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    Just checking... did you say it's between the film protector and the screen? I could be wrong, but isn't that film protector designed to be temporary, and removed after acquiring it? I may have misunderstood.

    I have a screen guard on both my remote and my Stage, but it's a non-Kemper product, just to protect against accidental damage, such as dropped items (not dust, of course, though they do seem dust-free). However I'm pretty sure I removed the film if it had one on both, pretty early on. I've had the remote since 2017, I think...

    Like some others here, I would suggest not using your Marshall to power the head... but it's your choice, of course. Way back when I first bought a Kemper toaster, one of my concerns was weight and convenience. So I bought a powered head and a super light 2x12 passive cab (Matrix). I just didn't want to carry my heavy Mark V Boogie to gigs anymore. However I did notice the cabinet sounded quite different to the sound out front.

    I then bought a Stage, as a backup unit, which of course isn't powered. So I bought a Powerkab for that, and I now actually use that with both units. Because of the speaker imprints, it sounds closer to the profile (with cabinet ON) sent to the PA. As mentioned above, you have to activate the power amp boost to get a decent volume.

    If I wanted a power amp and only had the Stage, I would probably look at the Ritter Camplifier series - they are small and offer stereo options. If I only had an unpowered toaster, they make one that fits in the back of the toaster, I believe. There are other options...

    If you really, really never want the cabinet engaged, i.e. you're not sending a signal to FOH or using the KPA for recording, then of course you have the cabinet soft button on the front of the unit, in the signal chain.

    However it's still better just to press the Monitor Cab Off though, because it will at least give you options if you ever do want to use the cabinet in other circumstances. You also won't accidentally turn it back on again.

    I disable the cabinet to the monitor (Output menu pages 1, 3, 8 - latest OS), and unlink the master volume from everything EXCEPT the monitor (also a setting in the Output menu, page 2 I think).

    Hi all

    Just re-introducing myself.

    I have been using Kempers since 2017 but never much interacted with this forum, so I am still classed as 'Beginner' (you'll usually find me on the Facebook pages). I am semi-pro, and play in a covers band in South East England. I have a modest home studio and use Kempers live, for the following reasons: I finally have complete control over volumes, it saves me carrying heavy gear around, but most importantly, it sounds amazing. Generally playing small venues, I always struggled to get the same sound each time, whether it was using Marshalls (I have owned a few) or Mesa Boogies (I still own one). I also always struggled to keep rhythm quiet while boosting leads to a reasonable cut-through volume and EQ. All of that is so easy now.

    Although I own hundreds if not thousands of profiles, but I use a variety of Performances which are mostly based around BE100 rigs created by Bert Meulendijk. I have other experimental performances based on other amps and profile producers.

    I mainly use a Kemper Powerhead, but since I sold my Helix LT (which was my backup solution, with an FRFR cab) for a Kemper Stage, I also bought a Powerkab, which I can now use with both units. I still own a Matrix NL212 cabinet. Even though I mainly play pubs and clubs, I will put the Kemper also through the PA in stereo, and use the Powerkab for monitoring.

    Although I am not a pro, I have been playing since 1975, and the Kempers are hands-down the best guitar gear I've ever owned.



    I feel really stupid asking this question, as I'm a long-time Kemper user and I've never had this issue. I have set up several performances on a Stage.

    On ONE performance only (as far as I can tell), on ONE rig only, the second press of the rig button doesn't activate morph mode. The morph button lights up momentarily, then both the LED and the morph light rever to their previous state. I've tried looking through the forum for a similar issue. It's not a massive issue, but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone have an idea?

    I do have a powered toaster so I could check what that's doing, but I would have thought it must be something simple...

    I have just bought a Kemper Powerhead after months of research and procrastination. I upgraded the OS successfully. I was then exploring the onboard profiles using the headphone socket, before deciding on buying or adding any more. Fabulous. I then wanted to hear it through my PC and put the headphones there. I connected the output jack of the Kemper to the input of my Roland Quad Capture, and the headphones to that. Nothing. Then I connected the monitor out to the input. I got a signal. Great! I couldn't understand why the main Output jack didn't work (I didn't use XLR), but I parked that. Then I wondered if it was worth turning off the power amp as I wasn't currently using it. It took me a while to find the option but I found it. Then suddenly, nothing came out of the PC to my headphones any more. Thinking I'd inadvertently switched something off, I went through the output menu and made sure everything was switched on. It is. Then I realised that NOTHING is playing on my PC. I can't hear any music; if I put my guitar direct in, I hear a dry signal and the signals light up but my old Amplitude software doesn't see it. And if I switch back to the Kemper, it doesn't even send a dry signal any more.

    Now I'm left with nothing but the headphones. Could I have damaged something somewhere? Overloaded something?