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    Try right clicking the empty performance slot in RM and create a performance...then drop one of the .kipf files in that perforce slot. For some reason some peoples RM seems to not let you drag to an empty slot but you can overwrite a non empty slot.

    If we can't get it working Mario I'm happy to refund you.


    The Founder’s Amp Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the sound of the a PRS Paul’s Amp head. This pack contains fat clean tones with warm piano like cleans and warn overdrive that are especially thick sounding with plenty of cutting midrange. The EL34 power section gives these profiles an aggressive edge when broken up and combined with a clean channel that allows for scooped mids, the profiles in this pack can move freely between American and British tones. We’ve also included several profiles with boosts.

    This one is special! Check it out!!

    25 Profiles (21 Studio and 4 Direct)

    ODR - Green side of Protein Drive
    Blue - Blue side of Protein Drive
    + - KLONE
    D - Direct Profile

    The Sooze shows us a pretty cool and often over looked Stomp in this episode of Kemper Tips and Tricks! It's the Fuzz DS Stomp!!! Sooze and HW mess around with the Fuzz DS but what is so cool about this Stomp is that if you run the gain on 0, you still get a some spitty fuzzy breakup. The mix knob at that point almost becomes like a gain knob that you can use to clean it up or push the amps hard It's a pretty cool trick form the Sooze!!

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    The Dirty Surly Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the sound of the harmonically rich, British inspired, rock tone machine. It’s rare that we run into a circuit that is as good gained up as it is clean but what makes these profiles unique is that clean, edge of break up, overdrive, gained up or full on lead territory, these profiles all sound impeccable. The cleans and pushed cleans are perfect for those Hendrix Strat tones, Classic Plexi tones that will remind you on AC/DC or Zep, and all the way up to KISS. At the highest gain ranges these profiles push into modern rock territory.

    These are some of the best Rock tones we have put out. The 40 watt power section results in the perfect blend of headroom and sag which makes these profiles feel like an amp on 10. These are very harmonically rich and touch sensitive! We have taken extra care to profiles a healthy tight bass with plenty of midrange girth to give you plenty of full sounding mid pushed rock tones without a shrill high end.

    L - Low Input
    H - High Input
    + - Silver Horsie Klone
    D - Direct Profile

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    The New Tone Junkie Divide Eldy W Kemper Profile Pack is out now and it's SWEET!! Check out the classic bold clean tones and these overdriven Rock rhythms and leads!! The Eldy has a familiar Plexi sort of feel but mixed with a boutique high end that reminds us of a matchless amp. We profiled the amp in two modes, the standard 39 watt mode plus the Class A mode denoted with "17". These profiles are more squishy and matchless like.

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    The New Tone Junkie Divide Eldy W Kemper Profile Pack is out now and it's SWEET!! Check out the classic bold clean tones and these overdriven Rock rhythms and leads!! The Eldy has a familiar Plexi sort of feel but mixed with a boutique high end that reminds us of a matchless amp. We profiled the amp in two modes, the standard 39 watt mode plus the Class A mode denoted with "17". These profiles are more squishy and matchless like.

    Hey dudes,

    Sorry it took me so long to get on here just been busy and haven't been on the boards since I posted this. Thanks for all the support! I know the price is higher than most packs but it's our first time working with an artist and that means I am not able to discount it as heavily as other packs. In this case there was a sort of minimum price the Stu wanted to sell something with his name at and I given that he has released signature pedals and amps with manufacturers I understand that position. Not everyone may be familiar with Stu and his work but he has a brand and a reputation he has spent decades building.

    What we did do was not only include profiles of the Park (Studio and Direct) but also Dual profiles of Stu's Farewell rig with Delirious which was the Park and JMP50 we also included 3 performances where we copied the effects Stu uses on his board from his drives to compressor to his H9s.
    More on that here...

    Download now:

    The 87 Silver Jub Pack seeks to capture the tone of the late 80’s classic amplifier adorned with it’s iconic silver tolex. These are modern classics and have appeared on countless rock records from GNR, Joe B. and Chilli Peppers. Combining the preamp gain from multiple 12ax7’s with diodes, the Silver Jub Pack bridges the divide between classic British crunch and something a bit more ROCK!!!. We’ve captured 29 Studio profiles along with 14 direct profiles.

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    The Stu G’s Park Kemper Profile Pack seeks to captures the sound of the original 1976 Park 212 Reverb used by Stu G on tons of recordings with Delirious and countless recording projects. This pack contains profiles of channel 1, channel 2 and the channels linked together. We’ve also included Dual Profiles of the Park and a 73 JMP 50… The “Farewell” Delirious rig. Plus we have dialed in a bunch of effects from Stu’s pedalboard and included performances of 3 Delirious songs and some of our favorite effects that we have ever put out!

