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    Cool rig!

    If I could give some unsolicited advice though, move the Fryette to the top of the rack. Those things generate crazy heat, and that's not going to be good for the Kemper.

    It'll also benefit the Fryette, since it won't be sitting under anything and should get more ventilation.

    Good point. MY OCD will disagree with the layout, but common sense def tells me you are right!

    it’s been a crazy and expensive ride with Kemper. Added a Fryette powerstation to my rack to use as a power amp. This is the happiest I have been with the Kemper so far tonally. The built in amp is OK, but just didn’t have the punch for the high gain stuff I play. Ironically, it sounds great through FOH, but I gotta have a little stage bump.

    Also had to get a cart seeing as the rig now weighs a metric fuckton...

    Curious about the differing pads for studio and direct profiles. Does changing the pad value affect the volume of what's coming out of the cab? My understanding is that it would only affect what's coming out of the DI. I could be wrong!

    When I ran the studio profile I still had the signal from amp to cab running through the DI out of sheer laziness. With both pads disengaged I was getting the clipping light on the DI illuminating occasionally. I engaged the -20db just to eliminate that. It probably wouldn’t have effected the studio profile. When switching the Kemper’s monitoring source from the mic on the cab to the DI signal coming out of the amp through DI box, it was much hotter, even with the first -20db pad still engaged. Even with the return on the Kemper turned way down it would clip the actual Kemper, causing an error. With both pads engaged I still had the return on the Kemper about 2db lower than what I used on the cab/mic signal.

    In summary, the first pad while making the studio profile prob had no effect, but I turned it on just to see the red light go away. Both seemed necessary for the direct profile to get the DI signal to a reasonable level when hitting the Kemper.

    Thanks for sharing these. I have had a lot of fun with the less gainy of this pair of profiles particularly. Really nice tone with an LP or single coils and it works a treat with all manner of other pedals in front of it - as versatile as you could wish for. If you are doing more, some cleaner ones merged with the same cab would be interesting to try.

    Seems I am not alone in thinking that I would love to hear your Bassman when you get around to it.

    Thank you for the feedback. Really stoked they even came out useable. I too prefer the less dirty of the two.

    I may try for another clean profile, but this thing gets dirty almost immediately. like, 2/10. I think the profile you like may have been at about 3... I could probably get a slightly cleaner profile, but it would prob not sound as good because the volume would barely be on and I think it would lack a lot of responsiveness.

    If you like the way the front end takes pedals, you will really like my Bassman. I used that head for everything from shimmering cleans to aggressive rock tone, shaping everything with pedals. It was actually my main amp before I was seduced by the Kemper. I think the tubes in it are prob worth as much as I paid for the head, but this is an amp where the tubes really make a huge difference. Im going to try and get some profiles today if nothing else comes up.

    Very cool & fun to play thru! Thanks for doing the merged profile - I'm liking this amp through various cabs. What DI are you using?

    Thanks for the feedback! It's so cool to me other people are able to play my amps via profiles. This could get addicting...

    Im using the cheapest DI that was recommended! The Behringer Ultra-G. I have no use for a DI otherwise so it was one thing I wasn't really willing to invest heavily in.

    On the DI box I used a -20db pad when profiling with the speaker and when I did the DI profile I engaged both -20db pads available on the DI box.

    Well, only you can know how close the result came to the original, Keith.

    How did the Profile compare when you switched between it the source amp?

    I feel like I got it pretty close. I didn’t plug it into a cab yet, but used Beyerdynamic DT770s to monitor. Usually I use my custom in-ears or HD650s, which I feel are more neutral.

    Sometimes I feel like other profiles I try are...quiet(?) compared to some of my favorite profiles? It almost makes them come across as muffled and lifeless when comparing to a really responsive and open profile. I messed with the return level and tried to get it as hot as possible without getting the “you’re clipping the profiler” error. I also tried to capture as much of the proximity effect as possible. I feel like it keeps the profile feeling more springy and alive under the fingers.

    I didn’t use any other external gear, but maybe in the future. I like to learn things one element at a time.

    I have been using so many amazing commercial and free profiles and have only tried profiling once.. It turned out decent, but seemed like a lot of effort when there is so much good stuff to be had from the experts. Seeing as I'm not going to beat anyone's work out there with the same available amps, I thought I could contribute by profiling my own lil' custom amp. This amp was made by my good friend and bass player, Scott Reedy. He's the amp Dr. of south Orange County. This is a low wattage, nasty little amp. Just how I like them.

    These profiles are merged for my fellow cab guys. There is a pretty clean version right on the edge of breakup, and a dirtier version. If you guys like this one, I have a 71' Bassman loaded with NOS tubes that I can take a shot at.


    (Also on the Rig Exchange under Dark Arts, or my name Keith Woodhall)

    Let me know what you think!

    Weren't you rockin' a Mesa 2x12 at one time, Keith? That's what I use now and much prefer it to my 4x12's (69 Marshall Basketweave, 1960a/1960b, AX/BX, Wizard, Mesa Trad/Stiletto, Avatar...)!

    Never had an Orange 2x12 but now I'm interested lol .:/:)

    I owned a Mesa 2x12 but that was before I had the Kemper. From what I recall about the Mesa, the Orange is a bit more raw sounding and middy.

    Completely different amps though. I was playing a modded JCM800 and a 5150 block letter during the Mesa cab era, and was playing much more aggressive music.

    +1 to merged or direct profiles only with a guitar cab.

    So far I have played the Kemper through:

    Marshall 1960AV with V30s

    Randal XL 4x12 with V30s

    Avatar Signature with V30s

    Orange PPC212 with V30s

    Mission Engineering 2-P (FRFR)

    The Marshall was my least favorite guitar cab. I dont like 4x12s with the Kemper in General. 2x12s just seem to sound better to me. The Marshall and Orange side by side makes the Marshall sound dark, wooly, and fizzy.

    I have used the Avatar the longest with the Kemper live (Also the closest to the Orange's sound profile).

    I then tried the Mission FRFR because EVERYONE ON HERE SWORE FRFR WAS THE WAY TO GO....... and was terribly disappointed... I sold that for the Orange and its about 15% better sounding to me than the Avatar.

    I have never used a studio profile with the cab disengaged and had it even close to usable. I also think its important to find profiles that are very close to what you are looking for. While the tweaking ability on the Kemper is amazing, I find the more drastically you tweak, the more of the "Real Amp" feel you lose.

    There is a "Merged Profile Tutorial" section in the library. All of the profiles there are merged. I only use merged profiles with a traditional cab. Using studio profiles with the cab disengaged doesn't cut it live. No pun intended.


    Mission is sold. While it sounded great at normal people volumes, it just didn’t cut it with the rest of the band. At enough volume it started sounding boxy and any palm muting at all made the cabinet woof pretty bad. It was loud enough, it was just sloppy sounding. I mainly play the single note lead stuff and the textural parts and it just wasn’t present.

    Good news is I made $300 on the cab and ended up paying $100 bucks on top of it at guitar center for a brand new Orange 2x12.