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    There are so many free ones on Rig Exchange!

    You could try this:

    Go to Rig Manager, type HELL in the search area.

    There's an author named HELL-G, there are 30 or so totally heavy profiles of an Engl Fireball, scroll until you find those, they're killer.

    It's a mystery, all right.

    I used to have a GSR 200 a while back, had the active circuit, never any problems with it. What you might consider trying is to clean the inside of the guitar's output jack. If it's corroded, you can get a bad connection, it's happened to me on several guitars. (of course, in those cases, when you moved the cable, the signal would ouput intermittently.) Try with a cotton swab and some Isopropyl to carefully clean the jack. Usually that cleared up the problem for a short time, and would return, so I rolled up some sandpaper and scraped the inside of the jack, then no problems. In those cases, it was the ground, or barrel portion of the jack which was corroded.

    It's probly not your issue, but won't cost you anything except a few minutes to try it!

    Had a similar freeze like that yesterday, except the profiler rack screen showed blank except for 'Kemper Profiler' (no other words, symbols, status bars, etc.) Neither rig manager or the rack responded anymore.

    Turned it off for a minute, then back on, it's back to normal.

    Is the XR18 an audio interface? or a mixer?

    It should sound exactly the same, especially because it reads like you are using the same Kemper output for recording and monitoring. If you were using 2 different outputs, you could possibly have different output eq settings. You could look at those settings in the output menu anyway just to check.

    It's mysterious, because my setup: Guitar/Kemper/Audio interface/Pc sounds fairly identical on playback.

    On really, mega high gain profile settings with my noisier guitar, I go with 2 instances of the Noise gate 4:1 in the pedal section. Set them both around 5. Usually dead quiet between notes at that point.

    Then set the input noise gate as low as possible because I want more of a raw sound, say 2 or less. Matter of taste on that one.

    Then if still noisy, raise the 4:1 noise gates as needed depending on the profile, maybe as high as 6 or 7 if out of control.

    The number one thing I notice as the difference between demos/home recording and pro studio recordings is the tightness. Pro recordings you can barely tell that guitar parts were played separately, they sound so perfectly in time.

    Of course, for your style of music, tightness may not be as important, but still you want what you played to play back as you played it, in time with the other instruments. Then render your tracks and when sent to the studio, time is right on.

    If you're using Reaper, consider getting your recording latency adjusted perfectly first before you start recording anything. That way you ensure your tracks are perfectly in time, as you recorded them. (then play them super tight, ha!) What I'm getting at is- most audio interfaces report their latency to Reaper incorrectly. They won't line up perfectly in Reaper on the grid exactly as you played them. A manual adjustment can be made in Reaper in the options/recording/input manual offset area. Both of my audio interfaces are off by hundreds of samples. Doesn't sound like much, but you asked for tips- this is my #1 tip- get the latency adjusted, get the timing right. Basically you connect a cable from an output to an input, and measure how the recorded tracks line up in Reaper then make an offset adjustment, I use my headphone jack out as that's how I monitor when recording. You can also do it using Reainsert (a little easier)

    As far as recording, all good advice above, if you have enough interface inputs, yeah, record dry track+effects track+di track, and then you have all the options.

    Agree with the above, check those settings out.

    In Reaper, for the DI sends, click the io button, uncheck master send (if it's a sub folder, it'll say parent send). Then add a new 'hardware output' using the output your cable is connected to. It should be a unique output, one not used for anything else.

    Then on the master track, make sure that the DI output is not selected as the master hardware output.

    You could also try direct monitoring the input (return from Kemper) thru your audio interface instead of record monitoring in Reaper as a test.

    If that sounds fine, then the problem is within Reaper. Maybe it's track leakage, or a plugin somewhere if that is the case.


    Really good job all around. In the mix everything sounds really clear and defined. Drums are played tight! Vocalist can really belt it out, holy crap...

    Are you using the Kemper for the Bass guitar as well?

    Looking at Rig Mgr, select the 'Amplifier' block.

    While looking at Rig Mgr, turn the volume knob on the Kemper itself (not master volume) In my case it's the Powerack I have.

    Nothing happens in Rig mgr, knob image does not turn.

    If you turn the mid, bass, treble presence, they all work, all move on the screen.

    If you do the opposite, turn the amplifier volume knob with your mouse in RM, the Kemper does get louder, so it only works one way.

    Same still happening with the new beta. 7.5.018

    Try this- open any profile- turn the profiler's 'volume' knob (which controls the amplifier volume). Then look at RM-no effect here- nothing changes in Rig manager, it's lot linked/synced, whatever the term is.

    Try this- open any profile which you know has an adjusted amp volume in RM- it shows 0.0 DB here, look on profiler unit, shows the correct value.

    Just me? Or an error in programming/glitch?


    I like to double track my guitars and pan one left and right for that fuller sound. If I'm using a profile with chorus / flange effects I also like to record that track in stereo as mono sounds flat and lifeless. I assume it needs a stereo field to come to bring the effects to life.

    I've just started recording this way recently, with so far good, interesting results. I used to record only in mono. Using Reaper DAW, you have 5 different options under the pan control on each track. The most interesting one is 'Dual Pan' mode. What this does is creates 2 pan controls on that track. So if recorded in stereo for the left guitars for example, I'll set one at 100%L, one at 50 or 60L, then do the opposite on guitar #2. Under normal mono pan, I like 100L/100R for the separation, somehow this sounds better, different than say 70L/70R or similar. The dual pan creates an even balance for me- example- parts where everything drops out, and one guitar is playing solo- If you're 100L it really drops out and you'd have to automate for proper audibility. Anyway, hopefully whatever DAW you use has some similar options to try....

    When you add a small amount of Micro-pitch or chorus, then things get even more interesting!

    I have a Presonus Studio 1824C. All the connections sound great, my recording sound pretty much exactly like the headphone output of the Kemper, does everything I need it to. Not sure how it compares to the others mentioned, but works good for me.

    It ran around $500, but they have models in the same series that have less inputs and outputs for around $200 I think.

    One factor is it is a USB C interface, so if you have a USB C connection on your computer (or will upgrade at some point in the future), that's a plus. It won' be outdated as fast as some others might.

    I still have an older PC with std USB connection, works fine with it. I think with USB C, you can get much faster data transfer which equals lower latency.