    D? Farewell: Dual Profile of 76 Park and 73 JMP 50
    F Drive: Fulltone Fulldrive
    F Drive Boost: Boost side of the Fulldrive
    Kilt G1: Kilt G1 setting
    Rock Box: Box of Rock
    Roose: 3P Roosevelt Drive
    Farewell FX: Extra FX we threw in

    Please note that some of these clips Stu is using a pedal board into the profiles. For example on the L1 clip Stu was using the Roosevelt drive into the Kemper and half way thru the L2 clip Stu turns on a drive pedal. We have a more in depth closer look video into the pack where Stu breaks down the sound in the Kemper as well as more demos of the profiles with no pedals. We also have included profiles crated with these drive pedals baked in.

    Download now at:

    The Hot Kitty Classic Pro Kemper Profile Pack captures two different boutique circuits. The Hot Kitty 30 profiles capture familiar 2 channel EL84 boutique type circuit but the Hot cat adds in much more preamp gain allowing these profiles to stretch from million dollar cleans to drop D chugga chugga!! The Classic Pro is a boutique take on a “deluxe” but don’t think of it as a clone, the tone is clean and American but as it breaks up the quality moves towards all of those early rock n roll recordings with small combos set to 10!!!

    50% off right now at:

    The JTM45 Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of this KT66 classic. This profile pack features 41 profiles in 4 profile sets capturing every sound hidden within this classic design. Profiles marked "N" feature the Normal channel and an EQ designed to deliver plenty of girth and British style midrange for brighter sounding guitars. "T" profiles feature High Treble channel of the amp, with the EQ dialed in for more high end clarity and upper mids. Profiles marked "J" feature both these channels jumped together giving you more breakup at the phase inverter with plenty of high end and girth! "Max" profiles feature the amps EQ controls all set to 10. This produces a different sound and character than using the eq to dial in the tone. Here you will find many, many, many of the classic British sounds you have heard on records. Not only do you get the sound of the amp with all controls maxed but this same sound with the gain of both channels dialed back for varying levels of this classic British Tone. As a bonus we have included several pedals pushing this amp at our favorite settings.
    + - indicates a KLONE pedal pushing the amp
    SD1 - indicates a Boss SD-1 is pushing the amp
    KOT OD - indicates the OD side of a King of Tone
    KOT Dist - indicated the Distortion side of the King of Tone

    This one is all filler!

    Download now at:

    The Bend Sun 2 pack is the follow up to one of the most beloved profile packs we have ever released, the Bend Sun Kemper Profile Pack! The original pack boasting the classic “Butterfly” and “Chimer” profiles, has become a classic in the Kemper community. Not a week goes by that we don’t receive emails, messages, and comments telling us that the Bend Sun Kemper Profile Pack is an all time favorite no matter how many packs people buy. The Bend Sun 2 pack features 50+ studio profiles and 12 direct profiles of the new “Ear Hard” and “My Cousin” profile sets.

    N - Normal
    T - Top
    H30 - G12H30 speaker
    X - Celestion Blue
    Sparkle - Sparkle Drive
    KOT - King of Tone
    + - Klone

    Hey Dudes,

    We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on an amp owned and played live by John Mayer. It was the Prototype made for John which became the Two Rock John Mayer signature amp of which they produced 40 I believe.

    Here are two profiles of the amp,
    B2 is very similar to the settings John uses that were marked on the front of the amp, with the Bright switch on.
    BM3 are similar settings but with both the Bright switch and Mid switch turned on and the gain knob increased.


    This one is special!!! Owned and used by the man himself. Played live with the Trio and seen on several TV appearances before the production models came out. We have captured 21 studio profiles including John’s settings marked on the amp. Plus we captured profiles with the mid switch on/off, bright on/off and put some pedals that have shown up on John’s board over the years including a KLONE, Original Marshall Bluesbreaker 1a, and a Sparkle Drive. We’ve captured this amp across it’s gain stages in all sorts of configurations. This is that tone! Percussive and strong yet beautiful and articulate with a deep bass.

    But it’s not a one trick pony!! We’ve put these profiles in the hands of players of all genre’s and we are seeing people use these profiles for Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, and even P&W!!!

    Sig - Signature setting marked on the amp
    B - Bright switch on
    M - Mid switch on
    + - KLONE
    Sparkle - Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
    Breaker - Original Marshall BluesBreaker 1a

    Download now at:

    Behind the scenes and about the pack...