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    Just to add some fuel to the fire....arguing about logic and such. My question is in a similar vein, on the front of the Kemper the "Down" rig and "Up" rig buttons seem reversed to me as well when in Performance mode.

    Pressing "Down" moves the performance slot up numerically.... To my albeit Canadian way of thinking, if I'm already in Performance Slot #1 (at the top of the list) I should have to choose the "Down" button to access rigs below the top one. But not so on a Kemper (sadly).

    My best real world example, regardless of country of origin is an elevator or a lift. If I desire to go "Up" in the building (to the top floor) I push the "UP" button.

    Maybe a soft button option could manage both of these (perceived) quirks. I like the idea of the banks being assigned to the Looper and Tuner buttons, and being able to reassign the Bank buttons to other uses.