devices and nothing. Was working perfectly fine before, so not an issue with my USB cable.

    I am using Kemper OS

    Does the latest rig manager require latest Kemper os to work/sync?

    I really dont want to update to latest Kemper OS as I am happy with the one I am using.

    Many thanks

    Because listening through a speaker at distance is different to catching the sound right next to your ear. It is the equivalent of standing a few meters off axis from a 4x12, or having your ear right next to the speaker. Of course it will be bright and nasty sounding that close. If you doubt the effect, try (at a reasonable level to listen to your favourite distorted guitar sound with your ear next to the speaker.

    And why going through the headphone for stereo, using the space effect and pure cabinet lessons that effect.

    I tried this method over the weekend and I now could not be any happier with how the Kemper sounds through IEMS... Incredible experience hearing it all in stereo.. no harshness at all.

    Hmmmm.... very interesting. Never really thought of it this way, might need to give this a go. Of course, this will indeed do away with any need to have the headphone amplifier.

    Going to give this a try.

    So can I unlink the alternative and return from the Kemper master volume?

    I think the key to getting the best experience with IEMs is to go stereo. Panning each instrument will make the world of difference to recreate that 3D sound image we are all so use to when playing with wedge monitors, backline, acoustic drums etc.

    With conventional mono set up, its just not the same and can sound like playing in a box. Everything being centre will eventually cause fatigue confusing the brain. And some ambient mics putting some of the room back into the mix.

    Also, having control of your own mix. There are plenty of apps both for IOS and Android that can connect remotely to the sound desk.

    It just takes time to get use to them and to use them in the right way.

    I have recently moved to IEMs... was the last one in the band to do so as was a little reluctant.

    At first, I was getting the same problem.. very hard and spikey sounding.. no warmth at all.

    I seemed to have found a solution now that works for me and that lovely Kemper guitar tone I know is back and I couldnt be any happier.

    I use a Behringer P1 headphone amp.…calj7t-Oom48aAjILEALw_wcB

    The Behringer amp has two XLRs... Sound guy sends all the band to one XLR (minus any guitar). I then send from Kemper monitor out to the other XLR and control my guitar monitor volume with an expression pedal.. I call this my 'More Me' pedal. A few adjustments in the monitor eq section, adding some Mid, Low end and reducing the treble and presence.

    Sounds very pleasing to my ears.

    Scott from Profiler Pr Tv does these.

    He has put together a few custom rigs for myself and I must say, are very accurate and impressive.

    Should check his Youtube channel out!