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    This one is special!!! Owned and used by the man himself. Played live with the Trio and seen on several TV appearances before the production models came out. We have captured 21 studio profiles including John’s settings marked on the amp. Plus we captured profiles with the mid switch on/off, bright on/off and put some pedals that have shown up on John’s board over the years including a KLONE, Original Marshall Bluesbreaker 1a, and a Sparkle Drive. We’ve captured this amp across it’s gain stages in all sorts of configurations. This is that tone! Percussive and strong yet beautiful and articulate with a deep bass.

    But it’s not a one trick pony!! We’ve put these profiles in the hands of players of all genre’s and we are seeing people use these profiles for Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, and even P&W!!!

    Sig - Signature setting marked on the amp
    B - Bright switch on
    M - Mid switch on
    + - KLONE
    Sparkle - Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
    Breaker - Original Marshall BluesBreaker 1a

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    Behind the scenes and about the pack...

    30% off when you spend $30 or more!

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    The Bad Kitty Stellar Kemper profile pack captures the tones of the EF86/EL34 signature amp of “The Duke of Tone!” In a nutshell, this is the P&W rock amp! It’s as if Rock n Roll put on it’s Sunday best! The EF86 allows for enough clean headroom on “T” profiles to get sparkling bright cleans but overall, the EF86 provides a midrange crunch with a boutique million dollar high end that makes for amazing pushed midrangey crunch tones but with a super refined chimey top end. 43 beautifully captured profiles using our favorite Scumback M75 (Creamback) and Celestion Blues plus 5 direct profiles.

    T - Using 5 position rotary tone knob, First number is the rotary knob position.
    X - Profiles with Celestion Blue speakers

    D - Direct profiles of amplifier only, no cabinet.

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    Dual Pack #3 features our best line up of dual profiles yet! We’ve put together some classic pairing as well of some dual amp set ups you hear on popular records. 36 unique sounding studio profiles. Dual Pack 3 consists these profile sets, “Englishmen”, “Bad Kitty Twin”, “Bad Kitty AC”, “Super AC” and “AC Super”.

    The Englishmen profiles feature a 90’s era Vox AC30/6 and a JTM45 profiled together. You will find a familiar JTM style British Crunch with a focused Vox midrangey honk in the middle. The Bad Kitty Twin is the sound of the Luke and a Twin run together. In these profiles you can hear the familiar “giant ac30” of the Luke but with a bright, open, snappy top end from the 100 watt twin. “The Bad Kitty AC” pairs the Luke with an AC30. This adds some of that focused midrange and honk back into the otherwise more open sounding Bad Kitty Luke. Finally, we have given you two versions of the Super Reverb and AC30 Silver Bells amp running together. “Super AC” puts the Super Reverb in non bright mode with plenty of low end and allows the AC30’s top end chime to come thru, while “AC Super” puts the AC with a more darker EQ and lets the Super’s bright, high end shine thru. These Super and AC combinations are sure to be favorites for players looking for pedal platforms.

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    The 67 Supery Verb Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of an all original 1967 American classic. Featuring 4 x 10 inch original vintage speakers, players can expect a tight bass and glassy, clear top end. At 40 watts there is plenty of headroom for cleans but once it gets going this is the sound of some of the most iconic recordings ever! The 67 Supery Verb Pack contains 37 Studio and 13 Direct profiles. We’ve captures the Normal, Normal w/ Bright, Vibrato, and Vibrato with Bright channels giving you a variety of flavors. Plus we’ve included some overdrive pedals packed in because this circuit loves pedals!!!

    Naming Key
    N - Normal channel
    NB - Normal Bright
    V - Vibrato channel
    VB - Vibrato Bright
    D - Direct profile
    + - KLONE

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    The AC Silver Bell Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of a $4k, hand built in the UK, recreation of a 1964 classic featuring the fabled “Silver Bell” speakers. Similar to the blues these speakers have a rich top end chime. The AC Silver Bell Pack features 32 Studio and 15 Direct profiles which capture this amp across the Normal, Brilliant and Jumpered channels. Plus we threw in some of our favorite overdrives like the Super Bolt, KOT and Sparkle Drive. We have done AC circuits in the past so you may be wondering how this differs. You can expect the AC Silver Bell Pack to have slightly more focused tone on the brilliant input, less woofiness in the hard pushed Jumpered sounds and a Brighter more usable Normal channel. These Silver Bells in this circuit seem to have a little more openness to them in comparison to the Alnico Blue equipped 6 input amp AC we previously profiles and a slightly different character in the midrange that I would describe as less honky but more focused.
    Naming Key:
    D - Direct
    B - Brilliant
    N - Normal
    J - Jumpered inputs
    + - KLONE

    Hey Dudes,

    Here are my my favorite profiles from a couple packs we made. The 1967 Super Reverb is all original and "VB2" is my favorite clean at the moment, its of the vibrato channel with the bright switch on. My favorite of the AC30 ones is labeled "HW 2" because those are the setting I've been using on my 90s era 6 input Vox AC30.


    Finally, someone has done this amp properly. There are a few sets of the 30watt version but the bad boy has been sparsely covered. The tones on this set are really impressive - the Tweed mode sounds so good. Kudos to TJ for their work on this which includes a full set of DIs.

    Thanks dude, I'm glad your digging it. This was a really cool amp and I loved having it around. It its as versatile as any Mesa i've played but with no bad sounds...almost.

