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    Just wanted to say thank you to Kemper and everyone who worked on the RM 3! Been using it every day for over a month now, it's great. There are quite a few things I really even had no idea were editable parameters, or just would never take the time to navigate to try to edit. Such as the equalizer options on the output menu, totally useful, man. No idea it even existed. Also the ducking parameter can have it's position changed from post to pre on some fx, no idea that was there. Yeah, there's some problems as others have mentioned above, (mine loses connection some times and have to restart) but overall great.

    My favorite is the locking feature. Sometimes I use it like this- lock an amp I like, lock the fx I like, then go to the Rig Exchange and scroll thru profiles.

    Only thing that changes is the cabinet, and any fx slots that weren't locked. So you can get some crazy killer results. (and some really strange ones)

    The fx presets and their potential is another benefit. If you haven't tried all the included Kemper fx presets, definitely try 'ICE' (cirrus reverb preset) Really wild!

    Here's my wish list so far:

    * Tuner

    * Ability to scroll thru fx presets with just one key (like you can with profiles) this would be really cool for scrolling thru different cab presets for example (while playing). It's hard to do while balancing a guitar and having to press ctrl/enter! How about enabling the arrow keys as it's implemented for the profiles.

    * Add 'Save as' to allow naming and destination choices for tweaked profiles.


    Sounds great! What caught my attention was the mention of Thin Lizzy. After trying it out, what I found that was by cranking the gain up to about 7, there results a super heavy, thickened, sludgy doom metal sound. \m/

    Thanks for sharing, Mickrich.

    whats the issue with the cab irs ?

    For the Kemper users who are playing thru a guitar cab, the cabinet section will have little to no use. They are getting a significant portion of their tone from the speakers themselves. I suspect many of the posters who mention they have no use for an editor possibly fall into this category.

    If recording direct from the Kemper, the cab section and other sub menu adjustments are all important. The amplifier sections sound similar for the most part, but the cabs make a huge difference. The gamut from dull and lifeless, to smooth and warm, harsh and fizzy, boomy and muddy, and everywhere in between. To specifically answer:

    *Once you've utilized the cab maker, added all your favorite ir's, and saved some of the great sounding profile cabs, an accumulation of cabs are stored in the Kemper. Scrolling thru the sub menu to select a different cab, turning, turning, turning the knob- you feel like- certainly the knob is going to break off, or your going to pull every muscle in your wrist. Sheer colossal numbers of cabs becomes daunting. If you have the misfortune of importing a cab which is titled with a lower case spelling, forget about it, it will be all the way at the end of the list. Amount of time wasting makes it frustrating. With an editor= seconds.

    * If, now logically you think- why not delete the cab presets that suck, thereby reducing the size of the list, and making scrolling thru faster. Well, try it, you have about a microsecond option to delete a preset. It would take hours and hours to delete all the cab presets I no longer want. Likely accomplished in 20 seconds with an editor......

    For these reasons I no longer utilize the cab presets (even before the editor was announced- when was that? oh yeah at least 10 months ago...), and many other features, just too difficult and time consuming. Feel like I'm using a tiny fraction of the potential of the Kemper.

    The Kemper requires it.

    I'm using a different audio interface- an old Profire 2626, and I have all of the Kemper's outputs including sp-dif hooked up to it. The clock is set to the Profire, sp-dif works. I never considered switching the clock to the Kemper. Obviously it is not required. Perhaps it helps with the timing for re-amping.

    I'll have to give it a try though, see if it makes any difference.

    Why would you possibly need the Kemper to be the clock source?

    Does it record with less latency then? More accurately on time?

    Seems more logical the other way around.

    I can hear it. It's like a low end flab. It sounds a lot thicker and more distorted than the reference. Is the amp not loud enough, or too loud?

    If you can't get profiling closer, try dudemanbrother's stomp EQ (before the amp stage) idea. Definitely cut the low end, you could try boosting the highs as a test too.

    For me, I like the #12 better. It sounds darker and less harsh, and the notes sound thicker. Cool tone! Also I'm testing on a Dean Z Explorer which is unusually thin and bright sounding, so that may explain why the darker profiler sounds better. I can always turn up the amplifier treble control (sounds good), and still sounds less harsh more natural than the # 11.

    Cheers- sounds good, thanks.

    Ok- never, never would have considered tip # 3 from video 1. I feel like I've tried almost every other parameter in the Kemper, but adding direct mix? Doesn't seem to make sense. For clean guitars maybe, for bass guitar for sure, but not for high gain guitars. After trying it, you can definitely hear the difference. If it's really low between 1 and 2 seems to work, and the notes are a little clearer.

    Not sure if I like it..... Seems so counter-intuitive for high gain profiles.

    Anyone tried this for high gain?

    Does adding a compressor increase the latency?

    Reading recently about Kemper's default latency settings vs. 'constant latency', and apparently the default latency changes per profile depending on dsp needs (it's variable). I've definitely noticed some really obvious profiles in the past, but never noted what fx were active.

    So the question is, does adding a compressor pump up that variable latency higher?

    If your recording set up can handle multiple channels at the same time I'd take a direct out from the KPA so you can blend that with the Ampeg profile.

    This is exactly what I do. I'm a guitar player who fakes it on bass. I've actually had pretty metal good bass tone success using guitar amp profiles. What you could try is find a guitar profile that is medium gain with low mid content, go to the amplifier button, then blend in the direct mix to taste, maybe 7. Then crank the gain until it sounds heavy. Then take an extra cable from the Kemper direct output and record that too (Low pass that track really low, maybe 4-500 hz) As finally wrote- no reverb on bass, except maybe for a special effect.

    Hey guys. So I am just setting up my new kemper (latest software installed) and one of the things I noticed is that it sounds really fuzzy through headphones, I tried tweaking EQ and the headphones space but it still sounds fuzzy. I'm not sure if the input has any deal with it because when I played it sounds fuzzy the input will turn red a few times which I'm assuming means that the signal is too hot, is that maybe why the headphones sound fuzzy? But even on a clean channel they still have a fuzz sound to them. Also, (i know I know I know. ) I am using beats stuido headphones. Are they possibly to blame? Any help is Appreciated. Thanks :)

    Do you mean fuzzy, as in distorted/clipping? Or Fizzy, as in harsh grating high end?

    If your input led turns red, it's too hot, lower your pickup height.

    If it's fizzy, try loading a studio eq in the x module, bring the High cut down to 8K or even lower, or set one of the mid freq's to 7k and cut it down.

    If it's fuzzy, something is too high, fix the input clipping, then turn settings down until gone. (or your headphones are crap)

    Thanks- these are killer!
    My favorite is the MAGT. But they're all really good, man. Previously the profile I liked the most was your 6SOS Wylde, think these are even better - riff machines.

    Of course, some of the excitement could be because I just installed a new pickup last night.