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    The Loanster Profile Pack seeks to capture the sounds of the Lonestar state, but ends up being capable of so much more! These are arguably the best cleans to come from one particular southern california boutique amp maker and the drive channel is flexible. The two channels are nearly identical but channel 2 has the option of adding an addition gain stage or “Drive” in front of the channel. These two cascading gain stages make for world of possibilities so we’ve profiled them in all sorts of combinations. You’ll notice that running the first stage dirtier and the second stage cleaner is closer to an 80s rock or high gain amp tone where running the first stage clean and the second dirty is closer to turning up a low wattage vintage amp. Profiles of channel 2 in this pack are labeled “DR_ G_” This indicated the position of the drive and gain knobs on the amp.

    There is a ton of tone in this pack, from high headroom American cleans, some low midrange tweed flavors and all sorts of variation from those two cascading gain stages. 36 Profiles (19 direct and 17 studio) Enjoy!

    T - Tweed mode
    DR - Drive knob position on channel 2
    G - Gain knob position on channel 2

    Download now at https://tonejunkiestore.comThe Peaty 100 Kemper Profile pack combines smooth yet brilliant highs and a smoky midrange just like the world's best Peated Scotches, as the name implies! This Profile Pack contains the very best in Plexi and some of the best clean tones we have ever encountered in an amplifier. 74 profiles (35 studio and 39 direct) The tone of the EL34 100 watt power section provides ample headroom the clean sound made famous by “Jimi”. Channel 2 borrows from another “Jimmy” and gives ups all the Plexi grind an brightness you could ask for and Channel 3 is a lead players dream. Listen to the demo, this is the quintessential Plexi clean, mean and scream pack!
    D - Direct Profile
    B - Bright switch activated
    C - Crunch modeNumber sequence - The first number represents the channel and the second represents the sequence in which we profiles the amp from cleanest to dirtiest. Ex. “Peaty 100 B2 3” indicates Bright switch on, second channel, 3rd profile.

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    The Edge Tweed Pack from Tone Junkie seeks to capture the sound of the classic Tweed deluxe 5e3 circuit with some special modifications and the addition of a Celestion blue from the master of the dotted eighth note delay himself! Now "You too" can get all those lower midrange punchy tones from your Kemper! LOL! Seriously though this pack is full of tweed cleans, tons of edge of breakup tones, full on overdrive and all with the signature tweed low midrange. Strats and Teles will sound bright but much fuller and fatter compared to blackface tones. Humbuckers will saturate and sound huge, but because the tweed sound is more lower mids than bass, you will notice it never gets too boomy.We've profiled (25 studio profile) both the instruments and mic channels, jumped them together and even included some dual profiles with and AC30!! The Dual "Ace 5e3" profiles add high mids and chime to the mix giving you a clarity and sparkle you wouldn't get with the 5e3 circuit alone. Plus we’ve included a performance file dialed in for 5 of our favorite U2 songs including “Beautiful Day”, “Still Haven’t Found”, “Streets Have No Name”, “Until the End of the World” and “With or Without You”.
    i - Instrument Channel
    m - Microphone Channel
    J - Jumpere inputs
    Ace 5e3 - Ac30 and Tweed deluxe dual profile

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    The Bad Kitty Luke Pack seeks to capture the sound of an amp that is best described as the biggest AC30 you’ve ever heard. Upgrading from EL84s to EL34s give these profiles a more open and less compressed feel while still maintaining a familiar British sound. We’ve captured both channels across 38 profiles (32 studio and 6 direct) Channel one utilizes the 5 position rotary tone switch (denoted with “T) in the profile name. This channel gives you a plethora of sounds with varying levels of midrange and brightness and can take your guitar from more clean and bright to thick and wooly.The other channel of this amp utilizes traditional bass and treble controls. This channel feels most like a AC30 on steroids and can provide high powered british cleans to all out raging break up while staying more controlled and tighter in the bass than a vintage circuit would.
    X - Blues (Ox Box)
    D - Direct
    T - Rotary Tone Knob

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    The Bad Kitty Jude Pack seeks to capture the sound of unique that combines two boutique british inspires preamp channels with a 6v6 power section. Channel 1 uses a 12ax7 to get chime and a bit more headroom while channel two uses an EF86 and a rotary tone switch (Profiles labeled “T”) for more break up and midrange. Most commonly an amp like this would be built with EL84s, but the 6V6 power tubes give this pack it’s signature high end sparkle reminiscent of driven vintage american style amps. From this pack you can expect a familiar Voxy style front end with a sparkle high end that has a unique snap!This Pack includes Studio and Direct Profiles of both channels. There are 2 sets of studio profiles, one with scumback m75s which are similar to a “creamback” and all profiles denoted with “X” were created using an OX box set up with Blues.X - Blues (Ox Box)
    D - Direct
    T - Tone switch/ Rotary tone switch from channel 2

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    The DairyBoy Creme+ Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the tones of some of the most harmonically rich boutique American amps coming out of HW’s home town, of San Francisco, California. This Pack is 60 profiles (50 studio + 10 Direct) capturing two circuits using our standard studio set up plus the OX Box for some added flavors. The Creme Profile set was captured with 6v6 power tubes for extra compression and breakup. Then we switched over to some 6L6s for more clarity, headroom and less compression. We captured both of these power tube types thru our studio set up with the built in Alnico speaker and then used the OX to capture the sound of some Celestion Blues.
    Plus, we added the 5W circuit into the mix. 5 direct profiles plus the 13 studio profiles capture this circuit with the tone of both American and British Alnico speakers.

    X - Blues
    V - 6V6
    L - 6L6
    + - KLONE
    D - Direct